I have recently obtained feedback that I was in the correct disposition to be the person defending the west from Russians and Communists – could never understand then if so, that I could end up in such a disposition at any time, what the 20 year career mess which would have ensured that I was never in a good enough health and mental wellbeing to, was all about. So what we really have here is a process where running my life with the social activities of criminals ought to give way to an understanding that it has been done from a total and complete mess of the work that I did with private security industry using rogue landlords and corrupt security twats that protected famous fools, hence a perspective of what the problem really is, if I have faced the career and financial complication of two decades because women were out of my league – the reasons that people will complain about me again because I clearly have had in mind the people who should be torn up by criminals so that those who break the law might be caught and put away, the public leaders who ought to be attacked by quasi criminals and other threats to the public that we might want to highlight and the reasons that anything I did about communists should be exponentially expensive for Washington.

It is always so disrespectful of these idiots every day and I cannot spend a moment in my own home without feeling sore in the bottom because they had male society at their disposal, the people who must suffer whilst I did anything about communists, so that the UK may operate normally.

The feedback coming through is that I have this social disposition in which every direction I turned saw me get into trouble and people having to wade something difficult, not really the case, just the way it looks on the ground, since it is a function of the fact that public policy continues to be made consistently in a direction which shows the government cannot have enough of instances where somebody got torn up, so that it might be obvious that a goon was a criminal that had to be put away by the Law – the Politicians themselves, although their actions were unbearably abusive and insulting everyday, do not wish to end up in the same position naturally, so we have this problem in my case where it torn down University pursuits during which time it did not pay the fees and it tearing up work environment/bookshop activity at this stage whilst it is not paying any of the bills, to express what I have started above about the reasons that they should be the people getting torn up so that the existence of criminal activity might be highlighted. The main reason I end up looking like I got caught up in trouble every direction I turned is that these gits decided that security services fraternised with me and were getting better and better at their work but people in Government buildings wanted certainty of power, that those in government were the ones being served, the Washington bits have built up into a global stage crisis where I am now being told that since America is now the only enemy that communists faced, whilst the rest of us were paying for the international community gimmicks in terms of the fact that the global economy crashed in 2008 but Washington stifled other peoples economies because it did not feel that it controlled the entire world, such that we have not had it figured out in 2023, the consequences being such that if I had a child at the time that the global economy had crashed, my child will be 15 years old, within the next three years, would be sitting for their GCSEs which is the most important examination in any persons life, because they wanted a certainty of power and we had our own British pricks as well, their language, communication and involvement with peoples affairs have no meaning and are always disrespectfully abusive. The crux of me being a character that gets into trouble however, was rather to do with a need these idiots had, to cling to my public image and career publicity, whilst enlisting some criminal twats to read my birth sign, as everybody wanted to stand up for themselves the way that I did, so that they spent it and created new problems for me, that will get me standing up for myself so others may copy and spend it on themselves all of the time – the Celebrity part will be the part where some people have been so annoying, there will come a time that they got to show from what authority exactly they wanted to decide what became of other peoples daily affairs the way that they expressed intentions to. So what we have is a fall out of people standing up for themselves the way that I did and from it a group of idiots that wanted to attack me with my own strengths, not me getting into trouble every direction that I turned although that is the way that other people were affected – even so we know that it has been suggested at the Monarchy, by a bunch of idiots who were doing something to be real men in it, that these gits have been fighting communists on my behalf because I am too much of a coward to do it myself, finished off with me being inundated every day with Muslim and Asian criminal twats that show up here passing insults at me that will suggest their stupidities had become real Men, the exit of which I continued to leave open that it would help they tried to get out of a condition where they complained on my account, by keeping the comments to their careers and staying away from my Books – as for their minders at the Monarchy, it seems that when the gimmick did not meet up with the one from Washington so that we got to handle both at the same time, their stupidities will put themselves in charge of anything will did about the problem they were building up and we would end up with the same problem all over again – state of affairs being the same that whilst some twats were being real men at the Monarchy, reality was more that each time the Police could say that the victim of a crime played little part in the crime for which they suffered, I for my part contended with the way that idiots who were standing up for themselves the way I did, chasing royal hospitality to deal with consequences of personal decisions, were signing up to security services in a condition where fighting communists on my behalf happens because I am too much a coward to do it myself, such a victim would be a woman. The question thus arises as to reasons we always end up with this problem and the way it appears that the West was in peril; same old reality, where it would have been problematic to believe everything that the system said about me but it was still the most effective source of information for those who wanted to know anything about me either way, what is now the most effective source of information about me for these idiots was something said by a bunch of criminal fools that wanted to fight law enforcement on my behalf because they tackled me and had to remember me for a very long time – it used to be a certified idiot literally fighting women at the market place or basically just doing it for social privileges but now it is an informant for the government on what I have been up to and had means to try and add evil activities to its repertoire, to which effect it seems that asking me the fucking questions really made sense to say the least. Communications, communications they say is what we are listening to, nothing the idiots ever said made sense and people had to stoop so law to put the stupidities into a scenario that human beings can make sense of.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland