I have been told I am most concerned with the sense people are stealing from me while I am the one doing most of the stealing and it is utter nonsense, especially when considered in terms of relationship building and the way we have to tidy up because our families are involved. What appears to have befallen them is a matter of Companies placing equities in my care and so they now must deny the very existence of an Arch Prince all together.

Time has been spent on the suggestion that I developed processes that helped me make money from Industrial structures that should have assisted relatives of those who owned and controlled it to make a tidy sum that improves the social life, and time has been spent on claims that my Hermitage and its Literary Empire exists only in my head, same as what has been spent making a mess of my academic pursuits and finances to develop publicity that suggested they owned me and what I had become but this still adds up to the public service processes associated with performing tasks attributed to a business of Intellectual Property Administration and I do not write my Literary pieces for their convenienceover it either.

We know those who spend time on such behaviour are the only group who make this into a matter processes that puts labels on others to say that people smelled and we know the smell always eventually led to violence. Until it leads to such violence in my case, then I lead an existence whereby they always had knowledge of where criminals were, where the bad occurrences happened, where bad people were and the service processes of this Hermitage will be developed into something that allows those who handle my concerns to expect that I might get into a fight with others in order to protect them, and more so on the premise that they were to show certainty that public punishment for such behaviour can be guaranteed to be absent at all times.

The current state of affairs being that Liberal USA performs endless abusive musings about a sweet thing I dared to own which they wanted to handle because they want to go to war with enemies and itís the usual nastiest, sickening processes that facilitate the fact they cannot keep their eyes on their shop floor and their imagination off my bum, either way which I believe I am doing rather well with a disposition whereby whenever they wanted something they would get it in hell. On the ground however itís more a matter of claims that we support society trouble makers at the Monarchy while Celebrities suffered, while what really happens is a process of other people taking responsibility for their badly behaved children in order to prevent crime which the Government and Monarchy is aware of; so we see what develops on the back of it is daily threats towards because famous people want to make more money, then abuses and processes of berating me on media to ensure their local idiots were able to develop imagination that got up my bedroom window and allowed their community croons beat me down in my bed every day.

The effect of picking a bad neighbourhood to write Books by meant every fool wants to be an Arch Prince as well, the result also being that I had gotten off my own band wagon where the assumption was that ignoring them solved a problem, to tackle all that allowed them get paid for being popular and now sacking all that allows them seek self-reinvention at my expense, which forms the main motivation for the abusive behaviour, facilitating means by which I can give myself a break from its insults and threats -this also means that I am able to progress on matter by tackling all that allows them enjoy their holidays as well but I am quite certain their inability to stop handling my Books and to make a mess of my career with media, market and industrial comments as a means to abusive leverage that allows acquisition of money they cannot account for, will be their undoing.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland