The boasting never stopped, that they had taught me a lesson for messing with the famous people. I had no idea since the last case, what lessons exactly that they have been teaching here as such, the truth of it being that a showdown with the famous idiots was the way to resolve all the problems here but I have been dithering because there is always that sense that doing so allows it to move on with time, which never happens when the reasons for its gimmicks were regularly updated on Media, by another group of idiots who thought they were important and had a civil disobedience to fool around with thereof. The reality of it is that there were criminals and hoodlums and generally people doing bad things, who can actually be controlled, as there are social processes and due process by Law but it is the very case of controlling those bad activity people, that is picked up by somebody else, as a tool to rip up your career and finances for money making purposes – their stupidities have achieved this by setting out Publicity that built up to the idea that each time they got paid money for anything, that money was directly or indirectly paid as a result of me being a hated character and these activities therefore making sense, the whole sordid stupidities growing into a form of self-fulfilling prophesy that they hung about with on media to rip up my financial recovery over public responsibility suggesting they were entitled to everything I did and had, as insultingly as possible. We are now talking about some case of having taught me lessons when none asked them a question about it, I mean they are not celebrities in my opinion as such and for the real celebrities, I do feel sorry for those that get caught up in the corrupt aspects of their chosen interests – like when somebody is unemployed and then had to wait for ages to get a phone call that will get them showing up at an entertainment project for a break. These idiots are manufactured by a handful of industry gits who are probably idle mafia, a venue is purchased, and equipment purchased, and they got to entertain a crowd, once they get paid between four or five times doing this, they became famous. I do not mind the insults and the way it continues getting worse naturally, they have been paying for the damage it does, like when those who enjoyed ripping up my studies to shove hoodlums into the academic system over my Public image because they loved the Country more than I did, had to get up and teach when 40 year old me became a college student, however none had paid in cash for the insults that flattens the finances at my Bookshop and social life yet, which is where we are heading next on the matter, that stupid career that comes from exams that had been passed after trashing mine, to run shops and supermarkets where they come up with publicity to suggest I am meant to shop there without showing up and a settlement is reached where I got to shop on line while I shopped there, to shop without showing up with my own money, will be the payment source, like I have warned them enough times so far about staying away from my Books and keeping their insults where it is appreciated, especially when none is asking them to make a stupid comment about my life. Currently the way it works is that the idiots want to be in league with the daddies but also want to cover their arse, so they had since set out my social life and personal space for it, while at the same time, as a writer, the social and personal life had to be quiet for 90% of the time, set out insults to suggest their stupidities were the important ones to make a mess of my career, get involved with it every time they saw me and build a community that got imagination up my bum to ensure I understood what would happen if I started thinking about being selfish – so the problem now is that I smelled and there was prospect of me getting attacked for it, which I believe will be the beginning of end for those stupid practical jokes, with respect to the part I had to play in the matter as well, otherwise it was possible for their gimmicks to have shown them as well that the communities built up to get imagination up peoples bottoms can exist without getting my face all the time, never mind the claim that I hated people getting in league with the daddies but wanted to maintain an arrangement with the armed services, while reality was more a matter of their stupidities making out that it was a persuasion to be on the side of criminals or law enforcement, showing up here with famous idiot’s sense of entitlement to invite themselves into my concerns and complain to Politicians every day, at the behest of which we were doing this because the famous gits invited themselves into my concerns to get involved with me after what they had done here, every day. It comes up with those stupid ideas that being on the side of Law enforcement and being on the side of criminals was a persuasion to create an us versus them mentality by which it can handle me without having to get to know me first, then complains all the time because I am trying to get some Books written, therefore feel frustrated, the part where it discusses my actions with Politicians over attitude issues being a case of Politicians that never stop following up their gimmicks by passing insults at me over it in Parliament. They do claim this is serious but none knows what my real views of these very dire matters were and it seems I handle it like I am performing some magic – it is not magic, it is the same problem as usual, where the Church will raise the point with the Politicians endlessly, while the Politicians will get off running a campaign on what they claim was the problem that religion created for the entire world, so these gits now think that these is enough Political capital for them to play with and we keep going back to this same situation every time; an example of the nature of the problem being that the Muslims who engage in these activities will have gotten off claiming that their religion was different and they were therefore exempt, while they were not.

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