I am told the Media believed that I was powerless to handle them which is utter nonsense as they have not yet shown a law that would prevent me from picking up a series of PR activities which will ensure that since big media businesses always reported the same news when it came to the aspects of their trade that made them the most money and were always at each other’s throats for it, somebody had a need to torture them with it and make them suffer intensely as well, they have not shown me a law that would prevent me from using such a situation should I build one to target specific journalists that get on my nerves, up to the stage where it become a fun gimmick for me to do so as well. Generally it had read the birth signs and allied itself with birth signs that were more dangerous than mine and unless we ended up with an evil Libra, we end up asking questions about the ways that 20 foot tower for wealthy companies was built and kept strong in homeless peoples village, it will not stop running me down, ripping up my Bookshop and shooting off its mouth at me in public places. At this stage I have recently completed some important matters that emerged after the coronation, the outstanding matter had no reason to exist, if it was not German influence gimmicks where I appeared to have done security guarding job with less dignity and will lose everything I had to make sense of their feelings about it, employed rogue landlords, corrupt security guards who were really hoodlums and bully characters who watch me endlessly, build a community to finger my bum and cause health scares but fail to control immoral society gits that were the source of all health issues unless an Arch Prince was inflicting some on them as well, finished off with the twats that had nothing in the world to lose, showing up to share my personal space and make the most of communities that were built to finger my bum. We can see that if they do not want it to become a priority public problem, the business of claiming that the government made a mess of their privacy in order to cling to my royal privacy, stalling client interest in my Bookshop for half a decade and my finances as well, ought to be abandoned, the alternative is that I will want all of their stupid society and all of the publicity that their fame gits enjoyed and when I got my hands on it, they would see it for the last time.

I do get asked about what I thought made them the way they were and it is an old tale of being so entitled that you needed to win an argument, speaking of the smaller things, just an argument for analogy here – the argument had to be made using another person’s breathing patterns, feelings, health and well being and should they win the argument to find out on a later date that they were wrong, to ensure that they found a way to continue such a stupid existence as they had led up to such a point, they needed the same victim they took advantage of on a previous occasion. It is not really a crisis, it is something the Police are aware they were getting involved with every time they did their jobs; the corrupt security industry which simply serves the need of school bully that has not changed his personality since and therefore became local hoodlum, the rogue landlords with every option for making money on the table including crime and the low lives that had nothing to lose who speak for themselves apparently – this is what they looked like before they started stealing and right up to the stage where they killed people. They raise this point about corruption in the Police force and we see the same gimmick when they claim that state provided security provoked them around here – where some will say it was a grey area and it is, since if the superiors do not like your attitude they will send you to work in areas where the attitude might be put to better use, when people like me had work doing with the Head of State, every local authority that needed access to the advantage it offered had an equal right to access it, so unless there was physical evidence of corruption we know they were talking nonsense all of the time.

The cause of all this was naturally the Celebrities, as I should have no need to go back and find out which aspects of private security industry work I did some years back, they used as a tool for trashing everything around here to create expensive practical jokes – the need to show up with abusive nonsense where an Arch Prince had not required them to get into a fight with people on his behalf, so they did it instead and it grows to such an extent that the public control issues would have been a simple matter of hoodlums working corrupt private security industry which communicates things to me that expresses the fact that local people were thriving, since local people always pride themselves in an ability to talk their way out of their problems, so perhaps it was better for local hoodlums to get up corrupt private security and bother me, than for the local economy of market to crash due to practical jokes – it becomes something that stalls my bookshop because Celebrities have been getting up somewhere public to call on me to get into a fight with their enemies, so the idiots have been able to pick up gimmicks where low lives that had nothing to lose banged walls and doors at me, to run off open secret insults that linked my body and my head to it, so when their imagination was kindled they banged the walls and doors at me, which has trashed my finances because clients and brokers think I am not a safe place for them to operate. So, I believe that in the current circumstances, once I am done ascertaining what I want to do with my security guard industry history and clear up which part I obviously did with their own personal and social lives, I will enter into a social and mental state where I wanted to become a god of wrath myself. As long as they continued to link up my body to people banging walls and doors and therefore bang walls and doors on me, I will work towards burning the stupid show business as well, especially as we have arrived a point where after running my life with the social activities of criminals to befriend the King and nurse fantasies about coming into possession of my property abusively more so, a point where they needed to step up to the plate and take out the trash instead of complaining about Police corruption that had nothing to do with them – we are now at a point where I have taken up a disposition all the way to the shop manager abuses, the abuses that were used to ensure people could not keep the jobs that provided the money when they got about shopping for their supplies, on account their stupidities had civil rights needs and could not keep their hands to themselves, they claim their bottom hurt when they are not my personal gods anymore, so this must be the way they planned to solve the bottom hurting problem. Even now, I have no idea what they are perpetually angry about and cannot bring myself to make sense of it, when it lip flaps that all I knew was the psychology bits whilst the facts stated here suggested otherwise – they were just drawn out that way, to walk around the streets making trouble but the issue was that the gangs made the most of it, although there was no plan to stop the behaviour any time soon, then it reaches a stage where it claims I was trying to make deals with the famous to avoid my plight but was unlikely to get something favourable if I was planning to give them something they could already take from me.

It needs to move on, or I will end up doing something about which the Armed services had a reason to fraternise with me again – the first one was the part where the fraternity involved processes and the building of equipment which became means for practical jokes, unless their famous stupidities and community idiots were complaining that is.

I. Uno I

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