I am informed that people were resolved never to stop making a mess of my career until I was completely ruined but they really cannot ruin anything in this place, what is happening being mostly a matter of somebody paying a price to ensure that sense could be made of the lies they never stopped telling to leave everybody with the wrong narrative on civil and public matters all the time. The part where I got to do something about them apart from the support, they get from Politicians so they got to spread their gimmicks far and wide, would begin with a process of taking the matter of preventing their need to interfere with Client interest and my public image during working hours, so seriously that there was weeping and wailing because of it. For the time being doing anything physical would involve taking leave of humility associated with Royal Office, to spend time getting caught up with self-exhibitionist narcissism, I would need to make a plan and devise and exit and I have not done so yet, thus the bragging. In the end it is the adage of putting up money for an investment at market while they had no clue what they were doing, essentially a profitable habit of getting involved with my career unprofessionally, to hang around clinging to my public image and thereby causing me enough distress for controversial publicity born out of their abusive behaviour which will develop into a happiness that cannot be curtailed and therefore facilitate enough product sales to ensure the investment was profitable and it will not give me a break by itself. Hence thinking of it in terms of their stupidities having a need to get involved with my career unprofessionally which is a good start to making sense of how bad it really is.

I am told I loved to think of myself as one of those characters that can cope with what happens at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – it is never a matter of going there to cope with anything, just the reasons you ended up there at all in the first place, the stupidest of occurrences being one in which another family was picking up your inheritance and it is so stupid that it not only leaves the Queen with frivolity to spend time on but also means that even if I were able to resolve the problem, my children will not be guaranteed to do what I want and follow my rules to keep it resolved. Currently the two most outstanding came from the USA and Italy, to may Royal Family members and get my property by doing so with a big mouth; so far I am detached from state provided security and they were tackling me and the state provided security separately, soon enough there will be children involved too.

It is much the same as they say that I would feel better about Celebrities if I were financially better off because of them which is utter nonsense, the problem is that I had set out a livelihood and since I am not stupid enough to sell products that do not do anything for people and clients are usually clever enough not to spend their money on something that does nothing for them, celebrities picked up my service processes to build a profile for me that their stupidities could tolerate and anything my products did for people was spent on their own profiles. Having waited 7 years for it to move on, only to have them trash existing finances and built me new updated versions of the profiles they build me for this gimmick and its working practices where they got to set me out as a character people attacked to befriend the wealthy and sell products at market, I have now had enough of tolerating what is the resulting consequence of vengeance wrought on behalf of criminals, thereafter a need to show up and pick projects around my wealth equity public image to make their money, telling lies about who was the provocateur.

The other question asked is what I really thought of these matters considering my response to Government Office operatives who continued to push us down the path where these goons can rely on us to pay attention to their self-exhibitionist narcissism i.e. the part where I am set to take charge of the real deal at Government which involved the provision of civil services and enforcement processes while I spent most of their time doing what they wanted by making sure the narcissists got all the attention they needed. The part about the paranoia on society being the simple fact that society people were unlikely to seek Government Office, they are aware their lives were so caught up with messy areas of crime and civil enforcement that it would make very bad government office practice for them to do so – hence it seems that there is this work being done at leadership to push them into a state of popularity and to get a crowd behind them that will want them to pursue it, regardless of the fact that there is no period of history where such things ended well. It is a matter of fooling around – that is what this is, a group of people who fool around so much that it causes damage to lives and property and some people do ask if it was really possible for human beings to fool around that much but there is no way for me to know what the motivating factor is, I know my tummy hurts and their celebrities say the regret of the way what they have done to me affected them was too heavy for them to bear but continued doing it never the less. They do claim I fool around as well which is utter nonsense, just the irony of being a serious-minded person in a place where people fooled around in such a manner, as they are aware which was more profitable. I do not get pleasure from fooling around, I get pleasure from the way that children and women of childbearing age make a mess of their society – the children always needed areas of greenery to fool around with all day and they never ran out of energy, the women of childbearing age always started having babies via an immorality that somebody must have warned them about, then the messy madness thereafter on due date. If I do not wish to disturb people like that I top of the list was to live in my head and others had better stayed out of it. I do get told it would be nice if I distinguished society from society which is not necessary, just trouble makers and those who didn’t; I mean it is tough enough getting around the way women always raised a point about the way things were done on a cultural platform and men were always raising a point about your need to dish problems for others and invent tricks when some were to be dished for you as well on a social platform, we have not been able to make sense of what the Celebrities were doing and the reasons it is usually so relentless.

Eventually I am informed Celebrities really enjoyed causing me distress but I am aware they would enjoy it, much as we see they never took seriously how much I hated and despised anything that picked up my wealth equity public image to make money after a decade of vengeance on behalf of criminals that I appear to have offended, so they may become arbiters of the way I criticised criminals but loved their actions, criminals hated me but liked my lifestyle, after making money by setting me out a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and to sell products at market. I am aware it is a distress that does not provide them a response and that they were likely to fall in love with it and we know that they were falling in love with it head over heels too – usually this kind of distress before it turned towards the one where they were public figures, so what Politicians did during elections, they did with respect to their mannerism towards their immoral society and its influences, then found a way to rip up my career and finances and get me hanging about somewhere paying a price for the consequences that came from the personal decisions thereof – the part of the response where I dealt with it just one more time and it was the last.

I. Uno I

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