Every so often does the question arise as to whether I am in a lot of pain and distress. The answer which has always been that I am not, I feel at this stage I may take the opportunity to move progress the matter; the one matter of the same old immoral society cesspool, which shows up here with incredible ideas on how badly I should be handled, invents statements which suggest somebody or something else was responsible which takes up my time and runs off some stupid publicity that will help it make money, on the basis that I am in a lot of pain and distress, so that I end up feeling that way in my mind when society idiots join in here in the UK it had failed to beat me down in every way imaginable, so it relied on my own abilities to fight me and borrows a lot from German influence insolent twats, in the US, once done with this nonsense it will want to decide who the next president of the United States would be. It needs help apparently, from a Priest that is trained to perform exorcism, just as much as the other gits who pick up from it in a way that uses the so called pain being caused me to explain what bothers them about their life.

It is a matter of how much tolerance I have left for it, wasting time with respect to finances and career, as it continues to make out the government interferes with its privacy hence reasons I am being targeted when none asked it a fucking question about my existence and we have never been furnished with the reasons the government did it on their part. My primary concern currently is that this nonsense and the twats that practice it was the main support system for Celebrities that felt like beating down an Arch Prince, the rogue landlords that want to share neighbourhoods with their famous stupidities for money and the corrupt private security that is obviously being paid to protect the possessions they gathered by trashing peoples finances. Thus ends my vengeance for the University fiasco that was inflicted on me, the financial, social and emotional cost of it too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland