The talk that appears to make the most sense on the ever-present Media abusive controversy, is that people never realised I am the enemy and it is very difficult to convince other people of it. I would not know anyway, I simply know that they are incredibly good at looking for trouble but the question is what a person does if they looked for trouble until they met an adversary that was too much for them it seems that their answer to this question is to pick on somebody they believe will never oppose them and thereby build themselves a history of ferocity associated with standing up for themselves and what they believed in. The problem is that they complain too, complain such that a response is required from me, it is not that I am fighting back as such. The talk of how getting hold of me will get a mother to secure a new one is nothing unusual but the reality is more a matter of fame twats with half a brain talking nonsense about the possibility of a situation where somebody took that nonsense about their fraternity with community and country, meaning they believed they had a right and an impetus to make a mess of my career as much as they wanted because they could always rely on crowd support, coming to blows.

The problem is said to be the fact I had allowed them build up this business of handling me to an unimaginable extent but it is not the problem at all, I would never have responded to it, if their need to make trouble did not lead to outcomes where they claimed they had a reputation for being entitled to my career - they are not entitled to anything in this place and need to pay for a copy of my Books. They do claim they are entitled if they were fighting my wars but they are not, its only the constant battle to make me scapegoat when they had annoyed a Soldier to such an extent, he was out there bugging them until they joined the Military.

I am said to have allowed the matter fester for too long but I have not, it is usually pointless and among the lowest of priorities; should I assess it far enough, I will see my role in the matter being a process where they fought Public security operatives along the lines of what was important to the Military and the Police. That said, it should be noted that in terms of civil society, right down to the business of a need they had to thrown down heart disease gauntlet at others to a seek a new Country where they would be able to do as they pleased, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my work. As for the way these activities have affected me, I appear to have too many flashback of history memories of areas of my life they claimed was so embarrassing I had to give up my career, which indicated that they were using up my good reputation and the positive aspects of my personality as decided by their stupidities - very tough ascertaining how human beings invent such nonsense or the amount of insult required to do it. So I did last turn the whole business of claims I liked anal sex and loved to be dominated by bread winner women on them which is a step up and I wish to add to the list of their worries, the business of spending their social lives and public image with problems, like I have learned from their insanity as well - all it needs do is continue its obsession of solving its financial problems by handling my Public image, which stifles my Book sales.

I. Uno I

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