The story peddled is that I am at war with peace lovers, the claim is this mystery of a problem people had with me and it appeared to have no ending in sight. I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that they had decided to create themselves a coward Arch Prince, the results are in and they have to finish the jobs that they start. The mystery is that I was selected for the responsibilities I have been given and they had decided to explore my civic duties and use what they find to fight their way in life and invent wars that will entitle them to get imagination up my bum all day long, the assumption is then that I would never figure them out if I thought that I faced a threat from them as such, as far as they were concerned. They do claim that if people knew what I know, they would become far stronger than I am which is also precisely the point, that unless they were getting enrolled in the Military, needed to cease exploring my civic duties. Here the idea was that they now knew how to handle and work what will provide them the most security and inspiration but it is an old story about the clash with the famous people which started from their interest in my publishers and whether or not my Books were placed in a database, developing into claims I am a low life rubbing shoulders with famous people while even criminals were working hard to make money and buy show business and therefore nice people, ripping up the Books at the slightest sign of people demanding wealth sharing, now meeting up with a stupid need to go off to Communist territories and burn my Assets, returning with new gimmicks by which they could get everybody sucking up to Celebrities – its need to push challenges at me is about to set off a case where I ended up teaching them a lesson they will never forget, so far it has been a 20 year career mess and they have made it worse for themselves with respect to my responses as per the same behaviour peddled towards my University studies, my work market position, had since been developed for my social media as a matter of what they have gotten accustomed to – as for the defiance of continued mess made of my Public work and Office, I am getting to the part where I will have no choice but to lock it down on them and see how far the stupid ego that allows it to continue picking up my PR until it picked up my earnings would go. They do claim I do not have any assets in Communist territory naturally but I usually hate responding to such claims, since it would be costly for me as such i.e. they were blind to such facts because they never stopped pushing insults at others and never listen to what other people were saying – I do listen to what Industry people tell me and only do jobs they give me, saying so in the circumstances would mean I got to lose something important.

It is all a matter of keeping Celebrity and Politician narcissism away from my finances – the Politicians have taken my time to build all sorts of weaknesses that can be exploited including the destruction of my University studies and my social life, while the Celebrities have been picking up my PR after trashing my patent margin, arriving at a point where they get to pick up my earning margins; these are the two points ripping up my finances and when I want it shut down the narcissism really kicks off. I do not think it a problem for my part, just on the question to be mentioned here – mostly, they were free to carry on whatever it is they are doing, more spending, more insults, more fighting, more wars from a group of people who get you producing the worst work for your career and to drop out of University every time, I simply need to stop the narcissism being performed on my finances everyday, in like manner which it is a matter of fucking their society and fucking the celebrity culture too thereof.

It does not tell anybody it completely destroys your career and spends time getting you to share as space with mentally ill people while its famous stupidities playing catch up with your lifestyle, it is either a nice person talking rubbish about being important or a perpetual victim with whole communities assigned to tickle my anus, that their stupidities may give signals to in public places constantly.

They always say that my mental health is not stable while I thought it as and it is utter nonsense – it is the inability to deal with a process where I organised my life a certain way and have built considerable publicity for it, over two decades, only for a group of people to round me up like sheep and barricade me somewhere and I know the odds of having my wishes respected in terms of the fact they want to make me do what they want, is really very low because I am on my own and they are backed by a crowd, all of which happens solely because they were popular. It is this popularity that I now want to end badly, considering the alternative was to recognise my biggest problem was their need to push me around, tell me what to do and order my steps, backed by society gits and that according to history, if I set out I am not responsible for their personal decisions and the enemies they make, those who stifle the publicity that resulted only created instances where mass murder happens somewhere and I got the blame for it. It is the same as they claim the fight with the famous always had to happen but reasons were a mystery, not true; what I am doing is a process of completing my career and financial expedition so to speak, the 20 year career mess they have inflicted on me is meant to serve a purpose for which I allowed it to run and if I lose any more time to their gimmicks, I will not be able to catch up on my finances, then I have resort to revenge. We are talking about breaching my patents to pick up my PR and run it off to such an extent they picked up my earning margins, the narcissism then begins to get worse while the media insults became more confident on account they made an amount of money I could not take from them while it was clear they had made some money and their lives will not be complete if they did not use it as a tool to dominate me and make something from the way I was affected by it, considering which I am now waiting for them to make the statement that I am a character that they handle to make Celebrity money and then will I tell everybody about it. In the meantime, the purpose of completely trashing my finances while I complained everyday and it became a source of fun, was to handle my career and lifestyle as a tool that built them a sales funnel – we know I have not been handling their celebrity career and public image like that as well and that if I did, I would not be cash strapped like I currently am. So it is an option available for the revenge strategy and I believe I have been warning them about the abusive insults and signals of violence associated with the narcissism that is being worked on my health and financial wellbeing. My conscience issue is that I do not need their money as per it is detrimental to people in my position, so it will be a campaign of destruction if I am pushed to it but mostly it was always a choice that my daily concerns added up to public leadership that service operatives identified with or I served Celebrities.

I would really fancy that each time a bunch of idiots sit about a boardroom with a plan to do nothing for a living and to grab my markets to make money, if I initiated processes which meant that at the end of the marketing session, they ended up with the same resources they started with, the idiots did not initiate some narcissism by which to handle me and share peoples wealth, show up here with plans that take them away from the one that pays their salary, to get rich around here, showering me with insults. They do claim what they cannot understand is my willingness to punish myself in these ways, which is not really the case – we have seen that Property and Creative Asset equity broker does not mean that Fashion designers ought to spend your assets on themselves and wait everyday to come up with a gimmick that would have meant that you did not meet their standard and had to move on, making a complete mess of my earnings and social media for example, we also know that organising my finances such that the woman I settled down with considering their stupid need to educate me about bad things women did, trashing everything around here, controlled the family finances, about which they decide some idiot they controlled will be the woman in my life everyday and their stupidities would make the most of the reasons I organised my life in such a manner. It does not need to pay attention to the part that pays its salary if it had a need to complain about me everyday. It is not a crisis, it simple had money and wanted the money to have an effect on me, so it picks up my earning margins, so days run into weeks which run into months which run into years and eventually it all hinges on the insults – the insults about which the only way to get them reading Books when they showed up here was to decide the extent to which their interest in my personal space could go and set out punishment for each time they crossed the line. They do say the reasons I get away with it is that I am a low life who does not have wealth they could take advantage of but University fiasco was the rage before then.

We find claims abound that I am living off a sense that I do not fear conflict because I am afraid of others but because I am afraid of myself which is not the case – the need to avoid conflict is for me part of the fighting process, as the insults and abuses always mean that when you want to fight, your tummy wants to do strange things and it would be nice to be a ninja who would vanish in a puff of smoke and reappear somewhere else each time that happens. We see these people had a behaviour of looking for trouble and in my case they say a Libra would do anything to avoid a fight and cannot stop ripping up my finances to say I am a coward when I had not blind folded and beaten them up so they could never tell the Police for instance. Eventually we find the need to send out the wives to play with me and give them access to my career, building up to claims I loved to fool around with married women, whereas what happened is that I campaigned for family life and met women whose friends and acquaintances they had since decided on, now deciding mine as well, as stupidly as possible, fun while it lasted. I have issued the warnings that they were the only people who had jobs, were able to step outside without worrying about smell issues and had neighbourhoods to live in, about which I want for the Country the same things they want and since the way to go about it was to screw with people and set them out as profitable enemies, so that when you ran civil rights on them, you got rich, I will soon make myself victim of those stupidities where they wanted to step on me and defeat me like something they were entitled to everyday – I will sell the communities for a living as it were.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland