They do claim I loved to attack Celebrities after I had used them which is utter rubbish, what happens is that we are now at the stage where they have begun to tell the lies and make statements about where I am, where they are and where my possessions are located and can be used to handle and blackmail me. The problem is that I wrote my Book of Equities which is a matter of which company managers or CEO had an affinity with my career and which of his workforce wanted to find out what I had written alongside the General public but the Celebrities had decided that my Books ought to cover their arse after the process of picking up my service process to build me publicity that meant I was supposed to work for them as their security guard had failed. The process of changing who I am to make me work for them as security guard itself which began after I had recognised years after dropping out of University because of them, that their interest in me was not necessarily one which suggested that obsession turned into good will, so I had to move it aside and set out a reputation on what was really important, so we can see why the tension is building. As for the rationale behind the behaviour, it will do anything to get me into a position where it could say I am an old oaf who had opinions about how people should handle me and my possessions while children were doing my career to get famous, which is usually more a matter of plugging their stupidities into my social life and work a bidding for a body that can beat me up with drugs and criminals, ending up with a need to pick up my civic duties so that they might actually have a chance at doing so it will do anything to get into a stupid position where it got to communicate this nonsense at me and when I begin to investigate how they lived so I might run them down for it as well, I think it will look very good on those stupid pensions, so it is a question at this point as per whether they want to stop bashing my Books.

They do speak of my actions robbing people of careers but we have done all the routines, allowed them run the show but we end up with a situation where any who wants to trash peoples lives and get children dropping out of school, in order to share the money that men had in the City had the means to do so, never mind insults from their homosexuals about the respect they deserved and a need to abandon customers when they faced industrial complications. I am now very tired of it, started working this process of getting them to keep their practical jokes and comments where their own careers and public image is located since 2017, hence it appears that it is bound to end really well with those lies being continued so that they might keep at it, whereas I would rather have enjoyed seeing them lose all access to me and drop to obscurity to live out a life where people loved to see Celebrity grovel for show business money etc. It started with me showing up at University and a realisation that I had a Royal Hermitage and was there to find tools that helped me work it, whereby hell broke lose and continued since, when they had decided that somebody else who thought his stupidities were more important needed it - it should not have progressed as far as lies that are meant to continue a process of handling my career as they wanted but I suppose I like to get to the bottom of it as such. So the way it works is that they have mastered the art of blaming others for their problems, built a community that gets imagination up my bum, clashed with criminals who thought they did not deserve to have a career unless they were doing something bad and brave, plugged their stupidities into my social life to secure an exit, got paid for being popular and of the 16 years I have had to tolerate it, the last 6 has been spent bashing my Books, which action the idiots have not yet explained, hence the problem.

They do claim that I am just tackle people that are trying to get by and it is utter nonsense, what happens is that I am good with their insults but they never stop bashing my Books, nor do they explain their actions when they do. So next stop, I will be working on the business of what I mean when I say bashing Books, starting from white lie comments and gestures associated with others sharing my Public image and everything I do from the moment I get out of bed and the public is affected in a positive way among other things, as we know that when this happens an audience cannot get involved with anything whatsoever and it becomes more abusive as they hold out until they got what they wanted, to start all over again when it is most convenient them.

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