I am told that what has been done to me is monstrous and it is but not in my view, due to the fact I expected it, we are talking about sore ugly bitter scum whose personality was annoying in itself demanding an opportunity to build a distant relationship with me every day, so we were not expecting anything useful or even normal to come of it, even if what they had was a perception. The details are that it has not yet worked out how it wants to stop the ever building problems associated with its need to say it had a mean cunt between its legs and was backed up by some stupid penises and really loved to cling to my public image and my income margins showering me with insults to shoot off the big mouth about being able to do with me as pleased while we know that it was its twat on the line when it came to the smell issues. The problem now is that I cannot get their stupid socialite gimmicks, Celebrity stupidities and Media madness, to keep away from the wealth equity assets at my public life on account they were entitled to get rich with it in their view, whereas the real purpose was one of women creating products for goons who loved spending money to fight others, assumption being that such persons were unhappy at Home, alongside the need to interfere with what I did together with Clients and brokers, to such an extent people think that it was the hard work and the process of not taking the accolade from me if I achieved it clients and brokers, were the people doing the wrong thing. It loves to shoot off that big mouth at this stage about things I would not say in certain place where it thought security that allows it grab my earnings was tight but there was no need in the real world for a half casually dressed idiot to pick up my assets for the purpose of making his or her own money, when it does make me angry enough, it will show up here with all of Hollywood probably as well, to see how it will play out as it were. I am unable to get them off running me down when they see me work for somebody and picking up my earnings and public profile by messing with my Books for power, amicably, so I used to think it was as bad as a business of tolerating it at work, when I got home they fought for their Houses in return but now it was clear that it all had to get a lot more serious than that. They do claim the cause of it all was the fact people who could not bear it, heard what I said but we know that it is behind my back building a community that makes the most of my privacy and claims that the Libra star sign was its bitch.

They do claim I am a Libra snitch who always flees in the face of battle and does not wish to hand in the due of those who do not. It is utter nonsense as none knows how exploring my civic duties to pick up the way I stood up for myself, conduct a fight over it and complain their feelings to Politicians who will force me to get another method of fighting, so that they may dominate me and possess what they think is more convenient method of fighting, makes me a snitch but we know it is all the gimmicks performed by American security services at the NSA, FBI and CIA but has failed to recognise that if they were involved with the same individual about whom they demarcated their position publicly to show which was a civil right idiot and a security services freak going from incompetence that exacerbates civil rights problems to outright corruption that puts people in harms way, I do not understand what they have failed to notice about his ability to see that they were incapable of doing the jobs that security service operatives were doing but got involved with those jobs to fight people over me and judge security services staff every day, so I fucked them over well enough for them to get involved with the job all together. It does get its gangs shooting off the big mouth naturally when it is not yet an instance where the authorities had decided we were facing a crisis associated with gits that were in perpetual need of access to hospitality that was set out for public leadership due to the parliamentary and government office whip or the whip associated with political party manifesto and directives, to cover their backside and that of their immoral celebrities with, that such a crisis required a response. Not everybody is as prone to their criminals and immoral society lifestyle gimmicks as they suggest but the part that beats me is the interference with my client interests on the basis I am a snitch and a coward when it is not clear the reasons their stupidities were always so disrespectful of a Libras person and body, in any case of which I am a Libra and they would do well to remember it.

They do claim that there were no way I could shut down their gimmicks from where I am, if we talked about the way that the abuses tended to mean they were asking for the wealth and social inequality gimmicks they loved so much but it is not true, as I can always invent a means that will allow me to only make money by abusively picking up their assets, passing insults at them and sharing their personal space to feel good, which I get up on media to disperse for the pleasure of a world willing to spend money on me, over claims that I am popular, since they have not been doing real employment, market or business work and never have in their lives, they would get into a huge amount of trouble rather very quickly. As for the question of cowardice, it was largely as stated a matter of what happens when I had failed to fight For American security services since I had an ability to stand up for myself but we have now arrived at a stage where some Royal personal space that their stupidities and that of their communities were sharing abusively, had become an issue, evident in the fact I am doing poor book sales numbers and poor finances whilst they suckle the Royal personality for a thousand and one conveniences, as insolently as possible, creating a problem that was not a matter of public leadership with their big mouth expressed all over it, it was a simple problem that can be easily stopped but had so far taken 8 years to get them to a stage where they listened to what other people were saying to them as well. The so called vulnerability being a question of what was wrong with the thing I have worked on for years, if the Celebrities and their abusive interest in my assets, personality, personal space and personal life suggested they worked very hard for their own, likewise the society gits who need to raise money to get involved with industry in a way that allowed them to handle me. We see why we end up with the civil rights problems because it never stopped touching people, never listened until it really had to. They claim this problem goes all the way to the top levels of Government and more so across the Atlantic but it is, it is for those who have decided what their personal and social life will look like at Government Offices by setting a stage which suggests that criminals and gold diggers do not look like these, the idea I am involved is a joke that is currently not yet funny enough for full attention - I am writing this in 2023 whilst I finished my Book that the Clients were being cut off from since 2009.

There is always a sense that we can fix public problems associated with the way some people were like this and others were not but it is not really fixable as we can see them suggest that they consider me to be disrespectful at the Monarchy whilst they have not explained reasons I am cash strapped over criminals and gold diggers fighting my wars over claims that I enjoyed breaking rules and the King himself had decided it meant that I owed them a debt, about which I am simply getting out of the way, considering the system now works like this. It is not fixable since the main causes are first that the government pressure with respect to working your career to secure your taxes, finances and pension does not apply to them because they have always enjoyed the advantage of handling those to whom it did, the other reason is the biggest problem of all, which involved putting themselves in charge of matters they do not understand, like in my case having now arrived at a need to build communities that fingered my bum and crashed my career in order to make me share, to share what will not benefit them as such nonsense is not how my social class operates, so we end up with those situations in which the victims who are actually persons in charge would not budge. I am not in any case addressing them here as such, just mentioning that there were ways we could exist without the Office of the Head of State being used to bother me in such ways, to work this bubble where they ran my life with the social activities of criminals to hang about at the Monarchy nursing fantasies about my possessions whilst the King claimed I owed them a debt – alternatively HM believes their point of view to be fact more than mine is, so the system now works like this and I need to move my concerns out of the way. They made personal decisions apparently and are now entitled to other peoples concerns, showing up to wreck, rip and tear, the media beats me when it complains all the time but has no wish to eliminate that nonsense where it promises to aid them with publicity, so they showed up here to steal my career everyday, I am also keeping the history of time spent on Universal Credit, from the point where they took an interest in interfering with my Clients (it is new). It is as such implied that I lived in a hellhole and am trying to drag others in which I am not – it is all a call to get rid of the Celebrities and wipe clean public life all together; we are talking about people so stupid they made entertainment by handling my crime control publicity, destroyed it to cheapen organised crime products that they spent the money on and embarked in a 10 year campaign of harassing me to make it my fault. The last part that facilitated the bulk of the big mouth I had to tolerate in the most public arena is the need to invite people from the neighbourhoods to steal my career for a promise of media presence that will allow them make the most of it, which outcome is that I wish to keep the career, whilst they do not want the criminals following them around to abuse them but the media presence the fucking idiots built up to cause me health scares have not yet been shut down. So it is suggested I will not find it simple but I will; we are talking about a group of fools who are always confident they were better than everybody else and another of what is absolute scum that slipped through the cracks, so whilst what slipped through the cracks is either Celebrity, Media fool or sex worker, all tend to pick up my career publicity to make sense of their publicly displayed stupidities which leaves me feeling like a cloud of clinical depression is hanging over me and I could touch it if I wanted to or could take action over what is really fools with a system that businesses put financial leverage to in order to control society abuses, so that I may get rid of it, the reality that the Celebrities and Media idiots were the ones unable to do sex work which makes them so destructive, implies that sex workers were better behaved. The Politicians have suggested I could take seriously the business of responding to these matters but there is nothing to respond to, all of it the same group of idiots that one must handle as somebody involved with public administration directives: they all have stupid lazy perverted dreams of getting rich and at the top are their famous idiots with a part to their career which was utterly disgusting to saddle me with but it is the idiots who run my life in the neighbourhoods to nurse fantasies of my property at the Monarchy who ensured their interest in my personal space was translated into violence that can be performed from a safe distance – it is really a case of the face that draws up to yours being the show business one and you want to wipe the slate clean on it. They do suggest this was largely a matter of being a law unto myself because I could always have stated my position on the famous before the communities turned on me, which is utter rubbish – the communities are a bunch of rich people who finger your bum and when they do, you give them more of money literally, so I have got a name for them, its ‘fuck, more, I am rich’ – so in my view it is best for me that I handled the abuses and the famous in such a way that doing so was unbearably expensive to ‘fuck, more, I am rich’ and provided me with the results that I actually want. Alternatively I engage with a Court, Coven, Consortium and do so over Books I had written for the Trust where it was quiet enough for the public to engage. I am told people think that the said period in which I stopped responding to them should not have occurred but I am aware of that if for instance the contributory factor that the media played a part in to get me dropping out of University, was to do with the idea they had earned enough money to make themselves and their children pals with the extremely wealthy and then progressed to a case of a career that was built in attacking me on behalf of the wealthy I may have disrespected, now simply a matter of attacking me every day because the history of doing so seemed to have been productive, like a business plan. The history of responding to them on the other hand involved things like supporting local authorities if it needs to make sense of seeing me in public as a matter of its talk of the town narcissism, which suggested I stirred in its stupid ethnic minority hearts, the need to make somebody into a live in slave, in which condition when racists do something it applied to me and my career, when the gangs did it applied to what I ought to show some respect for, so which effect they developed a habit of getting imagination into my pants but did not fancy the reputation which made them vulnerable to violence but it was the only way I had available to ensure that the atmosphere which results from the way they were able to do so from a safe distance and therefore get away with it, was never profitable, outcome being that people got killed and since I thought it would support me to finish University but did not finish University, I needed to rethink my processes. Now it seems that it loves to attack my Court because it is worried about not being able to make money from the actions of people who provide a lot of presence on the ground and were willing to furnish me industrial feedback with it, it loves to interfere with bookshop clients because it enjoys access to my personality as abusively as it can make it and so it is not in its stupid interest that the bills were paid – it interferes with the fashion models because they were doing something with fashion which showed people ought to avoid bothering royalty as it created a sense they were at odds with the constitution and probably wanted to get into a fight with the woods, it loves to tackle Industrial consortia because those were women that would support me over anything I decided to do with their penis literally but its interference causes me to deal with poor book sales numbers and finances, when it keeps its own assets and earnings it becomes more of a violent bully from the safe distance to get rich and ensure that its narcissism can play out in a physical sense. So now it seems that I need to put some effort into this matter – ensure the reputation for fingering peoples bums was maintained, play them off against the gangs to ensure the local authorities had an edge, make myself the biggest problem their financial well being faced and table it before the local authorities regularly, develop a perverted relationship with the broadcasting community that will suggest I am a victim being oppressed, throw the business of handling the famous so painfully that it was extremely costly for their abusive stupidities and only the results that I wanted would be enough: it currently seems as though asking them to keep off my Books and keep their insults off my case was a big joke, doing this world ensure there was too much trouble to keep getting involved and too much of it to finger my bum and create more trouble every time I had anything done or any problem solved. I have issued warnings on this and it seems that the warnings only make me look as if I am schizophrenic. Before now, we witnessed a global stage complain about a single persons activity which for some reason earned credibility, so I had to stop, I will stop the next time I start as it were, especially when it boasts about the ways I got away with it and now that they have found the source of all their problems, was only a matter of working on me to do whatever they liked – eventually we listen to the wickedness boast that it has succeeded in making me a bad person, it has never stopped putting itself in charge of matters it cannot make sense of, to keep its salary and make misery for the victims which causes it to secure more boldness for its gimmicks.

The premise is one which suggests that I pretended to be something I am not. The truth is that there is nothing the matter with either how important or unimportant I am, just a bunch of fools who think that when they run people down and finger the bum, they were important people themselves. I am now at a stage where I needed to respond to it like the power that it because it continues to pick up my assets, career publicity and interfere with my Clients. They claim their ethnic minority gits get the better of me which is utter nonsense – those were a bunch of fools who had nothing in this world to lose so when I stuff the society bullies full of information to carry around like PR I did not have to pay for, I had lost my mid, fighting for their civil rights, so when they attack me I fight for more until their problems were solved, I too have asked some of them who were persistent to have a go if they felt so badly about it and none has done so, hence the problem is still to do with the famous. The causalities of what I had done before being that the society gits show up to bully claiming that my existence interferes with the way they viewed the world according to what they heard, so when I track them and drag them into a corner where I stuff them with information and did not need to pay for PR, doing so never did express that I saw the world according to what I heard too, we know the idiots had since been running my life with social activities of criminals and were hanging around at the Monarchy dreaming of my possessions. The Media on the other hand was an old story that continued to pursue a course of action which implied that if they could decide what people thought of others systematically, they might arrive at the stage where they could use media jobs for the same power politicians had, to ensure people could not get jobs, who did not co-operate with their needs, of which we know the radio wave lesbians have not given it a days break whilst complaining about me too. This is history, I believe I have been provoked well enough to do something new now, as we can see that if these facts mean that they had taken their sense of entitlement too far, the implication was that people could get rich with talents like mine, expressing something that was 100% deserving of every violent thing I had in mind but suffices to say it has been a 20 year career mess here and I need to prepare vicious consequences for further interference with my career. They do claim my health is failing over small media and Celebrities, which is utter rubbish and the source of all stress around here is cracked up out of my league not being able to keep his hands to himself, considering that they were paid to start, to say the least – the rest come up with gimmicks which suggest it was my fault that their need to run people down and do stupid things with other peoples existence whenever they were trying to make money implied that the 20 year career mess here was set to continue as a matter of something to which their stupidities were entitled and it does also seem as such, that I need to put a real effort into anything that I planned to do about it.

I. Uno I

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