It looks like something that is deserving of every violent thing I had in mind I would be seen working private security industry and it would take the opportunity to make an announcement I was stuck with a job as far as it was concerned, which will keep me down until somebody grabbed my future, work with some businesses who are building chairs for instance, consorting me to build chairs for Politicians and their party whip issues, business people and their eating disorders, to find that public transport was being operated on the basis the scumbags had found somebody who covers their backsides for a living, before it gets off shooting its big mouth about the way I assumed I could handle them, not yet mad enough to take a swipe at me obviously as that would be the point where it got to annoy its stupid self as well; the immediate problem having to do with my finances, caused by a need to pick up and redo everything I did, in a condition where they got to control the outcome because they loved me, instead of showing up here to read, about which it needs work with its famous idiots to find a personal and social life that does not involve me by the deadline of July 2023 or I start as well.

It is all male entitlement, discovered National services fraternised with me and had to fraternise as well, so its need to decide how my person was used whilst its stupidities served a crowd is now so big it operates on National Media for a National scale purpose, it will end with me having need of state provided security to run a Bookshop whilst they needed to fight more National level enemies on my account because they are always stealing. It does nothing but hunt hospitality that is set out for public figures to cover its backside of which nothing it finds is ever enough, whilst seeking to stand up for itself the way that I did when bullied, it is the sort of eventuality in which if I attacked people for will leave them either mentally ill or having to hang about somewhere drawing a crowd to themselves to build a gang, it needs to channel it insults elsewhere and keep off my Bookshop.

The male entitlement business still comes with the same two problems as usual one of those was that it would not kill them to get me paid for writing a Book but the problem we faced rather was a need to make use of the Books by grabbing my assets to make money, whilst the asset and time used to make money does not belong to them, once done, they will be back to wreck the business from which their stupidities extracted it, at the same time, the famous idiots were here to handle my wealth equity public image and get paid for being popular, now they have made money, they are trying to stay ahead by wrecking my Bookshop, so we end up with a boom and burst economy where they committed crimes. The other part of it was the need to form groups in secret that will decide how others who dared to possess items they did not own as well, would get to abandon it to them but this gets them into trouble with the Police which restricts their ability to provide a customer service and get rich fast as they would have wanted to, however they were adamant that it was the best social attitude ever. As I have mentioned above, it needs to find a personal and social life which does not involve me by the deadline, considering the damaging extent of its stupidities and the involvement by which it was being applied, or I will start as well (They do suggest they were going to kill me which they always have tried to considering the impact of their insolence on my finances and ability to provide for my own survival but it gets left out of the picture when complaining about absences of civil rights I am not their parent; attacking me to create a different individual that suffers on their behalf should not be the purpose of any community, no matter how stupid the people who created it nor should it set a stage for a process where I got to take the blame for personal decisions made which had caused local authorities to lose control of crime. First time around it complained about me, it said I organised my career to make others take risks with personal safety and brought German influence to bear, this time we were all spent, no idea what it would do should it choose to call my bluff).

The matter of my finances specifically being that we have now ended up with a two part city - one where people were asking me to open up the Bookshop and the other where Celebrities were trying to steal the market at any cost, all is well save the famous and their idiots were unable to keep their hands to themselves which has built up to a health scare, so I am simply going to say that the deadline I have given also allowed me to explore none destructive actions as an option but I will not do so beyond the deadline itself. I have not lost any silly manipulation game as they chose to call it, if it was the job of the famous to show up here and play fair minded judge whilst a bunch of idiots who wreck my finances due to a series of activities ranging from being so disrespectful they could never be seen getting involved with or addressing me as though I had a career, so they could show up here doing what they liked, then they needed to tell the Scorpio American President, to stop complaining about a problem he is creating when he reads birth signs to find I am a Libra and his whole life ambition becomes one in which he ensured nothing in my life was exclusive. They all need to stop burning crime control publicity whilst complaining about criminals, need to stop burning governmental diplomacy assets whilst complaining about communists, when asked to take out the trash desist from the gimmick that I did not deserve my financial well being on account they did, as I clearly rather do as it were. It is always disrespectful and the idiots were bold enough to get imagination into my private parts constantly, this is not the end, the end will come when it continues the abusive behaviour and shows up here telling lies over it whilst the deadline had run out, since I will begin a process that will get local authorities involved, to line out my civic duties and a decision reached on ways I can pursue it without interference from their stupidities, once it was clear that I was the biggest problem that their own financial well being faced.

The main problem is not me at all, it is the practical jokes that these goons have played on my Books leading them to a situation where anything I did to help them digest the read was not good enough anymore, so they needed the Books and were not in a position to enjoy the read, so rather than go away resorted to gas lighting and other forms of their modern woke socially modified abuses, whilst I paid the financial price for it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland