They do claim I have solved my problems by tackling other people which is utter rubbish – I have written a Book and should get out there to talk with the public and get it into their possession; what has happened instead is fame idiots turning up here to convert an intellectual property administration which works with Clients through property and creative equity, into something I was forced to do about the filthy aspects of their show business lifestyle and then there were the other scumbags who never paid for what they used and relied on exasperating me for secrets while telling lies, having arrived at a stage where they claimed it was punishment for the fact I played a part in a system of oppression. It could keep the show business money and its salary by giving my Bookshop a break or it could take it down to the tit for tart wrath lifestyle for all that is done in my direction. The question raised by most baffled people goes from the idea that I acted as if I had done something wrong and deserved the punishment which I don’t think I do, as in my part in the matter was the downside of picking up residence in a bad neighbourhood where I may avail myself to facts in my Books and the neighbourhood was full of thieves and robbers who were looking for a media presence their entire lives to grab peoples fame and earnings without getting into trouble with the Police, their part was to build the media presence for the criminals and robbers and threaten me on account they were important every time their stupidities were affected by it as well. It is also said I have never been clear on the reasons that I have been affected by it either which I have not as such, it’s a matter of the insults – I was a kind of person that would be very profitable if tackled with those insolent poor getting poorer, rich getting richer, need to run down men that are weaker than the boyfriends of stupid bimbos but I got a Royal Commission and it simply went global but has not yet developed into a question of whether or not their stupidities want to leave me alone yet, talking rubbish about backup from their fathers the entire time, especially the blacks. They do claim its not clear why I think I can take on the Celebrities which I can, as they are simply low lives to make money assisting gits that get their hands on wealth building systems and created themselves a sales army for it, therefore needed to deploy their new found wealth to make hell to live in for other people; it is the point where it realises it is always a low life no matter how much money it had, which causes the need to handle and bully me and we all know from my history, what would make the most sense for me to do with it too as it were. The Politicians on the other hand play their game and make a mess of my career without meeting me, now in a position where they can blame me for the consequences of the mess these idiots make of government without meeting me as well, when I do respond to it, I will end up doing some bad things that I will get away with too as it were.

They claim these matters showed I had no respect for other people’s successes but it is utter nonsense mostly – what happens is that there would be four persons in a boardroom – January to March Mr A will be entitled to that Years profitable dividend, Mr B will have April to June, Mr C will have July to September, it does not mean that they are profitable at the Office, they are not willing to employ me if they wanted new talents, they will not buy my Books and if they got involved with my Business as a whole, will never do anything by the rules and always look to showering me with insults, putting labels on me and running off with my PR, which is a self-resolving problem as long as I did not respond to it, I have been forced to respond by Celebrities over a period of 20 years with the patriarchy insults of their stupid societies and parents running on the background to push off things they believe I would have said to stop them at me every day. So it now probably wants to keep the money and avoid statements, comments, gestures and insults which get it involved with my Bookshop patent margins, my PR and my earnings and therefore Client interest, alternatively make its stupid comments about its own career otherwise it clearly wants to risk the question of whether their stupidities wanted to cease handling me or not.

They do claim the main problem to be that I am a coward that cannot fight his own wars but we have since come to a head on those insults, the point clearly being that of the question on who was going about fighting my wars to show up here and ensure the more security was provided was the more trouble people got into, they claim they had their reasons, I too have shown I cannot have enough of seeing them do more fighting too as it were.

I. Uno I

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