I understand the point of what they were doing, to be that they have absolutely wrecked me. I could never tell what the fun in it was whilst they sought privileges of injustices at my expense endlessly, although they possessed a media presence by which to ensure my career activities were inundated with criminal interests and were so disobediently that none possessed the persuasive power to advise them it was not a worthy use of other people’s time. Naturally it wad clear that the Bookshop will never make progress if my work and my publishers part in it were seen as a tool for self-reinvention on the red carpets, before famous idiots complained about facing down enemies – whereby I finished the Book in 2009 and I am still getting out of bed every day to contend with personal finance complications after all the public interest and the work I have done, in 2023 – beyond this they build publicity for the Books and any work I did for the career to get about spending it on the public before I had the opportunity to make a living from it, looking for an enemy they can handle to avoid being branded losers, when none asked them to build a society where people had to prove they deserved to keep what they owned by getting into trouble with the Law in the first place.

The rest were a bunch of stupid men who never stopped causing others immense distress and suffering by putting themselves in charge of matters that they knew nothing about, bragging about wrecking me as well, considering warnings I have issued about their stupidities never having paid the fees at University and have never paid the bills around here for the publicly displayed abusive and insolent interests creatures as stupid as this expressed in my affairs every day. All building up to possibly a result where they had to deal with what they could not see because we arrived at a stage where there was need to put the well-off neighbourhoods in the spotlight and prove themselves.

Its like they claim I suggested that none of these activities affected me in a real way, but they don’t – these are a bunch of people so stupid that they really had no way to get involved with others without causing something they would like to get involved with, a lot of pain and distress. Since my teens I have always considered it a matter to do with the health issues associated with their lifestyle and could therefore follow up in terms of a process where I intensified its effects according to an intensified interest in doing with me what I would otherwise not have wanted them to, especially when they were building communities for it, arriving at a stage where I did not need to think about whether or not I was doing it at all and my actions were not mechanical – hell broke lose apparently because I shared, I shared and famous idiots got involved, so they have actually in a bid to establish their superiority and insist I am supposed to cover their backsides for a living, gone on to ensure my affairs were awash with criminal activity interests, I was prevented from continuing the health consequences that the gits who practiced these abusive deeds faced, then they set about complaining of the problem in public until they stalled my Bookshop and set out a bunch of penises to order my steps and make grandiose statements about doing so via stupid media outlets whenever they failed to handle famous narcissists but clearly got to control an Arch Prince. Hence it also seems that the only way out involved a process where I assessed areas of strength that allowed them to handle me thus and build weaknesses of my own that I can incorporate into it and therefore get to play around with competition to see who the better narcissist was.

I. Uno I

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