They do say that I am making some very vicious enemies for my part which I don’t understand anyway since they were only supposed to be a two part story of the punished and the republicans – the punished were the reasons for the worst sorts of abuses and the reasons those insults show up on media to run all day, the republicans existed to burn out those who did the right things, run down those who did the wrong things and invent the worst forms of abuses for those who did nothing. I do let it run to such an extent that it was possible to say a Multinational company existed and it casted a shadow on the world and they were affiliated to it in some way and that what is mine did not belong to them despite the effects of the insults and rumours that do not actually help them get the job done but what happens is that they then set about taking what belongs to me all of the time and they too about to stop taking what belongs to me as well.

They claim they feel disrespected by me and its utter nonsense – they are insane not disrespected; I mean I would say it needed to stop making comments on my social life and interfering with my Books and it would say such a statement had wrecked its social life and its public standing, also that it was in its interest to continue the behaviour that is preventing my audience from reading what I had written because it was trying to prevent the loss of a character that it could disrespect due to the fact that I was cash strapped. They do get very full of themselves, but the reality is that if I moved this on over a short period of time the outcome would be very painful for them indeed. It’s the old story of claims I was afraid of them while it’s a case of civil disobedience big brothers obsession with my nauseating financial complications which gimmick they have enjoyed for more than a decade now and needed to shut down, as there was no way the Police would know I harmed them if I did something as nefarious as putting a bad over their heads to beat them up and conceal facts that I did it at the same time, for instance. It would do this and at the same time month on month, year on year, goes home with the salary while I interfered with nothing the entire time and it’s insulting idiocy could rely on me not to do so.

So I am told that talking like this is explosive but it is, as I have never seen a thing as stupid as this; people who go into the City to seek their fortunes by having need of other people’s assets – which has now grown into a case of the understanding that if they had need of mine, I was not entitled to an ambient financial wellbeing as even that would have curtailed the proceeds of the disrespect that would be channelled towards me for their wellbeing on account that I was broke. They claim there is no way that I may get out of it while it has always been the two part problem where the people who love to exhibit themselves on my social life were the women and the gits who thought I ought to hand my career to more courageous people were the men. The former will do it and leave an opportunity for sex workers to get on my social life and provide people with pleasure, then make contact with me to dominate me for everything I did on a daily basis like they were my personal Gods, while the former will decide that I ought to spend my time with goons that had given up on life as insultingly as possible, claiming it is where I really belong while their ageist stupidities clung to my public image. The truth of it is that it’s all perception and does not make any sense whatsoever but the reasons I am unable to ignore it and carry on with my own concerns is that the Men were in control, the men were in charge; so it does eventually build up to the fact we had a problem and it needed to be solved, after I was unable to account for the way my time was spent over the past three years, as all I did to move on such matters simply meant others claimed my work as their career using a media presence. The biggest problem with this I must confess, has always been the Celebrities – the whole thing will make no sense whatsoever until a Celebrity spends money on those gimmicks that what I did with my Publisher is where their new fame was located and then my Bookshop would hit rock bottom financially. They claim they do this because there is rather nothing I could do about them while the reality is that if a Celebrity exhibits themselves on my social life and leaves it to sex workers, as long as I continued to deny that sex work affecting me was linked to that particular Celebrity, the problem will never go away – same as the need to pick up my daily concerns as a tool for facilitating market, of which none knows why they get involved with business if they feared the markets in the first place, as soon as I fear the prospect of a Celebrity suicide to disassociate a Celebrity from the way hoodlums and goons that had given up on life, take to the use of my personality, it will remain a problem that never got solved but we can see the reasons it becomes important in the sense that they push random violence towards me on the streets because I smell and in order to keep myself alive I must troll through the internet and pick up these nonsense to help me burn their stupid Celebrity culture as well. When they claim people like me talk the way we did and it suggested sex work made bad people, it really does show them off as a handful of wise arses from here; since we know that more often it’s the prostitutes that want to know what social morality in the Country we live in really was, the sex work which has nothing to do with me as well – same as those who have been harmed by people from Government buildings expressing their experience through pornography which involved me in some way, much the same as Celebrities claim that I deserve people exhibiting themselves on my social life and leaving it for sex workers because I don’t want people running me down to create market and therefore believe they should go hungry hence all my fault thereof, there is a question mark here since it is still the same process of pornography that had come as a result of people who had power and influence. It would have been easy to draw a line on the matter and move on but this will never happen if Celebrities continued to build crowd and encourage them to handle and deploy my Public work to build market and get rich, while doing sex work on my social life when I tried to prevent it or they felt I was nursing ideas of doing so – they would rather contrive that there is nothing I can do about their famous stupidities. It’s just an Arch Prince playing creative and running a Bookshop from a Hermitage, there is nothing to suggest I can only do so by performing an act of self-exhibitionism and I am pressed to pay the Bills properly in this place as soon as possible – just pointing out the source of their insulting complains.

I. Uno I

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