I am told that I am becoming a character that was difficult to protect but I am not, it is a product of insults which should not be channelled at a royal personage at all becoming other peoples habit and sub culture they have arrived at the stage where they think they could take a break but the doxy society will access and pull their heart strings, so because they have not received a response from me, attacking me would facilitate an outcome where their stupidities got away with it, hence it seems I am keeping a secret about a bunch of idiots who thought they lived in an environment where nothing would become of instances where they did harm to me. We find it extend to a process of calling me names which is a problem that can be solved when if I am a riff raff for example, it was the public bill board abuses, short insolent videos that people think is the way to make advertisement abuses, and famous idiots breaching my patents to get the public paying them for my books riff raff who picked up their assets and it had to be settled, therefore solving the riff raff problem and when he was not one anymore, there were no popularity fools to appreciate it. It is not clear why American always tend to show up here and get people distracted by Russians whilst they would only let me have my career and pay my bills properly, as soon as they were done fooling around with it considering the condition was one in which I had been detached from the world, all the civil rights movements have come to mean that it was more expensive and unproductive to discriminate against whole communities in order to get rich fast when you would be rewarded for thinking the needs of the majority outweighed that of the few when you picked on Royalty, of which I do not remember ever trying to show that this nonsense was a threat to me anyway, giving way to money leverage that would ensure the government made people behave the way they wanted, following me around to buy shares with companies I worked with in order to control me, yet when everybody had lost all their possession, property and assets, the money leverage meant nothing since government in a capitalist system buys debt in order to grow the economy. I wrote my Books in a social condition where it was clear and everybody agreed that that I was not writing Books that belonged to them or their famous fools could access freely, so I do think that those who ferment the insults that come from their poofs, corrupt security and rogue landlords, needed to stop complaining about what I did too.

They do claim that they would stop bothering me if my behaved changed but this is what we are trying to ascertain here: my behaviour does not have to change for these people to stop attacking me instead of running a property business or getting a real job, I simply need to decide what must be done with insults they claimed was the way advertisement should be done, build a perverted arrangement with the broadcasting community and get my hands on their assets whilst their abuses stalled my career, stagnated my bookshop and built up so much abusive interest in my Books that there was risk of violence to those who publicly displayed their copy, leaving me cash strapped. When I do this whilst they have not solved the distance problem for what their insults were worth, it will certainly stop bothering me. There is that question which comes after the sense that I am a weak character others can handle for any purpose, even when it was clear they were fools whose method of being drawn out was one in which they stepped outside of their door to do a couple of things that make people uncomfortable, then finish off with gimmicks where they did not get to backdown. The question being one in which none could make sense of the way that my career got caught up in it considering my position; it is a simple matter of having written a Book, placed previews of it in public, to have those previews picked up by others to create an environment in which it should be expected that any who bothered the famous or got in the way of what the famous wanted would answer to me, from terrorists, to criminals and hoodlums, whilst they got on public media to trash my finances and make it into a reality, the point of what we are doing now being that the insults will not end and any who displays public ownership of my Book faces a real threat of violence. So I have already mentioned the most likely scenario in which this nonsense got to stop but overall it would claim I needed state provided security to be successful at all, hence we are just that close to a situation in which Myself, my state provided security and some famous idiots ran my Bookshop for me. Its like the global stage campaign to help people who hated women feel more comfortable but they will dispute with any who raised the point that they are not in charge, I simply need to take control of what belongs to me that is.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland