It is suggested that I stopped my duties and it caused all these but I never stopped my duties, I made a show case of the activities of those who always stopped it, like they stopped public interest in my Books and showed up to attack me over hospitality that was set out for Politicians and my Office duties as a matter of privileges they would love to share because they were sore all over and their bottom hurt, all done because the Books were seen to have solved such a problem, as we speak which the issue seems to be that they never paid for anything they used, they wanted crowds and people in positions of authority to become tired of the complains that victims lodged about their abusive behaviour. It was suggested that the better idea for public administration was to set out a sense that having been the way to deploy my assets and private equity to get rich was to get off fighting communists on my behalf, it happened rather because I was too cowardly to fight the communists by myself. We see this nonsense everywhere and we see it all of the time too what the Kings mother thought of me never meant a thing to them because she was a woman and now other peoples career and financial well being was being stopped using practical jokes because I was no longer pursuing work which tackled the violent orthodoxy where half the women had personalities which suggested crime was a career and the other were abusive gits that called themselves feminists, they have now graduated not unto a point of solving these problems themselves as such, but unto the part of an alliance with rogue landlords and corrupt private security industry to build a media which gathered up public support that served their interests on the basis that I assisted people overseas and since this was their country, they deserved a lion share of whatever I am doing, making such a nasty mess of work that is being done by security services to protect the public and complaining endlessly about applicable means of deterrence which by the way I am now set to transform into reputation for administering punishment over the one offence of stifling my Bookshop whilst complaining about the problems I resolved by writing the Books and blogs, making comments about my career publicity to achieve what they claimed was an extension of their lifespan. By the way, the problems they speak of had already been tackled the condition being that each time a country possessed a larger army than the UK, they wanted to handle an Arch Prince, so I made something positive of it and set out a process that encouraged investment in the UK, those that wanted to stay did, those that did not left and those that left abusively set a stage for administration which went up to the authorities; what these gits did with it was to make a series of abusive decisions and build up a series of abusive processes that will make them real men at the Monarchy and get me stuck with doxy society and there was a method by which it was all my fault.

I am not in anyway suggesting that it was a crisis, we are now living in an environment where the abusive short videos they think was the way advertisement should be made, is followed by activities on my part which exacerbate the economic abuses they claimed was a form of sexual harassment, especially with respect to German influence gits, the British have learned not to feel entitled to passing insults at me, the Italians have learned to curtail any home wrecker gimmicks that might be channelled my way on a global stage and outstanding was the Americans with a need to fight communists and hijack my Trust to fulfil dreams of getting rich but I never stopped my duties as such, I was building a showcase.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland