The general idea is that I had been warned that immoral society had a tendency to try and spend my time ruining my life. I am aware of the warning but its vandalism and abuses takes root from claims I am a low life who thinks he is Royalty and this was the only thing now getting between me and my personal finances, so it needs to stop interfering with the Public image and Clients looking around at the Bookshop during working Hours or get to accept that it underestimates how far I will go picking up all its Industries as part of my profile concerning the Business of protecting it and my finances from them. They do claim it was the part where what I owed found where I lived and it is utter nonsense too – it will only create an instance where I ended up building another wealth equity for the entertainment Industry, make a statement about the way it should allow others to get on as well and then will I be able to manage what seems to be a tumour that never stopped building publicity for itself, since last it picked up assets I set out for popularity people here, to make money, take vengeance on behalf of criminals and is now getting in my face all the time to influence people and get famous at my expense, failing to make sense of how much I despised its need to continually show up near projects at my Office after what it had done. The new wealth equity to target them will only produce outcomes where people got a job from them and then we will end up doing some for entertainment like we have done for crime and antisocial behaviour, alternatively, handling my concerns and women who got involved with me to make money at the entertainment industry made them look another way, so public security operatives could get on with the day job. Needs to move on; no more interference with my Public image and clients looking around at my bookshop; I am on a schedule.

They do boast about making my life incredibly difficult which they have not, as if I wanted to get of humility of Royal Office, doing something to show they were thoroughly modern low lives would have been the preferred one. What has happened is a 5 year period of not getting my finances under my control because they trashed it to make me serve them with knowledge of private security industry services, like one of those stupidities that was impossible to believe. Now it has become clear if I pinned down my public image and client interests when people look around at the Bookshop, the finances will be resolved in a matter of Months, I will no longer tolerate their abusive and insolent middle class interference with these two areas of my concerns, following me around to make a mess and when I start a business they started a mini war with new practical jokes invented to keep the finances a mess and make sense of consequences associated with their stupid personal decisions. In the end professional found my Books readable and none would ask me what a Book was and seek an explanation before I could pay my way in the world, it is the unprofitable Celebrities who did this all day and built a crowd on it, picking up my service processes to build a version of me they would love to see and making stupid statement to categorise people I would face if I ended up having to deal with a serious threat. It would then say that I ought to try not to underestimate its stupidities, whereas I never left a Royal Hermitage to build so much public insults that it was possible to run their lives using the social lives of the people in prison, they did that all by themselves and built up the abusive insults to target me.

It does need to ensure that all its involvement with my concerns were to do with a commitment to buy and read a Book, as I am not responsible for the state of mind which makes them so wayward about it after years of fooling around with my public life and the various platforms by which I reached out to others. The business of expecting me to get into a fight with others on their behalf is going to get them into trouble, just as much as their need to interfere with what public security operatives do with my concerns, with respect to which if they continued to get hurt for long enough, they might perhaps end up doing enough to say they actually fought my battles and attacked my enemies, so it was good enough to say that I should be made to fight my own wars, as others were better human beings than I am, as stupidly as possible.

I am told people never stopped suggesting they would really love to see me get into some real trouble, but it is never going to happen, although the behaviour explained why I picked a bad neighbourhood to help me make sense of my Books and people turned it on media through Media. In the end they were not stupid people who spent most of their time shooting off the big mouth when it had not developed from a business of fighting my battles, so that none would object if they fingered my bum, for reason that I am so weak my existence irritated their stupidities, while they wanted my personal life to have babies with backed up by big boyfriends and the old big mouth yapping, so stupid that their whole lives were built around friendship with antisocial behaviour groups, such that we had to work through the business of saying that the Police had done some work on such matters and kept records, so if we wanted to know which was which we could say there was the Police and there were groups of communities and another smaller group here and there, featuring characters that make trouble for everybody and these were the friends of some Government Office idiots and Media appearance famous twats who needed to ensure others were paying the price for their personal decisions every day; so if I had to do something violent, I would try to teach them a lesson they would never forget on this basis. The idea then that they were able to do with me as they pleased was a myth, I had to get off my position to engage myself with such self-exhibitionism narcissist stupidities and it is not worth the cost – what will be is how we got to resolve the lack of respect for my career while they kept their salaries to make more trouble by on account I had respect for theirs; the part where it must show up here and convert its stupidities into a commitment to read Books at the shop every time it does or I will stop this nonsense very badly. The rest of the story was to do with the way the abuses and distant violence, beginning from the relentless lasciviousness which ensured that there was nothing I could do about the violence that had come from the business of entire communities building it up to target me by and this came after they decided to handle my personality for the purpose of fulfilling their stupid dreams – so one had to think about a human being and the way in which at least 70% of their lives and time was dedicated to such nonsense thereof, if I had to prove myself and make something of it and I am not going to make progress thereof on the complain that there were gangs on the right hand side whilst I spent everything that would have allowed them to escape on the left, as long as this was the major point of insolence by which they got to make decisions about my financial wellbeing. I understand people worried about the way it happened all the time and the fact I could play a part to ensure we got along as well. It does not happen all the time from here, I mean they do it all the time but it does not affect me all the time – this happens and never stops happening in the wider society but they wrecked my University degree and have been carrying out some of the most abusively violent gimmicks at my expense, to suggest they created and owned me to make money by. It is the usual game with immoral society, it is being performed in around about the same sort of activities that politicians carried out during leadership and electoral contests and then I hang around paying the price for it financially due to the profitability of any disrespect that may be channelled towards me and cannot step outside of my door to work my own social life as well, picks up my Assets to make its own money and comes up with tit for tart ideas when I want to get on with the career as well claiming I involved myself with companies its stupidities befriended, when I clear it out like so it does another one to keep up what its stupidities claimed was dominance of me. American Politicians making a mess of peoples careers have never been an emotive issue on the other hand, they were running my life with the social lives of the people in prison because they thought that there was no way what is mine could be mine alone - I must now make sense of the way that it converts the damage reported into claims that it had been working some big stick, in terms of what it now had to do about criminals who were so dangerous that making them account for their actions was life threatening, as it spent these sort of activities on me, leaving law enforcement wanting.

Eventually we hear that people thought I behaved like a white person and did not like to spend time with my own race – it is utter nonsense as they want their gimmick performing gits to continue peddling the idea what they did was what black people really were like and it arrives at that stage where they say that Africans were not real black people, whereby it appeared they needed information as such, when the right hand side for big people and left hand side for small people gimmicks they fooled around with was practiced in Africa as well and their big mouth caused it to show up here and copy what they were doing, such as setting people out to be bullied by those who wanted to befriend the wealthy, then we will hear all about it. In the UK, they think this social disposition applied only to white people and that they could do anything and be anywhere as far as my life was concerned, with a big mouth. It is I ought to say, not really about which one was a real black person and which was not – the reality is that none here is fooling around with their stupidities; the way that men make statements on a society platform about people being happy to dish problems for others and come up with tricks when it was time to dish some for them too, as well as the way women made statements about the way things are done and ought to be done from a cultural platform, should have been enough for us to get on as a society. Currently it has been deciding the state of my finances for 5 years so far with distant violence abuses and the social lives of the people in prison, talking nonsense about the importance of its famous and popularity idiots who keep picking up my public image disobediently to build a profile for themselves in the USA and Europe, claims I am struggling and afraid of its own foolishness as well, has been playing around with my social media to such an extent it needed my books but when it showed up its tummy growled, does need to stop preventing others from engaging and whenever it showed up commit its stupid self to reading a book lest I put a stop to it very badly myself. It is never true that I am finished and ruined or that any who got involved were worse off - the reality on the first matter is that they have been building up a sense as disrespectfully as their popularity allowed, that what I did with my career was that which they made me do, crisis point having been achieved with damage to my career and finances whilst the men got to tell me what to do and make me backtrack off my public image to save some lives that were important whilst I am in charge, at the same time the women picked up my service processes to build another version of me, both cannot get past a 24 hours without doing something with my income margins on the assumption that the only solution was to go to the bank and steal their incomes - the story about people who got involved being worse off was mostly the way I got to tolerate it, down to the business of churning tummies that got involved with my Bookshop and will not commit to reading a Book or allow the rest of the Public to engage, tolerating it meant that my finances and career was a mess while days ran into weeks which ran into months which ran into years and their stupidities never stopped boasting especially when it wants to be important at my expense with Media.

They claim my problem is that I am still obsessed with Celebrities while I am not – what happens is that we liked to see the fight scenes for instance but no Celebrity would be paid the amount paid for those fight scenes, who did not achieve good grades on stage fighting at Drama school; so we see what the problem was when a group of some stupid individuals decided that running off gimmicks about the stage fight and real soldiers, to make money insulting others, was their own existence – it eventually does add up when you had to face the public to tell them the way to sort out the finances was to do it via the jobs market, which of course is likely to be mired in the assumption that it was not noticeable when people did not resolve their finances at the jobs market until the point where Top civil service operatives putting their lives on the line to protect everybody else, were doing the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade or state opening of Parliament where it becomes obvious that your local MP is likely to show up somewhere to make you a deal.

Here they say I needed to stop bothering the Celebrities as well but it is the famous idiots converting my wealth equity public image into a claim I am a character people bullied to share the wealth of the wealthy and it is not the first time it continued to show up near my concerns to wreck my career pushing its need to get rich and famous everywhere I turned either. It now needs to shut down what is clearly a display of its immoral society stupidities or I am going to put a stop to it very badly – I mean it has not stopped deciding my entire character content was the part where a Client needed to do a deal with a wealthier client and I was made to deal with some complications associated with a bunch of idiots who had ideas about whom I cannot be seen getting myself involved with as such, it will not stop its famous stupidities suggesting that this is who I am, to make more money and become more famous by handling my public image, which stalls my Bookshop - I mean those stupid media based profiles where their lives were built on where my Books were located and where my publishers did business should have been the main provocative red flag here but I have worked hard enough to get it under control. It had started off with a gimmick in which it never made a single decision on the work Police were doing as a matter of its career, which meant it can get the best of both worlds between the upstanding members of the public and the criminals, then find a scapegoat it can get everybody to hate and bully into a character that is left stuck at the fringes of society to be abused instead of its self seeking stupidities - beyond that it will not stop seeing me as a character that did business in the company of people bigger than am whereby I had everything taken from me while it was in a position to sell its body and get security to take whatever it likes from weaker people, thereafter I dealt with a little pain when Clients were reaching a deal with investors and it never stops setting me out as a character that did it for everybody which its famous stupidities provided and now it picks up my public image and changes it into a character people bullied to share the wealth of the wealthy and befriend the rich, then sets out little prick to tell me I needed to stop bothering its famous stupidities while it continued. It was all part of the disrespect which ensured that an Arch Prince's property did not fit his person and therefore impacts my finances so badly, then there was the part where I picked up what was required of me on the streets and never really claimed Credit personally for anything I did, adding up to endless investigations to find out and do something about me dredging my great British Royal Office that was really their concern mostly, to get things done. This is really all about their need to run peoples lives with the social activities of hoodlums and criminals, the complain I can only guess is a bidding to say that whilst they were, somebody else should tidy up the mess but it really now needs to stop handling me.

I. Uno I

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