I am then said to be the architect of my own problems which is utter nonsense – the problems I complain about has nothing to do with the consequences that follow an activity on my part, it is largely a matter of some fame idiots and their society gits playing with my career on Media every day because it was the best form of narcissistic fun to have, garnished with their stupid women saying I am supposed to hand my career to them and find a real man’s work which their men who were bigger than I am would enforce, I would let it run for a while and we would enter that stage very quickly where it was a matter of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer while the way I looked when I was crushed became more and more amusing, at the same time it does not want to face the fact it was not Royalty like me but a House proud twat that could not cover its backside as well, so it needed abusive ways to access and make the most of my concerns for private reasons while keeping up the former cluster of activities. The other people who claimed their money controlled the world are clearly now in a position where they got to enjoy the company of the Clients, Customers, and investors they have always dreamed of, as we can see. From where I am, it has been a 20 year career mess for me which they were making the most of and it needed to find a real toy, as we had begun to talk about the effects of playing with other people’s careers; I mean I do get asked what I thought attracted them to me naturally which I cannot really make out, just what goes beyond the fact Politicians enjoyed it when they were the bullies – starts out with ideas it has never seen anything like my personality, loves it and wants to get involved with it all the time, then it progresses to an expression of its true nature, to say I am so weak I irritated them, soon after the obsession with drawing up a link between getting involved with me and making money occurs and it grows into a case of get involved hurt yourself doing so and hurt the victim as well. I mean it is supposed to be the definition of scum, when it is done washing its life on me or washes it somewhere else to toss the effects on me but the question was about the events about which it makes a mess of its life in the first place, perhaps if it showed one problem it did not create every time it complained, people would move on.

They do say that I am a bum and could have done much better for myself which is all good but that is largely a matter of people who think they are the architect of this conversation, so all I can say is that people earn less than the work they did all the time, it is not deaths door – that said, if they disturbed me less at this Office, I would have been able to get around to the extremism issues, the process of making the Bookshop more successful and completing University studies would operate in the same arena at the same time – all can be achieved in 4 years and they know it as well as I did. The details of how these goons make a mess of my career which was perfectly fine until I had to deal with complains and people assuming I was vulnerable a person having ended up at an age where they could put labels on and make more of a mess: I could simply find on the streets that people were paying attention to me, not long after it brew into subliminal messages about the way I was one of their kids on whom their future depended and their superior sons would do nothing unless they accessed my social life and public image, when I dropped out of University because it followed me around for it, I did because I smelled etc – once done it soon decided that in every turn the entire Country had problems with extremists. I am the architect of this conversation at this stage however as it is part of an atmosphere that had developed from a process where I had begun to devise a means of keeping them from distracting me.

They have said that I had no means to do a thing about them as such but they are simply very abusive twats with security industry gits who protect Celebrities and a community that fingers peoples bottoms whenever they are not complaining – so far they have been running my life with social systems criminal built for criminal activities and have built an atmosphere to finger my bum with, hopefully they were making the most of the new social life as it were, considering the threats channelled at me is only going to get them into more trouble, draw up a line more clearly about the fact they are the immoral part of society. On the matter of doing something to fit my position on the other hand, I am an Arch Prince, possess the property, intelligence and capabilities for my position, I had set out a Bookshop to release liquid cash from the Trust and unless the Bookshop is seen as the empire that it is, with no facts about it falling short in the eyes on the public, I will always suffer greatly at the hands of the Celebrities who were just a bunch of powerful gold diggers. So if I am to do something overtly about looking the part of my status and station, I will need to wash away the Celebrities, hopefully when people continues to raise this point, they were happy for me to. we are seeing the same behaviour as led to the University fiasco years back – 5 years of a daily struggle to arrive at a stage where people understood a Bookshop to be a real Job.

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