It does love to boast that they were making my whole life very tough and took pride in doing so. I would never know anyway, what I know is that they claimed it was an act of power that was worked with a process of making sure that I am inundated with the criminal activities around me, the methods by which I kept such things out of my affairs being pushed to complete failure but before they had to do so, I was not worthy of any kind of respect or considerate activity from a human being. Shows up here everyday feeling entitled to everything that would facilitate grandiosity in western society but wants to be a communist because it was possible to handle people abusively more in such a system, lip flapping what I cannot do about its stupidities whilst we had a history and needs to complain from its immoral society cesspool gimmicks whilst keeping its hands to itself.

I am aware of a sense that I am completely incapable of responding to what is happening around me but there is nothing a person can do about Politicians following me around to systematically wreck my career and finances, for the fun gimmicks where I got to look like I was not worthy to stand up for myself when and if abused by other people nor is there a thing to do about Celebrities ripping up my public life after using it to boost their stupid careers, only to get into partnership with criminal twats that were said to be better human beings than I am, who got to read my birth date star sign and decide how Celebrities will continue to handle me at the behest of persons I am supposed to be afraid of, building criminal communities that send out low lives to run me down, knowing fully if I responded to those, I would get into trouble with the law and will not have solved a problem never the less. Its a sad stupid useless bunch, doing what they are actually really good at.

Always so difficult making sense of the insults and what it meant, then I arrived at a stage where I was always feeling sick during teens, the confusion and need to get on resulting in activities that left me with less dignity that was remembered for eternity and now a need to self invite into any personal social arrangements I had established with others for abusive reasons that we later find showing up on Media to make money from finance fraud fame and the idea that it is all my fault peddled alongside. It seeks my history then to justify my existence and make my presence in the world a little sweeter to swallow I suppose, as stupidly as possible but it can have it at any time and there is no culture and or society to be found in it either.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland