It has been suggested that most of my activities are a matter of revenge for the way I have been treated and its utter nonsense. We have however seen the way I have been treated give way to a process where those who did set off to publicity that interpreted my social life and public image in terms of problems they had which I could solve but did nothing, which is being set out for popularity purposes in a very violent way. I am only trying to link Trust activity to a an enforcement of Book buying at the shop and they cannot deny that they were there the entire time that I have been trying to do so, whilst they knew that my Bools helped them in some way. That said, this happens all the time and we predictably see this nonsense about people making terrible personal decisions that they blamed on those who dared to own something that they had never tasted or owned themselves and the way they decided it would mark the nature of their relationship with those for whom these possessions that they never had was the personality or even reputation.

I have been told that I am stuck with this problem that will never go away nd threatens to wreck my whole life unless I co-operate with those who controlled it but if we had some truth on it, the reality would be that it’s all perception and had nothing to do with me; perception created by a handful of really stupid individuals who want to be me, so they had decided to show up around my concerns and put themselves in charge while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing, which meant every day was a torturous experience for me. It is not unusual, it’s like the embodiment of proper public control problems in British society but this nonsense comes up too often and is now making a mess of my earnings while they went home with their salaries undisturbed, giving them more impetus to continue. I do get asked why I believe people act in these ways but there is no believe about it; just a simple case of being an Arch prince which a handful of low lives are not, so when they show up to lead, its torture, therefore when they show up need to get a Book before it ended badly, stopped getting in my way and stopped blowing off their big mouth on my social life. There are more serious aspects of these stupidities naturally – where the practical jokes have been built up to such an extent they had begun to pervert it into a means by which their victims faced random violence on the streets which is not a good coupling with the business of going out to face the days concerns, this is usually where the need to show up and take over, have no idea what to do as long as they got imagination all over your private parts comes to its own but I am fed up with it if they were complaining about me too. It never stops and we can never be free from seeing American idiots making a total mess of people’s lives over it, but that said, whilst there is questions about me letting it hit me before I acted, it should be noted that in my position, I have made a total mess of their popularity culture because they trashed my University studies and are now being seen doing academic work with popularity because they have over years built the means that will help them teach me lessons for being so judgemental on the activities of immoral society starting with shoving hoodlums through the academic system on my social life and teaching their stupid children to get imagination around my private parts, so they really are teaching away while they complained. I have no idea when they plan to shut it down all together anyway since I have no wish to put myself through anything that caused my whole life to come to a dead stop on their account again as it were – I have no idea when they are planning to shut it down if they cannot stop complaining about me every day. It is all supposed to be the gimmicks that are put up by middle management idiots, especially the part where they build crowds, set out my hermitage as a cookie jar for the public and run off the way criminals expressed interest in what I did with myself over it, then get about setting the stage for the fact I had written a Book to become the means that allowed people handle my finances to enjoy what I enjoyed in order to achieve social equality with me and it is destroying my finances, during which time the idiots were going home month after month year on year with their salaries and this is what needs to stop – upon mentioning it which they will say I have trashed their own but am a low achiever which story shows up all the time while my equities might be basic but manufacturers, architects and designers want it all the time, it becomes a question of how hard it could possibly be to sell a Book to somebody that is creating a product if the Public is known to need a product and you had developed equity for innovation and this is how it has now become a sermon that they needed to shut it down as I am done with their insults for my part in the matter.

It is never clear why they think they need to be so abusive and insulting but the confusion is that its not clear why they behave this way towards me and the simple answer as mentioned above, is that they are not in charge. It is following the usual pattern of wrecking peoples lives, getting into trouble and some how making the victims work for the shortfall of career work that it was supposed to do to fulfil the dreams that it shouts into peoples ears all the time, once ready, they elect liberal politicians that deploy government Office to help them retrieve it. So the Queen provides leadership on this all the time, the reasons that ignoring them meant that their activities came to naught but time and again this leadership does not really apply to the men who show up here to trash my own and keep theirs hence the reckoning since I last had enough of them as well – I have built up the issues on media and on my websites as well, so that it will never go away for them whether or not I ignored them, to make a statement on the sense that I might just be as insane as their stupidities are and we are going to solve the problem for an eternity.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland