This story comes up again and again, the sheer arrogance of people who think I can take them on, over and over but I wouldn’t know anyway; the reasons we are doing this is entirely because I cannot do a thing on my own schedule on account that the stupidities of media, Celebrities, culture and society gits had financial needs – their need for entitlement is so great that they fundamentally set about alongside their city centre idiots, recreating everything that would have happened if I wrote my Books and somebody else stole it to present to the world as another person’s creation, after the Books were published and placed on the Market environment – we know that if this ended up in the Law Courts, they would pay the compensation and show up at the other end with this big mouth literally but I am not doing law court because they talk too much, I want raw, rudimentary and very hurtful processes that will match my reputation and make sense of what will become of their abusive but obsessive interest in me, when it leads to outcomes in which they handed over all that allows them carry on without the smell issues, and will get it back over my dead body to say the least. We are just talking now because I wish to figure out if this process where a three year period was spent on building a Bookshop, while they ran off abusive practical jokes that were only amusing to their stupidities behind me and once the Bookshop was finished, the Public on account of the Bookshop was interested in something else, which set the stage for the media stupidities and a sense their dream that I would live in fear that their need for entitlement will extent to my income margins will have been realised – so they do say that the years in which I had done nothing about it was the encouragement for their actions because it showed there was nothing I could do and it is quite unprecedented; an indication it’s not possible to draw a line on it and move on, an indication that I need to make sense of their interest in me over the past 18 years, help to resolve what happened to my academic performance at University over it etc and reach a workable conclusion that will ensure they understood their disobedient place in society very well indeed as it were.

The rest of the time we hear that they were all insane and it was my fault and how this disputes what people say about the fact I can take them on, beats the imagination.

It has always been a thing with these annoying characters who think they are better than everybody else; when the Church meets in a setting that tended to suggest those who were in a meeting were better than everybody else, we do not feel it at all – when the Government does it is a statement being made about others getting involved to create conditions where somebody grabbed the job and they were found complaining about civil rights later on – when these idiots meet they pride themselves in being annoying characters that are out of other people’s league but have now found way to work the annoyance that they enjoy the most i.e. being annoying around my Bills and finances, the bank account now have a mind of its own, while their need to claim those who suggest I can take them on are arrogant gets out of hand and it will never listen unless something bad happened and it goes without saying when the fight begins, they will then wish that I did it the way that allowed them carry on with what mattered the most, which will never happen.

They boast about controlling my finances all the time and it’s a problem that can be easily managed if I set out deterrence processes and hit them until I got them off my case which I really do not wish to spend time on, if my energies were better directed at writing Books but we see how the claim they controlled my finances plays into the idea the years they had not gotten a response from me showed there was nothing I could do about them, gets to decide how this ended if we are counting years of nauseating financial complications that is causes and I must be a living breathing human being anticipating those years. They love those claims I am doing this now because I had support from the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; the time line is 2007 University studies was botched, 2009 I finished my first Book, 2012, years of Celebrity abuses to trash my finances and make me work for them had finally arrived at a stage where they knew it was futile, 2013, direct destruction of my Books had taken off which is criminal activity but we know that nobody has suffered for it yet as far, 2015 – 2016 and I got myself involved with private security industry where the whole thing got completely out of hand, 2017 to 2019, I spent time working on a Bookshop which came to a farce on account they had been playing practical jokes with it – this was the last straw. It does this all the time and claim that victims cannot take on its stupidities and that of its children; the prognosis is still a process where it does filthy things to get to top industry Offices and then there is competition and competition, whereby people do not want to share the consequences with its stupidities, while its children show up somewhere stuck between shop managers and customers, dealing with their smell issues by telling me how to exist and getting imagination up my bum which has now become my main preoccupation. I have never seen a thing like it, whereby the years I had done nothing about them indicated I was incapable of doing anything, providing their stupidities license to carry on. I do get told that I miss the point that this is all about money all of the time but I don’t; it has always been about money – they have a very unusual understanding of the existence of money, such things as people getting in touch with Public transport operatives who wreck your career pointing criminals towards where you live because you fell back on your rent and your landlord needed to have you punished etc, trashing my Bookshop to pick up service processes and set about building me publicity that says I should be protecting them while they sold sex and violence that I got involved with and are hoping to do for instance etc – all fabulous ideas about money that means that they got to make more of it and there is no part that allows the victims any sort of succour, solace or consolation – it makes sense of what becomes of instances where neo liberalists and the Labour Party spend tax payer funds wrecking my finances so they might fight for my civil rights and is not really something that gets people dropping out of University save when Celebrities were deciding how the victims such as myself ought to exist as well, so it does go without saying the idiots needed to stop handling me, otherwise it’s their big mouth wagging with the career abuse comments and distant violence.

I. Uno I

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