When they claim I am some beeline libra whose purpose people found difficult to ascertain, as I was unlikely to get into a fight and people could rely on me for all sort of nonsense – the disruption which this causes is usually quite incredible, so I have at this stage been forced to declare the two parts of the core problem, one being that I am cash strapped because once I established partnership with Clients they borrowed it to make their own money abusively and built a crowd that will copy and reward them, which I want returned, especially with respect to the famous – the other being that the so called fighting was a process of stagnating my career and finances with relentless lasciviousness that played into their interest in my personal space, allowing their antisocial behaviour and criminal idiots who do whatever they liked to an extent where the abuses to determine how I behaved towards my possessions when people wanted it.

The state of affairs is that they have already done mine and I am paying the price for my response i.e. arranging music tracks in a certain way that made the most of a personality people can handle to get rich fast, made a complete mess of what I needed to do to organise myself and pursue my daily concerns, this then gave way to hoodlums calling me out for a fight randomly on the streets and followed me into University to get me dropping out, while the lecturers got in on the act, the more they discovered what I was doing with my studies and career, as a matter of these abusive activities – my responses have been to attack the society gits and so having beaten them down as well they will never stop berating me everyday while the famous idiots now needed to stay out of it. They have not stayed out of it naturally, so we are now doing the one where another gimmick that causes the disruption which the one mentioned in the previous paragraph is capable of, be it of the same type or not, will cause me to take up their case where women had the career wrecked, while I became the one with a damaged Bookshop getting in a way of the manner in which women were expected to grovel and sell sex to secure their supplied and businesses because sex workers were helping them make the most of careers peoples started but had not finished, pillaging my Bookshop because I scaled back the finances to work applicable matters of National currency liability and they forgot their own vulnerability to crime and gang violence to take advantage of this and befriend every wealthy person I had offended by going around to Industry backyards to take back my career – first time round that the idiots organised their careers in such ways, the main thing was to pick up incentives from my Bookshop, trash it keep the incentives in their media establishments to secure advertisement opportunities and it went without a response because I was more concerned with University studies at the time – so another disruption will see me take up the fact they were men and this sort of nonsense meant that everybody was struggling with a challenge they created and will make my own mark on their stupid lives with it too.

I am told I usually omit the governmental and royal aspects of this matter which I don’t when I can; the government part was that public enforcement operatives always prioritised the social view point of women, while they always had a bunch of gold diggers backed up by big gangs that will attack people who did not share an income. So when it decided my personality was to help people get rich fast, I would think it was never going to get worse but it does when they begin to attack the Police on my account. The Royal part will mainly involve the Prince of Wales who was the Prince that gave credence to the needs of Celebrities, whereby I get told that I could easily spend the rest of my life fighting like this everyday which is never likely to happen as it has nothing to do with me, just the part where the work I have done should have built me a very good public profile but on finishing it I am now looking back at vanished finances because the Prince of Wales had struck again. To which effect I must now accept that he wants other government operatives to assure the narcissists that Government can be relied upon to pay attention, therefore doing everything he wants. The Celebrities do love to follow on those gimmicks that I am disrespectful naturally but it was difficult to make sense of people with greater social class operating on a social class below mine, while I was disrespectful of their stupidities and an involvement with ageist goons who had industry on their minds because somebody’s child attended University and they suddenly realised there were things they could do to prevent their finances falling through, society gits building community that gets imagination up peoples bums and of course their criminal and antisocial behaviour friends with an interest in peoples personal spaces whose previous victims took advantage of any new target that they had acquired. I believe I have made it simple enough for them, to cease all activities that interfere via taking advantage of instances where I scaled back my finances for specific work, with a process of clients looking around at the Bookshop and my royal public image, usually stupid enough to start but cannot stop by themselves; likely to produce outcomes where I pick up charity work or some for of philanthropy which involved an interest in their big Celebrity Homes before it stopped borrowing partnership I build with Clients to make its own money and crash my Bookshop thereof.

It is the residual problem most of the time; they claim it is easy for me to tackle the not so wealthy while the stinking rich got away with it, never mind the fact I was afraid of losing everything because I was afraid of the public. Firstly which I am not afraid of the public just that in my position I can make sense of what they were going through if I have spent 8 years moving Celebrities off partnership I have built with my Clients and none can tell exactly what stage an interest in my personal business reached such an extent in the first place, spent another 4 after building an environment for Book reading at my shop just getting them to stop interfering with Clients having a look and interfering with my public life, the entire time none pays the bills with Celebrities boasting about an ability to sort out my finances in a blink of an eye whilst we cannot reach an arrangement on when they were going to start paying for what they used in this place. So they are not assisting the public at all, just the part where they got to fight my wars and defeat my enemies to entitle themselves to anything I did but could not do a thing about the society gits who now lived in a world where none got to tell them of the Royal Hermit whose battles they were fighting because they were everybody’s fathers, each time they wanted to galvanise younger people into doing violent things for them, it’s the business of getting on media to shoot off the big mouth at me and lip flap the prospects of teaching me what respect was instead but will never stop making a mess. The wealthy on the other hand were an issue of a different kind; their own was a matter of Royalty, Politicians and their wealth, such that their wealth ran the world and it will pick up my disposition concerning ageist idiots who took up a footing at the jobs market before I was born and that of popularity gits who loved to tackle any that had a career they envied with office space insults that their parents showed them as a method of getting by, once it makes a complete mess and builds world war three, it will sign off the claim that its money ruled the world and will not rule the world anymore – so I since decided to get women playing the Arch Prince’ s wife who played with them all the time because they never stopped attacking people with their money and got them spending money on wealth equity products, now caught up with sugar babies who attack me from all corners to help them preserve their family fortunes, hence we understood each other well (again the role that famous idiots have played here was to set me out as a character people attacked to befriend them and share their wealth, leaving it for gold diggers who showed up here to dig and run me down every day with dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism, then complain about not being able to make sense of the point where I started attacking them as well, considering that at some stage when best practice was to do this and build a crowd behind you, somebody had to face the public and tell people the best way to sort out finances was through the jobs market). I do get asked if I could make sense of the reasons wealthy people did these sorts of things but it is an old story where if we were looking at the same economy generally, celebrities would get money off people for these practical jokes that helped people devise a way to force the public into so called market honesty that served as a platform for private sector to develop their own tax system through their sales armies, whilst those who had wealth range knew they had to think about their earnings in the long term and always had a means to recover any lost wealth – problem here being that there is also only one Arch Prince of the United Kingdom in the whole world and I would like my finances to be free of their gimmicks when I had not yet entered into a social disposition whereby I had nothing to lose and they were my target. The Royalty part was that most of the mess was being made by the Prince of Wales who never got along with his father for obvious reasons and we know most things are now being undone right up to the smallest, such as narcissism targeting people right down to peoples diet, at which stage HRH had not worked it out, hence he could conveniently acknowledge that he was not the Monarch but the part whereby even if he suggested his interest in the Celebrities served the same purpose as those instances where the Queen had people that the Monarch did not wish to do business with and the rest of us got to follow suit, being an illegitimate disposition, never informed HRH that he was not the Monarch. We know at this stage that his friends are now the right-hand men of all the business owners in the land literally and had also begun their attack on the poor through industrial modernisation and mechanisation, making people work harder to raise funds for the purchase of machines that will replace them, hence he was looking increasingly unsuitable for the role of Monarch. The Celebrities will likely join the secret services and fight the communists on my account but the Media and society gits on the other hand only always were able to make sense of localised conflicts with the gangs and criminals – again, I have made it simple enough of them; interference with Royal public image of an Arch Prince whose Office places a limit on the violent orthodoxy they complained of endlessly but never stopped using on others and the Hermit that is separated from the world to serve the interest of Church and State, will no longer be tolerated, I too need get the bills paid if the reasons for making so much trouble was the fact that they were keeping their salaries.

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