I understand there to be a sense that there was heart break in store for women who got involved with me but it does not mean I want them to make my whole social life into the heart break which happened to affect them, if there was no courage to ask me out but there was enough to pick up my career publicity and my assets, run rings around me with it, to make money with the help of a stupid man, whilst keeping personal relationships with a bad boy which consequences was the fault of society, as disrespectfully as possible. It is the second instance I have had to deal with their madness, the first was a decision younger people needed to make on women who found me attractive but were older than I am, at the end of which I am still single in my 40s, they have married, had children and dissolved the marriages, the women whom they decided should stick to men within their age group had no partners, so nobody was in a marital relationship and everybody were robbed of personal happiness, like something which suggests that I needed to pick up any omissions that may have continued to encourage the indiscriminate involvement with my affairs by younger women. It is not really a crisis, there is always a sense that women who pursue men that were younger than they were, are actually defective – reality is that they are whole persons, like in my case where the attraction was that I was able to make sense of my social responsibilities and understood them back to back to play with endlessly, the women who liked me were a little infantile although they were the older persons of the two, they are never happy with men their age or men older than they are and it beats me all the time what was so important about taking personal happiness away from people in such ways anyway. Here they claim I loved to pursue women who are older than I am, whereas it is all a matter of chance and the ways I avoid putting an image in my head about the kinds of persons I would love to get into a relationship with: all that we know to be certain about relationships are chores, if I am likely to be unhappy with a chore that a person presents at any stage, the relationship will never work, it has to be that I am happy with the chores whether I wanted them or not, then we got to declare to the world that we were facing life together, the children come in and when they were old enough, they do chores too, lest they got out of bed on their 18th to ask how bills were paid. In my case however the state wants to be part of my marital relationship and so it was a matter of such a person as the Government was comfortable with, on a personal level which I then have to do something to assist industry people with their eating disorders as well to build an appropriate social life, this is the stage where the abusive Celebrity insults and narcissism, the endless show of disrespect by disregarding my wishes about the way I want my person and possessions to be handled, becomes an issue, as it is the stage where I will end up deciding it was a choice between the wife and the famous, one stayed and the other left. They realise this and they understand I am more compatible with somebody within the Leo Birth sign and thereafter an Aquarius, since a partnership with a Leo would mean that choosing between wife and the famous could occur overnight and we would make good of it too – it needs to fight on and keep me single, shower me with insults and build communities that finger my bum, it is obviously its best survival move so far, when it looks for trouble until it eventually finds some. The story they fall back on all of the time is the claim that younger people used religion as a tool for disrespect, which I never wish to discuss because I have already given too much time hanging around somewhere to show affection towards older persons that I am well aware are a bunch of narcissists, so that their criminals may show up here to grab bum and hold penis when I breathe talking nonsense with a big mouth about ordering my steps when none is yet describing them as trash. What happens is that I am not really an immoral person and then I am taken into a religious environment, once comfortable with it, they decided apostacy was amusing – this runs and runs to a stage where it was clear they would have preferred the popularity twats as one of their children, the popularity twats will then show up to play a part in the narcissism, arriving at a stage where they too had become older persons and begun to pay the price, then the unusual interest in my personal life where it rips up my finances because of the hype I get and shows up with a community to finger my bum and seek my personal life to build restaurants considering that once done with its stupidities, it had to eat – during which time there had been no complaints about House and Home, up until the stage where I worked with private security industry and plucked them out of their own as well, shaming me at work like they did at University everyday with a big mouth, now it seemed I am stocky built, they were slim built and cracked up out of my league does better than everybody else in an environment inundated with such insults hence a need to build one all of the time. Religion was complicated last we checked, unless it was as simple as a commandment to do unto other people as you would have people do unto you, not get up on Media to tell lies because you believed you did not deserve to face the consequences of your actions. We even have to listen to more gimmicks about the way I am never honest on being hammered by Celebrities, reality however being that they are the only people working sustained abusive narcissism here which had wrecked my finances and lasted for a decade and a half, being done every day – started out as practical jokes I could easily ignore, now it just ensured I faced financial difficulties because it possessed resources from a need to pursue clients I had established a partnership with, which resources its stupidities deployed on Media to perpetuate the practical jokes. Its home and car were really nice for the purpose but it is always abusive because it also knew I am an Arch Prince and always possessed something Celebrities wanted, with no law in place currently that suggests using it to attack their finances because they cannot cover their backside and to make myself financially better off too, would be a illegal but I have never done it. Here they claim that it was shameful to see other people’s weaknesses in such ways but until then I was a hermit who found society abuses sexually arousing and therefore considered it a duty to assist those who were stereotyped by it. The Politicians have raised the question as per the idea that my Books were difficult to read but they are not, they are set out in an environment where I worked with companies on intellectual property administration and product building, my first Book was therefore not written as to rival the endeavours of a professor, to say the least – it picks up such words with more gimmicks claiming it loved to see me eat the humble pie, so all can see I am within my rights, to say that since we have discussed the matter, it needs make another stupid statement, considering I finished the Book in 2009 and they have been ripping the finances, to which effect we are having this conversation in 2023, to say that it may make another statement, so that I may be motivated to pursue the power and submission option as will involve sexual privileges to please me too. I mean I do not love to discuss the idea my Books were a difficult read as these are a bunch of trouble making twats who appear to have drained the market system of all finances, ensuring it ended up in the hands of the Celebrities, now they have gone from characters that get peoples families into hospitals because they were making money, to characters that wanted to be part of the juicy thing that was happening at the jobs market, the problem is that they cannot take up such an advantage if it so transpired, that celebrity culture held all the funds – now idea why it is always pushing me on the fact it was unable to cover its backside and if so why it is always abusive coming from its stupid mind all of the time.

We arrive at a stage where the insolent need to handle my affairs, career and finances produced an outcome where taller than you with girlfriends that had ideas about the way your finances should look because of how tall you were, showing up here, cracked up out of my league with a need to keep up what is already a 20 year career mess that was caused by stupid people and their practical jokes, on account that women were out of my league, then they speak of heart break, disrespect due to religion and how manly their stupidities were.

It does love to boast about having the better of me which it has not, just a bunch of goons with ideas about being superior by handling my person, none knows why it is so disrespectful of them if they needed to handle my affairs to maintain the superiority that they most desired, I am just at this stage completely fed up and need to put a stop to feeling perpetually tired.

The facts have shown that the big mouth about being a real man and handling me such that I did not know which direction to turn aside, that if they do not wish the women to end up selling with sex products that were designed to baby sit their stupidities, leaving an opportunity for the women to keep getting richer and richer, in the network of an Arch Prince that was likely to disrespectfully get assistance from it too, like it is put, they needed to stay out of my concerns, considering our history and address me as though I possessed a career of my own.

I. Uno I

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