They do claim everybody has done better than me while I am Arch Prince of nothing, we know however they are now learning of complications associated with being set out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, if I carried out public control by stuffing society goons with what I am thinking, so I did not have to put up with too much of their gimmicks. We have now unpicked those silly rights every time they made a mess of my livelihood, to the point where there is their need to interfere with and borrow my client partnerships to make their own money while making a mess of my public image on one hand, on the other hand women dealing with complications they have caused by subjecting people to sex industry abuses while also ripping up my Bookshop to ensure that while women wades their gimmicks to survive, I tended to get in the way. They do also claim that my Books did not make any sense – but it is not meant to be sold outside of a Trust where I devised equity for Clients whom upon investing it created Trust publicity for the products, themselves, me and my audience, a means to try and devise the correct tools to ensure that investments were accurate. It is then said that I expose myself talking about but I have had enough and those who want to show up because they had money could, alternatively they would be clear on the reasons they showed up. They do suggest this was all a matter of my complexes as well and that I denied it which I don’t – I mean my complexes are involved but to a very small extent i.e. when they pick up my service process to build a version of me that would be easier to tolerate on their part, I do end up with a mindset that wants to make a Bookshop successful, think of the idea that I might want to get along with it, usually which two eventualities emerge; one of those being whether they were willing to accept a completely new operational practice, the other being that of how I would get around to modifying 13 years work to suit them and their purposes – suffices to say that we have never once actually arrived at a date when its famous madness wanted to start paying for what it used by means of its millions and big homes, in this place.

The other part people were concerned about was the exact reasons my work was such poison for Celebrities and it is not supposed to be; I am a public service operative, cut down the Layer cake and you find the public enforcement officers who always prioritise the needs and view points of women, cut down to Police Officers doing Police work, then say that somebody made entertainment with it; if it does not get around claiming criminals, society gits and antisocial behaviour crowd were nice people, what I did to control their interest in my concerns suggested I had won a great battle while I am too much of a coward to deserve my career and that I spent most of my time trying to rub shoulders. I think that if they had done a project in the past of which they were not made to at gun point, to say the least, they needed to sell it no matter how much they hated it, which was none of my business but I really now hate so much to see them show up near the work at my Office and public life and they have not yet made sense of what I feel on the matter. As I mentioned it continue, their abuses will become my next big project and I should act in a way which showed I did not think any part of their world was worth preserving.

It eventually makes sense as per what we have heard them say on US Supreme Court decisions concerning abortion; that a decision made by 9 Judges who have spent a life time sitting through judgements on family matters, there were unusual instances where a Child safety and security was better in the hands of social workers, other unusual cases where it was better in the hands of the father and not the mother as traditionally known to be and most of the cases where the Childs welfare was better in the hands on the Mother, that these decisions were unusual considering abortions are usually time limited as the aborting of a foetus that is developed is likely to leave the mother with emotional difficulties, hence we know doctors have always advised women to abandon abortions when past a certain date for this reason, then there is also the fact that if a choice was made to abort a child in order to save the life of the mother, a developed children would be birthed by caesarean section and kept in an incubator. So we see that we had decided to improve standards at Industry and the idiots had made a public appearance, building up to this idea that the world had become more unstable – we are no longer dealing with characters who believed when they talked louder they were correct, it has gone beyond that now, it had become more violent with unborn babies stuck in the middle for instance, then there is the insolent part where I am said to have raised standards without giving thought to consequences, whereas if I said it was a private venture and that I was getting involved with people who had found wealth making systems and developed success from it, to open up a way for those who are caught up in complicated social conditions where it is difficult to find work and even more difficult to find another job having found and lost one, to gain access to the jobs market, they would have suggested their stupidities were entitled and I had invented a form of discrimination to keep them out. So I did raise those standards on a public platform in any case, the big mouth about stupid women backed up by foolish men who would not play with their own lives and careers until they had to catch their breath talking rubbish around here, is usually an indication they too had failed to learn what is real about me and what is not.

They do claim that Washington did not like me at all but it was irrelevant if Washington did – we are talking about issues that went on and became a real point of call since the Iraq was, I had a personality a bunch of stupid men and their popularity superior sons, the unbearable insolence, will handle to fulfil dreams. All I have asked is that I took the whole personality into account and stop bothering me when they had to explain to others how people’s personality was handled to fulfil dreams. It does suggest the 20 year career mess here was not only amusing but had also set the stage to show me how much power they had over me, as I have pointed out above, the next disruption from their stupidities will be the one that got me to perform a series of activities that will help convert this business of women dealing with damaged careers and a process of grovelling to sell sex in order to secure their supplied, while I was a man that got in the way either because I am pushed into it or because I am being helpful while people were trying to survive, into a process that will show how much of their stupid lives of men I thought was worth preserving, then will it be funny for me too. I mean handling other peoples personality to fulfil dreams and insisting like that should also bear in mind that human beings usually had schedules of their own too but we are clearly not discussing that at this stage because they had no reason yet to explain to their wives what happened to the job and the salary which would have been a very bad thing for a human being to do all together; the warning is now a two part story, stupid men with the insolence telling me what to do and stupid women with the gold digger gimmicks, picking up my Bookshop service processes to build a version of me (it enjoys the lip flapping about other world powers but then again I suppose that if it is going to complain about somebody counting the men in its neighbourhoods as though he was tough enough, when I get to butter them for the you me and neighbourhood treatment that was the only thing which solved the lasciviousness that was so relentless that they had fantasies of seeing me without my clothes on and I got to feel their violence towards me thereof with a big mouth, as to get their Politicians involved thereof, it either needs to stick to facts when commenting about my career or keep its mouth shut). They claim I am a trouble makers everybody ought to avoid and I do understand completely but it is really a matter of fear to commit at the Bookshop after years of fooling around with my concerns and arriving at a point where its entitled stupidities needed the Books – then again it gets worse as this behaviour of deciding how people existed, what people wore and how people were to avoid wrecking the look of their neighbourhoods was one of the main social causes of structural unemployment and it is the way that it will convert the business of raising funds for the machines that will replace it at a work place, into a tool for setting me out a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and to cope with economic complications, that was the main problem here – the next time I ended up with such a reputation, I will appoint myself to help them get through economic difficulties again and will do it for the finale this time around.

This has always been the residual problem with Western Polity, they said they were going to defeat some Communists to let us all get on despite and in my case what I did to keep the culture and society gimmicks out of my career was a claim I had won a great battle that even twats as brave as their stupidities were could not, wrecked everything here with distant violence assaults that I am now waiting for their politicians to make a stupid statement over the criminals and antisocial behaviour idiots running my life to tell me what to do with private security industry corruption and a follow on of their abuses to make it work, that will get me spending their public lives for – what progress there has been had since involved picking up my personal life to build restaurants because their stupidities had realised that as human beings, they had to eat some food.

I. Uno I

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