The sub culture being peddled these days is that I never do what I am supposed to unless I was being pushed – I could never tell anyway, we have already witnessed a global stage complaint, weeping and wailing about the fact that the people born under birth dates which allowed their star signs to make them some of the most insolent and abusive characters on the planet, are now in charge of the world, need to figure it would and cease bothering me thus – this is therefore the sort of gimmick that will create similar results in the future, where their problem will likely be that they became important persons as well and tended to do what they are supposed to do before they were told. The other matter on the way side was the problem of the idea I had never made clear my position concerning communists and the West, whereas we know they judged everything people did with communists on the basis of what Russophobes got up to – what happens being that I cannot say an investor was not allowed to invest if I am working with such systems and structures, on account they were communist, but there are limits as I am not supposed to accept opportunities to such an extent that another person’s life was threatened, the best way to do this being to say that I will not be willing to cross the civil liberties and human rights threshold, the Russophobes on the other hand have been the same taking communist money left right and centre.

So we are more aware these days that they do not hate the communists as much as they make out, that the communists were a tool for propaganda and abusive activities – such that it was possible for people to make sense of the work I cannot go public with, allowing them to trash my empire because Washington was always willing to make famous idiots even wealthier than they already were, regardless of the fact they could not account for what is in their bank account to anybody and think that it was the governments duty to regard the defences that society puts up against them as a form of sexual abuse. The history here naturally being that I had work to ensure that people were able to do well at school and produce their best work at the workplace – to which effect it seemed that it was right to ensure that I pushed them always into a corner where they had no way to turn without dealing with some sort of pain, especially inner turmoil, to limit their movements and to allow others make the most of the opportunity to save enough money as allowed them the well being and dignity to take on social insults, particularly looking out for those instances where the Police got involved with their affairs and they became passionate as well, as much as they loved to push others endlessly, so that somebody could make some popularity from it or perhaps in an environment where there was prevalent popularity, people had popularity to dance to. Hence I am told that I was convinced it was okay to treat people like that but I don’t think it is okay to treat people like that in anyway, it simply gets every with every insult in this place, ripping up my finances for its society practical jokes and each time I had to tolerate its insolence, there was a huge screen behind it playing a series that showed me its stupid life story. At which stage the Celebrities get into a habit of informing me they were proud of the damage they had done here, which served an example of the reasons I had ended up with the reputation that I have – since the conditions are that they have showed up here to fool around with public control issues that needed to be handled to let people do their best work at the work place and return to a neighbourhood as the local authorities had left it for them to live their lives comfortably and they have made a mountain of problems from thin air telling me what to do and goading me into a fight with people over it, to get up on Media and run me down every day, such that I am not allowed to smell nice on account there were people trying to get on in the environment where we ensured those born under dangerous birth dates had no peace as well, so since celebrities were evil, the problems those people faced was the main fuel for a problem where they ran me down all day and boasted about the damage their stupidities had done. This is not to say that I am innocent in the matter either, the point is that access to communism is used to perpetuate a form of racial abuse in my direction and I will fuck them with it again as it were, history being that it needed to rip up my diplomacy assets and get Washington on its side over claims that I was in league with communists to get rich fast the first time around, so I think I am set to perform a more painful version of what its famous insolence seems to desire the most in this place.

I am told Celebrities think I believed they were supposed to invest in me which is utter nonsense as it has been 8 years of waiting for their famous stupidities, to cease building their own publicity for my work and spending the public interest on other things – started out claiming my publishers were racist, thereafter the concept of the Books being created and the publishers business became the tool for red carpet self-reinvention, now it is simply picking up career publicity and my patent income margins, in order to stay ahead financially, the idea being that I have not killed it just yet as it were, especially when it claimed it was entitled on account that men existed, therefore it was all my fault too. I believe that the way it doubles up on me every time it is convinced, I had a right and a point on this matter, suggests I ought to keep an inventory of their famous insults, whilst they kept the abuses that they got accustomed to as history, so that we got to run on a schedule that will ensure it all ended very badly. The Politicians have raised the question of quantifying the destruction being wrought, so that it might be handled officially: as far as I am aware, their actions have since created something big, the sort of characters we would rather did not get involved with industry have done do, the abusive mannerism by which to run a business, the methods by which the products at the business premises were stocked, the abuses showered at people who spend hard earned cash on it; the risk is that the government might want to be successful at some stage and therefore send out the security services to quash it, the resources that have been availed to them due to the need for celebrities to peddle insults at others lost, the alternative is to accept that it is the famous who are not important and wealthy enough to make the most of the services and products they provided in the manner that they provided it, the shop managers that abuse buying customers to such an extent people cannot keep jobs and there was homelessness epidemic, after which they employ security guards to keep the high streets open among the other many forms of abuses that added up to customer service. Some of us are actually stuck in the middle, we cannot pursue our finances the proper way and they were waiting for us at the work market to order our steps, then it suggests the problem was to do with an inability to adapt on my part, whereas it was more like when people said that a person was either a mad man or an economist, they would be the mad man bits, learned nothing, taught nothing read nothing about economic activities, wants others to adapt.

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