They do claim the issue to be that they were unable to pin a blame on me specifically whenever they were frustrated about something, but I suppose it is worth mentioning that when they do, I will draw the battle lines between myself and the insane well-off neighbourhoods and it will have to be settled too. Nobody knows why the little Bernand Madoff, fame, Media and Markets, seems to be the main thing for these gits, I do know however that the narcissism and abuses of their sport stars, Motor sport stars, Celebrities and culture figures have showed up at this Royal hermitage ripping and tearing, enough for a really good response on my part, their stupid picture has turned up in the face of  libra way too often for their own good. I mean I do understand the issue was to do with the state of my finances of which in reality my finances is not in the dire state that they have created here, using a stupid media that picks up my career publicity so often that when people engage with the Books, it is what they are doing that was the prevalent sensibility in the minds of the public, so nobody wanted to pay for such nonsense and when I worked with clients to create products, as soon as the product was provided with publicity, they will have copied it to make their own, draw up derivates and get rich, to show me the power that their money could wield. If they had no wish to keep complaining about me as well, complaining that since the largest aspects of my social life was built via sociological matters linked to my career, met with those that were linked to the careers of some female journalists, and I therefore set out that women at the network got to operate with property first before I did, not least on account I had set my finances to work well only in a marital setting, it needs to stay out of my network so I may get help when I needed it and needs to cease interfering with public interest in my Books. They however have suggested that what I do with women in terms of the complaints being developed on the basis that I have made it possible for people to make products that got sold to them in order to baby sit them, even if sex was the common denominator, considering it gets them all the time, can always be countered by a male version, if it is not finished with smaller versions of Bernard Madoff trading, business, media and fame, where they put up leverage on my public image and social life and make money by passing insults at me – I am not interested in what they want to get up to here, I know that I am dealing with financial complications whilst I am the one doing the hard work; when the government works with businesses on red tape matters, big businesses open up markets that are too small for them, the smaller businesses that have filled it most of the time, consider me a good hand that will assist them with the process, I am the one doing all the hard work and should be the one getting the money, not losing it because some insolent idiots who would not take a hint because they think they are rich, famous and powerful, decided to make comments about my career, pick up my career publicity, pass insults and me and issue threats. It may continue the abuses of getting its imagination into my panties and shooting off the big mouth on Media over the so called power that it has got, but it now needs to start doing some hard work as well from this perspective or I will help it decide exactly where its famous stupidities ought to put a limit in the outlook it had set for its social activities.

It does make those stupid excuses about fighting my wars – started out as a gimmick where I was a character people could step on without consequences and up to this point I have not seen anybody categorically ask its famous stupidities to supply an opinion about my existence as such, even though the abusive opinions were being supplied everyday and then it says that when it stifles my finances and annoys me well enough to get me walking into its office to find out what its problem was, pushing me around to make money with finance market fraud based fame, it will end in a situation where the Law had to bail me out, with a big mouth. They have not been fighting my wars and I don’t like to discuss it because I love to see them fight it until they vanish, they have been getting involved with security services when there are little options as to how they might handle me if putting up leverage to make a public appearance showering me with insolence that made them money, robbing me of a right to smell good ever, because they believed it was possible to do favours in that line of work and get into social condition where they were allowed to – I mean most of their insults and imagination getting around my private parts was a product of a gimmick as insolent as the idea that they were entitled to on account that they were either going to get off fighting my enemies thereafter or that they already did because they possessed penises. It is an example of the sort of personal decisions that mean people ended up in A and E a lot before they think their backs were to the wall and a Royal Hermit ought to be afraid of them, if he is in possession of something they envied and then more will end up in A and E or worse.

Just a bunch of thieves (Businesses do use the celebrity influence bits but it is as little as a fifth of ways that they engaged with Market). It needs to stop creating its own publicity for my work and cease interfering with my network and or my clients. I am told they think I never regard the men the same way I did the women which is not the case – reality is that the men are responsible for all the problems we faced here, the last straw was the destruction of my crime control publicity for gimmicks that will ensure organised crime products were cheaper for them and their famous twats, now the main problem we have to deal with immediately after as such, is the need to inform me that they did not tend to fare rather well over matters of rejection, like some stupid homosexual crime of passion. So they fix my finances and I will get enough respect for people to address me as though I had a career of my own regardless of their media and famous insults, so we could play, they don’t and I get to keep the advantage. The excuse that most of what I did still relied on women is utter nonsense naturally, it was a matter of my career meeting with that of some women who worked on public media and required the assistance to set a stage for themselves in which they were a role model for their children who were watching TV at home, in return they covered me with industrial information on markets, Asia, middle east, communism and the USA – since last these gits invited themselves into the structure, took over and used it as a tool for access that helped them work insults that will stall my career, everything had gone to hell and they were waiting to make the most of it as well, as abusively as they can whenever they were not complaining. So it seems that what was done to rip up University personal academia for me i.e. started with the idea I carried myself with integrity because I wanted parents to part with their children’s inheritance at my convenience, which started to exacerbate my eating disorder to a point of shaming myself in public because it smelled, then the process began to get very violent at University from a safe distance and progressed to one of those activities their ethnic minority gits performed whilst complaining about racism, in which I was not only inferior to them but my finances were to be decided from the way they spent their own teenage years, whereby they placed me in the same environment as a bunch of well-dressed hoodlums that had not lost their bully personality and were so low of the social station that they had nothing to lose, to bang walls and doors at me until I dropped out, from here the difficult time that was created for me at the jobs market was meant to ensure that they got more of whatever it is they were getting and the mess they are now making of my Bookshop was meant to ensure they got more of what they were getting from making a difficult time for me at the jobs market, so it seems logical to conclude as evidence shows, that each time there was an issue with my career, they were responsible or they had done something already which allowed those who would otherwise not have had an effect to be effective at damaging the career, never mind hard wiring their communities to make use of my royal personal space and get abusive about it every day, lip flapping about some shrew their cracked up out of my league stupidities had to control – the result is that whenever something had gone wrong, they were responsible and their bits together with them were responsible, does not mean I liked to vilify men. I mean the outcome of abusively performed stupidities on my life and career which I would not tolerate from a child and therefore does not make any sense to visit violence on a child whilst they were free to run wild at my expense and run me down with a sense of anxiety that got me doing one thing after another and another, claiming to be victim of every social issue in the country alongside their abusive famous fools, is that I am likely to be a good father for thinking it is not okay to visit violence on children whilst I did not get them under control but I need to sort out the financial matters first and am currently drowning in their insults – I need to make an inventory of it to work with whilst they got to keep the versions they got accustomed to as history, otherwise the Bookshop will never be allowed to grow because others were a bunch of idiots.

I. Uno I

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