They do claim that I am a classic example of the limitations people faced when they had no money and it is utter nonsense, there is nothing stopping me from doing the account Books for my Bookshop until it was successful, only their famous stupidities were doing that, I don’t have a mill tied to my feet since I dropped out of University because they showed up there to make me and 12 years have passed since which is enough time to complete 4 degree programmes and every time I move it off my Books it does something that interferes with the paying public to make such stupid statements, hence it really comes down to a process where we discussed it as a matter of the fact that they had reached a stage where their stupidities were no longer able to tell the difference between privilege and stealing. The idea I am completely harmless is of course a myth because I am not part of their populist gimmicks or part of society, both sides want ownership of Country so that they may feel more secure in the nepotism that allows them to make money quickly because they had a sense of wonder and confidence behind it if they did but these idiots and their celebrities cannot now do a thing without making reference to my Office and Estate, while getting imagination up my bum, the temper I lose making sense of the decisions they made about their own place in the world which got them into such a position in life as it were. It does it again and again, interfering with my public image and a paying reading public that gets involved with my Books, to flap its big mouth about having proven difficulties people faced if they did not have money, which is unbearably annoying, as they have not been paying the bills here for the past 12 years while getting paid for being popular by handling my social life even so. It is not really a problem in a wider sense – the whole thing is built on very abusive and very intense distraction that works in tandem with the fact they found it difficult to keep their hands to themselves especially when they acquired money they could not account for and shared it with a community to develop a sense their stupidities had become public figures – I can get rid of the distraction in 6 months and recover all my finances in 3 years but if what they are doing meant it would be impossible to do so, then we probably have another name for the behaviour besides describing it as theft. They have their own people at the criminal backyards that help their abusive threatening civil goat stupidities get paid for being popular on people’s public life and I fail to see what their interest in my Bookshop and its income margins were in that respect, save the fact that it played into those gimmicks where I got told how to behave lest people showed up to ensure I was unable to fight my corner if I faced a threat which would make me homosexual – the last time somebody did it to them, they became racists and joined gangs and some of them turned to the homosexuality itself and I find it difficult to make sense of their inability to see that we are not mates as such but I suppose they have had this nonsense for long enough at my expense as well and need to move on or it will end badly as it were. They do claim I lived out an existence where people got hurt and killed as such, but we know that they had also formed around the distraction, a civil disobedience and a media presence which made their practical jokes an effective way of wrecking my finances totally and have been serving up a daily test for me over a 5-year period so far. At this stage the idea being that I respond to their gimmicks because I had forgotten who I am but I am more interested in taking them on while on their own turf as well all together; as we can see I am still single at 40 because they interfere with the wealth equity mistresses and the Court of female journalists that helped me make sense of the power they had over me being the part where they are paid millions to make advertisement by Companies that broker with me and they needed to work their abusive stupidities with the goons on the streets who translated those statements about power of money into violent action, while they flapped their big mouth like they were in need of services from an exorcist, their Celebrities drew up ownership of the very concept that my Books existed and claimed I wrote it to cover their arse, trashing my finances and their Industry twats will not sell products if they would rather claim the power they had over me was a process of selling my Public image whenever they made advertisement for companies, especially multinational companies – they do nothing with it except steal my earnings and wreck the income margins, then build publicity around my concerns which their stupidities could manipulate into creating a version of me that they were comfortable with. So the part that kills people was the need to leverage it by showing up here to get what racists are getting at my expense and keep it going for as long as we both shall live with a big mouth, such that they had such a filthy history, it was possible to run those gimmicks where they tackled whole communities into working with them so they might make money each time they had no money and turn those stupidities where their civil rights meant they needed my body to be doing something violent on the streets to make them happy on them, which usually results in deadly violence on the streets and I think I am being motivated to do it to such an extent that my Bookshop will be respected.

They do claim it’s all a mess but it isn’t, what is happening is that I am in charge and they are not – it is the story we find here, all based on crowd work and populism: if it had a crowd support, it picked up my books and trashed it, hung about complaining of the problems I had resolved by writing the Books, got off passing around so much office space insults it built an environment where it ended up fucking itself and then the crowd came to support it when it thought that it should spend my money each time its bottom hurts. So I am in charge and they are not – if I set out my writing career and need to organise accordingly, we find that I am beset by the distraction, I would not therefore want people to know I am chasing it while writing the Books but they build publicity for instance where I am, then get off interfering with women who took a liking to me in a bid to ensure that I stayed single as well. It comes down to my Books being written to help people with matters of academic environment and career and I had made this clear on the cover and had written the Books from a Trust system that I own, it is their inability to cease detaching my Books from the trust which ensured it made no sense, to interfere with a paying public at the Bookshop and to trash the good work the Book is doing for people career wise and in terms of education, which will ensure this nonsense ends very badly. We see this evident in the actions of the group of people claiming to control and run the education system; their case involved showing younger people how to get imagination up my bum and speak of me writing Books that get them fighting my wars – it is meant to have been the way to approach managing the gap between the prison service and the jobs in the city the last time we checked.

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