I am said to have placed myself on the road to self-destruction for what I write and say about people who think they had money and power. There is however no such thing, just the story of the fact I had a lot of my plate, being pushed about churns my tummy and its not just the smell I had to worry about, while their civil disobedience is legendary, so it never stops. The primary motivation for it being that we have allowed them take so much of the credit for the public work we did, so they had now since reached a point where they knew they could do no wrong in the eyes of the public, loved to build a crowd that helped them put themselves in charge to torture those who knew what to do and the Celebrities get involved out of fame authority, looking for a response. Same as the story that I spend most of my time complaining while what happens is that I am being stuffed with their problems while they hated Law enforcement, at the same time needed fraternisation with Land and Country to make full use of the nepotism they exhibited in my direction, their need to attack people affiliated to me directing me to stuff them in a socially safer way that meant they realised they were stuffed only when they were alone and doing so was better than a process of writing a private diary to cope.

The side question is whether I sneer at people and then use them as well at the same time. I do not do such a thing for my part in anyway; what really happens is that it had since come together, their need to bully people and get paid for being popular, the way they raise their Children to abuse people and get imagination around peoples private parts to claim they were decent and popular human beings who loved their Country and the Celebrities that will never be informed you did not really fancy people usurping your popularity. All designated consumers who need to stop handling employers and producers but it seems that it now had to be enforced.

They do claim all I say still meant I got wasted which is utter nonsense as the point was that if people were unable to say that I started out with a certain writing and another indicated my career progress, I ought to solve the problem by expressing the same behaviour on their salaries as well. The rest of the time, they claim I talk like Fidel Castro and Americans did not fancy communists, which problem is rather that American facilitate corrupt fat cats whose filthy activities to get to the top industry offices were the reasons for the perpetual public insults of their stupid children, making the most of Armed Forces jobs because people were being protected and I am being targeted because I became a hindrance, which situation they are ready to play up to such an effect as my entire career was tiresome. The more serious part being when they get off claiming my work was a business of extracting an income from areas that the families of those who held top jobs in companies should be making money, their fame idiots always keeping a watch on when I could be punished for making whoopies, their Celebrities having a need to engage with the Public as if they were me, which stifles my Book sales all day long, only to set out some people in Countries where the Government was unstable as scapegoats for persecution.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland