I am informed my work is substandard which it isn’t – I am a writer, I am simply not being viewed as one, so we had people making their own interpretations of a process where I wrote Books and picked up paid employment here and there. The remarkable part is that the characters responsible for this nonsense playing up practical jokes with peoples careers ceaselessly, had no reason to shower me with the abuses that helps it make use of my personal space which also trashes writers public image, were the same who complained the most that the fact I am in the same place I was 10 years ago, hurts their tummy, about which they had to build communities that got fingers up my bum all day. None knows what concerns them in such a personal way about the fact I am a writer, but I do also get told that I let it fly which I don’t as they do hurt themselves with it more than they did me. The process of explaining it the way I do in itself will either get a response from them that will get on my nerves further, whereby I gave away trade secrets and they were in a better position to make money from writing Books than I was, being that they were more important or it would add up that creative equities I broker with Clients was actually a process where I had given people permission to share or pick up my earnings at will, really loves to fool around at other peoples expense if it was certain its victims would not commit a crime over it. I do not think this a crisis either, I have warned them they were currently the only people who lived well in the neighbourhoods, had jobs and could step outside without worrying about smell issues, when I do get my hands on something they didn’t like and felt like being a narcissist myself, then will the story develop into a more positive one I suppose. The boasting is usually that I am said to have been the person that could handle their culture and society gimmicks comfortably but it is an old story that they exist for the sole purpose of building places that what I have worked for my entire life may go to vanish and when I move them out of my right hand they got back in there, so the part where I moved them out of it was the big joke. What they believed to be an upper hand was a state of affairs which I set out during the recession, whereby they had the energy to work for money at a time when crime would have become more incentivised and were making statements about my attitude towards their stupidities moving into my right hand having become the main problem – so I had to take up the problem from the point where they thought of what I did with my social life and public image and something valuable which if they handled with a street corner bully gimmick, would make them better off, so I performed the same attitude towards the culture and society as well, about which they had to get jobs for the money that was needed to dominate me, since then the fact they had money in their banks impeded my Bookshop, which added up to an annoying education on the way they created those neighbourhoods in which riots occurred all the time. My work is not substandard, just that people needed a place to read and this one is currently full of stupid distractions chiefly which is a bunch of idiots running me down on media, so that mentally ill society gits got to tell me what to do which drove me mad enough to carry out some violence, on account I cannot have enough of their stupidities fighting my wars due to a need they had to pick up my concerns for the purpose of winning battles without which their sense of development was stalled – the biggest source of distraction keeping Clients from engaging with Books in this place, is the need these fools and their Politicians had, to tell me how I ought to exist and at the end of it the idiots were keeping their jobs it should be noted, hence we suppose something was considered with a sense of importance after all.

We listen to those gimmicks that they needed freedom of speech endlessly. What we know to be the truth is that if a group of people hung about a street corner having arguments about things they did not understand and somebody who knew what they were talking about could see one person was right on some issues and another was right on other issues, the person who knew it all would not even care neither would the authorities think they did not have the right to argue. So, there is freedom of speech on every aspect of talk in this Country, the one that they are fighting for, is linked to a need they had to get up on media and do wicked things to people all day long using a Media presence. They claim if there was no freedom of people, they would be the ones fighting for it and so everybody else had to be grateful in advance for issues associated with getting into an argument with Politicians who are likely to say something that scares you off when they had enough and it is usually very tough dealing with instances where they knew you were wrong and wanted to show it. the wicked things they do with publicity being a life changing fight with people that can speak properly because those were a threat to their jobs, as they have done me – a life changing fight with people who engage in their own civil matters like they have done me on claims that at the back of my mind, I thought I was entitled to assistance from them – a life changing fight for me when I campaigned for family life and came across some female journalists who thought I could assist them with what I was doing with myself, crashed my University studies and career choosing friends for me and their female colleagues – now they are engaged in a business of trashing my finances on a 24 hour rota, alongside a gobbledegook friendship from local hoodlums who spend my career to make their lives easier every day, will not pay for a Book and will not stop playing with me, talking rubbish about being a threat whereas we were all aware of people feeding them class A drugs and shooting the stupid minds when it is messed up well enough. Their case with me being that I had duties pertaining to armed services and it applies here in terms of their need to get after the public and social lives of people who are deployed on active service, the need to make me understand what they want was the same as the need to trash my Bookshop and use the best part to make their stupid lives easier, needs to play with something else or pay for it. Overall they were part of those gimmicks where idiots with money try to get new businesses working for them to make them richer and when failed come up with torture to get victims building up a business through think and thin, once finished, they shgow up with an offer to buy off their victims – in my case currently creative equity broker with companies meant I had given permission for people to grab my earnings, what they stole from me did not exist and companies did not have to follow process to access my assets – some had decided to go off and fight their wars, I am now said to have delayed the response for my part whilst we are only just coming round to the part where it was their turn to fight peoples battles as well because they will not stop handling my finances.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland