There is the point raised that whilst matters ran unabated, nobody knew what the origin was but the origin is the same as usual, just people taking leave of emphasising it whatever perception people had in mind that they owed the trouble makers a debt, should always be held in a sense that the trouble makers had performed the same behaviour which meant that they ought to feel as if they owed other people a debt too, so such a debt does not actually exist. For every time it showed up here making a mess for me, it needed to remember alongside its famous idiots, that if it had made an enemy, such that it wrecked academic pursuits and an Arch Prince is caught up in a situation where its doxy society used Royal publicity to enhance its stupidities, that the right to dirty violence lay with me and not them, if it had made an enemy, needs to learn what its enemy is really like and give me my space. Here it is then said that I may deploy my abilities towards more important issues, of which I have issued the warnings enough times, the gimmicks tolerated, when Politicians are talking about the constitution, they were not talking about me or other people, they were talking about Agriculture, the environment, the seasons, the climate and things that they needed to do, to provide the country and the people in it with food and shelter, we are in a situation that leaves us wondering if this was the country that the fucking idiots lived in, according to what we know however, if they do live in such a country seeking it so often, their predicament will be twice my size too, so we could find out what they were really made of.

They do claim there were underlying issues, that I am on a vendetta but just the insults, it gets away with every single one which is the part that was my fault, until a stage where I did not wish to play a part in this social wickedness anymore and then I will want to change the stupid story for the time being, the insults have already developed into a type where they ran me down as I went to the shops to buy my own supplies with what must have been their own money, therefore the outcome that they got to tackle overseas business interest threats on their own, claiming that their activities were the product of wicked things the authorities did overseas. Eventually it claims I complain because I cannot handle the problem but what can a person do about it anyway, it will not stand up for itself unless it gained access to Royal publicity and hospitality set out for Politicians, there is also the fight with women over social privileges and a society where people had to get into trouble with the law, to show they deserved what they already own, the same society that they complained about endlessly, after building it. They speak of the ways that I would have ended up in the same situation if I was not given time to learn what I now know which is utter nonsense and only comes from their custom built collateral damage that helps them with instances where they needed to ensure others were dragged down to hell with them, the collateral damage in skirts who were afraid of their own female society all together. It cannot be that difficult for anybody, that it makes babies and looks after families, there are many ways of doing so, hence some occasions where there is the sign up to military and Police which is none of my business. The social conditions were good enough for the stupid problems that people are forced to pursue every day like so as it were.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland