The idea suggested is that I am immune to the antics of wealthy people but it is not a matter of immunity, it is a matter of what wealthy people are actually doing i.e. just sitting around working on nothing, sending out its abusive children and friends to scout the streets and bring to heel those who tried to make money at its expense, which is legitimate but then its children and friends get greedy and you had to explain yourself for being independent until you depended on it, if you refused to give in, then they believed they had a legitimate right to trash your earnings which is incredibly stupid and ironic as they usually trash my earnings because they had money in their own bank accounts. The rest are parasites looking to make use of my products without paying for it and the real men were most annoying, insultingly deploying the best work for my career on the day through a society or media gimmick, as a tool which improves their lives while complaining about residual problems. The statements that they had the money in the bank affecting my Bookshop so badly because of what they thought it should be used for while there were products displayed which should be their only interest especially the Celebrities, which I now need to stop if I had to stop it badly, as it is an education on the way they got to build those neighbourhoods in which riots were a regular occurrence due to their possessions - 7 years have already been spent on this since 2014 and I work so hard everyday for a behaviour that a bunch of stupid people could simply cease pursuing if they felt it was not good enough an experience for them to go through. They had since split themselves into two groups, featuring fame idiots who cause me narcissism distress and the fashion fools that never give it a rest, making the most of the distress caused and selling products by inviting others to take part in it as a method of solving personal problems created from stupid personal decisions - usually I do not mind too much if they were spending the money to employ people after they spent the wealth to make my life a misery but their abuses are starting to indicate they felt they had taken everything from me and were coping out.

They do claim that I am said to be the best but there was nothing to show for it which was a local and global stage shame. I could never make sense of the exact point that they were appointed or selected to measure my competence around here anyway, what I do know is that before such insolence comes on, their abusive advertisement would have run on Media all day long. The matter at hand is that they had a knack for inviting themselves into my concerns and the need to pick up my wealth equity assets to get rich fast had produced entertainment they cannot withdraw from the market, which purpose was to pass insults at the society gits to such an extent they could not follow people around and get fingers up peoples bums while others were chasing the day job – now that they want to maintain friendship with those society gits while keeping the lucrative entertainment that could be developed on an Arch Prince’s Public image, they had a problem which they got about solving my claiming I spent time rubbing shoulders with celebrities while criminals were nice people making money to show business, once the actions of the criminals affected them, set about trashing my Intellectual property administration business and converting it into an activity that covered their arse for a living and ran off something of a need to perform racist activities through the Police force. I am now working so hard to retrieve all my concern and control it by myself, currently which feels like hell because they trashed the finances, government support will not last for ever and I see them all the time working to limit further what was available, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining about and there were the idiots who built a Media presence by which to claim everything I did as their own careers. I do get told it is not unusual for them to be so abusive and insulting and it is not, only something the idiots did when they saw a career that they envied and decided that was the way they got things done at Industry therefore wanted to own such a career but there is no platform available to their stupidities to get about pushing further insults at me by measuring my competence as well. They do say that for some people this would have been the end but not for me and it certainly isn’t – there had to be a reason for a behaviour whereby people stripped others of a series of decisions made over a decade or more, to manage fantasies society fools had about the talents that maintained a job being deployed for criminal activities, so that their stupidities may be able to make effective the business of building communities that made money from fingering peoples anus and causing the abdominal pain, heart disease and smell with a big mouth – so I reckon they were supposed to do that and push off so much insult at me that my intellectual property administration was converted into a process of covering the backsides of famous idiots and fashion fools, so when finished, they got off tackling some National level enemy for it, the others were supposed to continue the abuses associated with making money not by getting a job but by showing they were tough and finishing off with a process of building secret communities that got imagination up peoples bottoms with stupid women that cannot make use of their civil rights without insulting me, deciding how I ought to exist or claiming that they were superior to me, so that their insolence might arrive at a point where only racists could rescue the social situation in the Country which will get them killed and when they die, they will blame me and I will write a Blog on my websites. The competence they ask for is that the gits have deployed my career to make their stupid lives easy again, especially the entitled and abusive foolish old farts in their communities, need to pay for it by buying and reading a Book at the shop and make a comment around here only when asked to.

Not clear why the Media and Celebrities felt this need to create and show that they had wrecked my life, as if they were asked questions about it or it was a 3orthy activity – the two part of the story on how my life is being wrecked is on one hand a bunch of idiots with ideas about picking up work I do for my career or do to clear up controversial matters that encourage the Public to engage with the Bookshop and spend it fast, making their lives easier while issuing nepotism based accusations to suggest I or somebody like me did something to deserve it with a big mouth, currently complaining I stuff its stupid head with my career and it wants to start a fight while I believe I am likely to kick it next and then we found out what it would do with such an outcome – the other were the Media and Celebrities who build a bubble for the criminals that have paid increasing attention to my concerns, not that managing those attention to my concerns was complicated by any means, just that I had to at least 4 separate times every 15 minutes hence the main reason I can cash strapped; the idiots have worked it up to a stage where it is used to achieve outcomes where I secured opportunities and it slipped from my fingers, garnished with a need to own communities and develop a sense the Country belonged to them, to avoid work and make money channelling insolence and lasciviousness at others, yet still, now that they ae successful I could be keeping an eye on employers with respect to what I want to say about them to improve my prospects whenever I met people for work and personal relationships, it is counting 7 years so far on those stupid comments and gestures they will not restrict to their own careers and I plan to end it badly too. It is an old tale of the kinds of people that will bring friends from overseas to chase my bum in the classroom until I dropped out of University, year later pick up my income margins and set about putting labels on to suggest I am a bum, most recently pick up what I did with Clients and run off gimmicks that suggest they used to dominate me in the past and were looking to maintain their privileges – the stupid communities, the stupid clubbing and partying the stupid insults and self-exhibitionist narcissism, loves to look like it can tell exactly everything I am capable of as well but it cannot even tell the little ones. The Celebrities needed to stop picking up my assets and income margins to make their lives better, for the stupid personal decisions made or I will live up to my threats as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland