They do claim that they will never give up until they got me into a position where I tried to get by at their mercy, but I do not think this will ever happen for my part either, just annoying it had no respect for my career thus. We are looking at a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals who have always had unusual plans about handling me, providing criminals in a bad neighbourhood I picked up to avail myself to facts associated with Books I am writing, with a Media presence where the criminals could claim my career for themselves for everything I did in the so called environment where I was not being seen, then the outcome was that their bottom hurt too, thus for the fact they were incredibly important, they were going to have me attacked and taught a lesson like a children because their stupidities were incredibly important – this is the part they have gotten accustomed to, mine was the part where they would only get along with everybody if they lived in an aspect of my history in which there was a time they could perform all these nonsense without risk of a response from me and it is not unusual for a Royal Office to let them have it. The part where I am delusional about the state of my life on the other hand will be the part where they made money handling my earnings, then set about trashing my career and finances, to finish off with gimmicks about the money in their bank accounts affecting me in a certain way, so I have suffered their stupidities enough to get it into my head that I needed them and their celebrities to own that money in a condition where it was publicly clear that they owned it in a system where I more or less controlled some vital areas: I cannot stop them making the comments and gestures on this matter which makes a complete mess of my Bookshop while shooting off their big mouth about being very important in a bid to keep their earnings on account earnings was an important aspect of a career, so I need to move it onto the tit for tart wrathful behaviour towards every one of their expressed interest in me. An example of the provocation was the part where I rented a space and they picked up my privacy to share with prostitutes, I behaved in a certain way publicly to show I will fuck them over for it as well and we cannot explain the role that media, celebrity and fashion had in the matter, we just know they claim I am in a bad way and was delusional about the facts with a big mouth.

The reality is that what Celebrities have in mind for my career and regularly express by picking up my assets for their investments, is that I got to do the sex work they entertained and took part in whenever they wanted to keep their careers going. The really problematic part is that they thought they were important but are really mentally ill people who like the mental illness of homosexuality, would commit suicide if they did not live in a world where men slept with men and women slept with women, however if they turned the mental illness on unsuspecting victims, people could easily be pushed into criminals activity and that is what they are doing here. It does not work any other way - the business of animosity between Government Office operatives and Fame gits need to be understood and made public as per where it existed in my case. The fight is now aimed at making sure they did not lose what I did to help achieve an agreeable operational environment and it has become clear thereof, that we had to return to the original state of affairs, all they got from me being eliminated. They claim I did not like socialism much but it is not a matter of liking socialism, it is a matter of saying that people needed to be profiled into features that were likely to be rich in future, so that they might be trapped and made poor at an earlier age in life, on account that whilst socialists were trying to create wealth equality poorer people wanted a better like, so it was all counterproductive. Making the poor poorer to make their lives easier and make it possible to approach the rich in a condition where the rich cannot show up health and well being as a sign of inequality is not a progressive disposition anyway, but they do one better and pick a fight with moral and or religious people on the basis that social and public place morality prevents them from securing followers for their socialist cause. The Politicians have acknowledged that socialism has always been a platform for global stage violence and had created two world wars and it always is because social ugliness where people got to pick up an arena in which various countries had gathered and everybody was trying to put their best face forward, then turned it into a tool for saying what the Climate and weather in their Country looked like, only to get off making it quite clear a disposition that a group of people were not allowed to go to a certain place and a group of people ere superior etc, the best place to gain momentum had always been the socialist platform confusing poor people, playing to their fears and then pandering to their needs – we know almost all the Countries in the world keep them under wraps except Germany where it is always claimed that extremism picking up the socialist platform was another person’s fault, regardless of the fact they have created two world wars and have nearly started a third one in 2022. They always claim it is a position of strength, reality is rather a history where Politicians would claim I am acting dangerously when I wanted to resolve the social disposition by which it got off to an arrangement where its social station existed on the right hand side of me, so we might listen to its stupidities complain about things I did as if I am tough enough with a big mouth – never stopped trashing my finances alongside its real men idiots and when I pick it up again, I really am going to stop this time as it were. They always claim that I omit the wicked things capitalists did but that was rather as simple as bringing people to a resolution on the patriarchy insults and if I drew a line on their need to cling to my earnings and suggest what they stole from me did not exist, call me names and claim I am a woman, should they cross those lines again, I will have obtained a license to act – their own was the part where Politicians claim I acted dangerously because I wanted to control their lives and by doing so my accounts Books, because they were always following me around to make a mess of the career, when I started a small business, they started a mini war, never pays for anything it uses and believed all its problems were to be solved when I existed in an arena where rules and laws did not apply as per how people handled my concerns, moving forward to the part where it will stop making me smell and feel sore all over from the stupid statements about how I could do nothing about the money it made at my expense, when it had to keep it in a system that I either knew a lot of things about or controlled. It has been a 15 year career mess to trash my studies and career, so as to get me into this position where their their insilts became financially beneficial at my expense and I think I now have to prepare for a result where I drew a line on the insults such that they cannot deny any average person would find it offensive and then have their stupidities cross the line again, especially in terms of the American led gimmicks where they got to pick up my concerns to make their stupid lives easier and do not pay for what they used around here, telling lies to work up beneficially dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism at my expense.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland