They do say that I am one of the most eligible bachelors around but people feel completely unattracted to me – this is not the case, just the by-product of popularity idiots picking me up when I am relaxed to build a sense of what careers I would deserved based on how brave I have been and which battles I had fought, the by-product of exploring my civic duties like this, being that women think I am a weak man. On the other hand, the women who have gotten involved do not respect me at all, despite which they get caught up with conditions where they could behave towards me as if we had a form of trust between us – my point of it being that I am not losing sleep because I am not in a relationship as there isn’t enough love coming from the opposite sex, to say that it added up to one. They then say that I had made my life unnecessarily complicated while reality is that they were just being very disrespectful, the abuses are such that my bookshop stalls and the type that gets people turning away from my Bookshop are peddled by the famous, which I now have to deal with by developing it into a form of property destruction in order to confront them for it – that said, I am getting the ping of a need to take it on by acknowledging the fact I never recognised that stupid society and it is still the means by which they invite themselves into my concerns, when I try to keep them out because it is wrecking my finances, get about violating me in sexual context by getting imagination up my bum to make me smell and lose the public image, something of a need to pick it up as an issue and burn my way out. I could never make sense of it anyway, I was a public service operative and I got into an argument with a public security operative, who then told me I never got attacked by a National level enemy and was not stitched up at Hospital or put to therapy for recovery, so it is hard to tell how I would know and I was so offended the world would burn – how on earth this is offensive beats me every time but these famous idiots have raised hell here endlessly because of the way it had offended them, where I have experienced this nonsense the most was the part where they had lies and questions which have taken up 20 years of my time, about which they had my congratulations – I now need to move on, run an Arch Prince’s Office properly, get my finances working and finish my studies, if I feel interference, I will try to burn their show business as well. It then comes down to the matter of people at the Monarchy who have studied me well warning them I am not the walkover they think I am and these are the persons that have offended them the most but it is hard to tell if these persons were wrong about it, when the fact celebrities were always behaving sexually in Public places did not necessarily mean they were endowed lovers i.e. a product of hurting others until victims were inconsolable, so as to secure an exit from what those victims might do, through sex, does not make them good lovers, it needs to stay away from my social life, public image and finances, no matter how difficult its show business finances had become and I am not that stupid, I know it is about greed.

I. Uno I

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