The claim of recent is that I played a part in the corruption of the Tory Administration, about which the next complaints we will have to listen to will involve claims I picked up work I am not qualified to do, if I decided that rather than complain about the corruption associated with Government working with businesses to bring jobs and investment from overseas, I took action myself with respect to the corruption that is attracted to it, rather than blame somebody randomly and talk as if when I talked or somebody did something about it once, the corruption would go away permanently. That said, it should not go without mentioning that it is all cut throat gimmicks of the Labour Party, where it was in their interest that the Tories did not stem the corruption, considering that they are usually a much weaker position with respect to UK overseas interests, in fact it seems that where Labour is concerned the UK will always lose on overseas interests unless they provided their abusive friends with a scapegoat and played the race card thereafter. Their goons love to tell those tales where they hated me because I was weak and never stood up for black people, never accepting them because I preferred to express my ignorance instead; it is utter rubbish naturally as we all know that I had informed them I am not a fan of Nelson Mandela or Barrack Obama, so it is written in my Books and they may take it up if they wanted, we know it will be said that the way their interest in me wrecks my career but if I responded to it, an effective way of doing so would mean creating building blocks for institutional discrimination, so it needs to know we are not relatives or formally introduced to each other as people who had a responsibility to sort out each other’s finances, the threat are distracting, those who feel strongly about it need make me and not issue threats. I mean the big one when it comes to the idea I will not be able to wade the storm is the issue that runs and runs until they were in alliance with their American friends over it, something of a need to avoid fighting their corner by picking up and selling the brotherhood and equality that existed among people who worked public and National security, which had since gotten a response from me because they cannot quite make it operable without handling me – it is one step of progress in their view from a need to hang about seeking the same things they saw racists enjoy because they thought there was money to be made if they were able to pick on some members of their race, the same way that racists picked on liberal white people. The whole thing is publicly expressed in terms of a process where I am said to have been wise and all-knowing but cannot deal with the American threat which is not the case: the Americans are usually an old story of making the most of work that armed forces did, so if they tried doing it with American Military we would have to listen to those complains about the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon, so it seems that the next best thing for them was the British Military but the problem is that of the way UK Diplomatic backyard works, as we soon find them thrown down heart disease gauntlet at others and were due for a response – in my case they say my Books were disrespectful because it had gotten them losing so much money that I have become popular for it, hence the story of demands for acceptance instead of an expression of my ignorance which is quite incredible.

I do get told that it is not good to be caught up with these matters like these but I am not caught up with it, I am still a Royal Hermit and it will always be a bad idea to think it was a good thing that people there existed who spend most of their time dreaming of being in gangs, crowd activity and abusive behaviour by which they got whatever they wanted, the problem is another group of idiots who think it is worth while to get me tangled up with it, wreck my career and finances in a bid to force me into a process where I was caught up with it, the outcome is the situation we find ourselves now which suggests they thought they were the best at telling white lies and apparently they are not. The question of the white lies being whether the Arch Prince did his duties or not – so I had a history with society people and Celebrities kicked off the white lies over a need to be successful using my Books my eliminating the ownership and now I am tackling Celebrities for the white lies, which white lies had since been copied by society people, so I will be tackling them once I am finished with the Celebrities as well; it seems that no matter how harmful one cannot stop them doing the thing applicable to these lies without harming their finances, hence this is just the beginning. Their entire plan for making a living and getting around to civil duties it seems have been built around statements to suggest I am so weak that I am irritating and should not be allowed to exist all together, while taking advantage of me and the work that I did.

I. Uno I

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