I am told that I am in deep trouble but appear to be unconcerned about it but it is the announcement that Celebrities had made about the insults where they required me to get into a fight on their behalf, will never end – so the real problem was to do with the way corrupt private security used local hoodlums to grab peoples income margins, the misogyny society and the feminists on the question of where people kept their business products and the market that was built for it. Its gimmicks express the fact local people took pride in being able to talk themselves out of problems, so it loved to bother me because I suppose it did not want me to talk, then again which perhaps if it bothers me it stops bothering other people, to which effect the suggestion of me in trouble indicated that these bully characters who have not changed since school were personalities I was afraid of, used to be afraid of the large sizes and now I am of the small sizes too, as per far from the real problem which was a bunch of idiots with purchasing power playing up practical jokes where they wanted to see me dance around my pain every time they were not complaining to Politicians about my responses to their wealthy persons stupidities or paying trouble makers to stop bothering people because I manipulated them into doing so painfully.

I do wish there was a way we could avoid dabbling into the misogyny society and feminism gimmicks for my part as I really hate discussing it – then again, all should see the way that it claims it was making a point and I had the same needs whilst I didn’t: before it was misogyny society, it was the enjoyment of a need to attack people who should be having their security done for them but set about doing it by themselves, which they cannot explain to others in a way that makes sense to a human being, whilst the feminism before it became feminism was a matter of the way that I had 3 other male colleagues including myself and a female colleague, so when I support the female colleague during a complicated time, due to the fact that there were four of us men in the group who could band together to tackle the male society issues that bothered us, the feminists and their radio wave lesbians will show up to trash the career and finances completely, flush my whole life down the loo. It is never a matter of whether their causes makes sense, but a matter of whether they were putting themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about, to progress unto a stage of putting their immoral society gimmicks all over other peoples social and public lives so the victims could never smell good and building communities that fingered the bum to make sense of what was in their private personal bank accounts; I was just weak and had to be abused all day naturally, once done their stupidities needed my personal life to build restaurants because they had to eat and we see this gimmick expressed in terms of converting the representation of National interest overseas where people got involved with government but were not part of it and we found out they were journalists, in a world of distant lovers, freelance work that involved a lot of travel and we end up with work on overseas dinning culture, into the idea that we were weak people who thought others overseas always needed our help. We can see that they are not in charge.

Hence the point that I am for instance but did nothing about racism among many problems, whilst we know I had set about a condition in which racist interest in me was only likely to result in an outcome where their racism was caught up with my career and I ended up selling it for a living, they however seem to have devised an answer for all problems which was absolute – the other side of the matter being that I come through all good but should be feared, considering I also know that they were very abusive of my person and their personality tended to attract the racism itself all of the time. Then there was the famous with a need to get attacked by people who attacked those that were trying to sort personal security, show up to make money on my public image, build communities that finger my bum and tell me I was in a lot of trouble, trying to reach a deal with them in order to get out but thinking that it was a good deal to offer them something they could take from me at will.

I have mentioned the way this problem had been resolved, in terms of setting out a structure for people who wanted to invest in the UK, which Celebrities got caught up in as the top point of influence for them was the international community, considering thus that I had set out the ways by which businesses that wanted to stay did and those that did not were not prevented from leaving, whilst those that left abusively set out a process of administration that could go up to top government, it had no effect on me whatever abusive gimmick Celebrities had devised, until some goons at the Monarchy decided it was the stage upon which they needed to be real men and somebody needed to be pushed into a clash with doxy society.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland