So I am told that I never acknowledge what my bad experiences have shown of what others can do and why I need to see them as equals or more important people than I am but it is utter nonsense as they will also deny that it sounds incredibly stupid if I thought that dealing with bad sales performances at my Bookshop because they were making the most of a period I spent on an assumption that ignoring them solved the problems they were creating for me, was their foolish ego looking for trouble – they would say that describing their stupidities as foolish would get me into trouble with a big mouth. However here it is and it is the sole source of me having to deal with financial complications because they expect me to live in fear that their sense of entitlement will entitle itself to my income which they did set about doing with the help of another group of twats that first claimed the media job was their dream job and bad things would happen if they lost it – spending time that others were paying for, to build a stupid media presence for it, that they ran me down all day by. So it’s pretty much the usual story; society people do what they do because they think you can only fight back to an extent and then they will take revenge and the story would be concluded, they do what they do because they think that they can always ensure that those who resisted them ended up with too much enemies than what they could handle – it needs to stop handling my Public image and Bookshop, making stupid statements over my concerns that stifle public interest in what I am doing, there are been no major bad experiences here.

They do claim that they still had the upper hand and this is why it is so incredibly annoying; apart from what I have described above the so called upper hand is the question of the fact none know why the Americans do it – they have just taken up Books I had written on the matter, made a complete mess of it and the associated writing career and then set about persecuting me over a 7 year period due to the fact the problem got worse and they wanted me solving it while they supervised, the entire time of which I have put so much effort into keeping the Books at the market while market success had stalled by their hands as well. Of all the idiots that make a mess of neighbourhoods, that serve as a thorn in the side of law enforcement, it had to be the civil disobedience bottom chasing twats and they had decided they wanted to wreck the Books I wrote to resolve the matter while tackling me to fix it because it was the way to ensure that I was serving customers while America got to supervise; we don’t know why they do it, we know it is getting worse.

So on the matter of money issues it was still the old case of how fast and hard I worked on the business of setting out a deterrence for these activities, the bragging we cannot be free of which is all good, save if I decided to cramp 6 years deterrence into three week period, we will find them in hospital beds or worse but then again it is an old story of how they achieved this nonsense by going off to offer the Queen prerogatives through National service, which will serve a double edged sward, such that I didn’t get protection from the Queen and they were able to handle me with a big mouth and there is talk of a character who cannot do anything about those who bother him talking tough when they get accustomed to it like so. We all know that they have no reasons or justification for everything that has come off their stupidities dismantling all which tended to suggest other people’s careers do not belong to them but there is really nothing here for me to do about it save if they interfere with my Bookshop because they took those stupidities on lessons I had learned too far; I have a feeling it will be their undoing. The old story of the way I am caught up with black idiots who know me well, talking nonsense about ordering my steps and telling me what to do, most of whom have their own criminal records behind them and cannot allow a moments peace over their gimmicks, while selling my sex and violence to create market success, the way it works in terms of their white boys’ neighbourhoods being left free of the consequences of problems they create for wider society. So, it was always an old story of how some people would decide the law was a certain thing and the effects of going against it existed and they had decided I had a personality that could be used to free them from consequences of not going along with it. Normal people would think that this is likely to be my next target, normal people would think I had issued a warning and the idiots needed to stop deciding daily agendas for my Bookshop, then show up here to pretend it was mandatory that everybody tolerated the idea that they had to have popular culture, and everybody tolerated the idea that people had to tolerate their popular culture.

So, they do claim they felt tied up with my concerns as well, but I do not tie them down around here, it is their stupid ego, and the idea others should live in fear that their sense of entitlement will entitle them to people’s careers, incomes, and market success. It is an old story that complicates the problems and asks it a question of Politics and not a question of their personal and social immorality; of the fact people must decide how they wanted to live with the people around them and the fact committing crimes makes it more difficult – the tale of society, media, and the national front. They tell those stories that they were not gold diggers endlessly, but we can see that they shared a common goal with gold diggers, the single differentiation being that they had found a way to set their victims in a position where they thought how they behaved towards the victims was not decided by the Law. So to recap, we are talking about this because they said I had failed to acknowledge that I needed to stop describing them as stupid people no matter what and that the bad experiences I have had because of them have shown that they were either equals or more important; so I had to explain its all their stupidities showing up here to look for benefits of a history where I pretended that ignoring them solved this problem, making the most of the fact I am not good at looking for trouble even though I find myself successful whenever I wished to push back, to take the bottom chasing and tummy churning insults to a whole new level and these insults are the reasons their involvement with people’s concerns generally meant that the careers, finances and personal lives of their victims stalled, while they turned out to pretend such persons didn’t really have the right to be unhappy about it and if people were it didn’t matter. Leaving me with conclusion that the assumption continued to prevail, that the bloody idiots were entitled to Celebrity culture, which of course is an equally unworkable position on my part and does not have to be, if I no longer see effects of stupidities they would not have worked on their careers and finances showing up on my Bookshop account Books every day. I mean my position that they are not entitled to celebrity culture is unworkable in terms of decisions that people in authority made; generally, I don’t pay attention to these gimmicks but I now have to because their interest in me had gotten so bad that the abusive behaviour affected my bank balance directly and they do claim their problem was that I am a disgrace which is an old story behind my so called unworkable position that thought they were not entitled to Celebrity culture as well, since we know they were happy to get in league with criminals in order to access and enjoy my lifestyle, even though they got in league with criminals to make such statements, wrecking every aspects of the best work I have done for my career, thus if they had good intentions, their stupidities made it counterproductive and none asked them as question about their input in my concerns to begin with. I do not think the matter is a crisis; they do claim they are not gold diggers apparently, but it is becoming more difficult to accept such claims.

They do suggest it is to do with the fact that I got punished at the Monarchy, but I never was, they simply love to play up some bad activities I have been caught up with, to get a response from the Queen, which they can pass off as punishment, which is how they got to perform national service that ensured they got to handle me, and I never got protection from the Queen while they did. I don’t consider it a crisis at all, we know they are good at organising the young people for abuses, insults and popularity culture that will propel them to the top end of industry, after which those whose lived they wrecked would decide how they got there must catch up with them and we find their silly children and socialites on the streets deciding how I should exist, which wrecks University studies and leaves them to claim they were important people at my expense – so on the part where it was meant to serve public instability, it does not actually serve such a purpose at all. We know it is the consequences of their personal and social immorality that gets them running away from something to trash people’s lives, so as to live theirs and we also know sometimes it works the other way to get them on hospital beds or worse – yet if I performed some magic to ensure they didn’t have to worry about gangs and criminals while they wrecked people’s lives to get paid for being popular, it would not have been enough until I had died for it, as stupidly as possible.

The fact as many are aware is that I am not the one that got punished at the Monarchy – most of these activities are a consequence of the achievements of the Duke of Cambridge who decided he was going to make himself the Daddies Prince and I did point out the way it affected me generally meant that it was not right that I had any respect for him as well and now he has abandoned his entire family for it too. I do get told it has put pressure on me, but it has not; their revenge for the Prince’s abdication has done all that and uses the very reasons he had left his office for it too i.e. I am usually aware of these matters but seldom feel that there was a need to respond, now I have to respond and then the media gets to look like they were very good at looking for trouble, building one version of me that will consume the real me and it goes on and round in circles making civil and criminal disobedience more profitable than it had ever been – hence it made sense to get into a position that allowed me make as much trouble for them as possible. The Americans always claim that it is not the first time I had completely wrecked a relationship between an American and a member of the British Royal family, but the first-time round was the American who got into a relationship with the daughter of the Duke of York and started off working with Richard Branson of Virgin Media where he was decided to marry the Office of an Arch Prince instead of a Prince and never married both. It’s much the same thing we see concerning my Books which have criticised US foreign Policy in the Middle East especially – they claim I have finally come round at great cost but we know they are in no position to talk about costs; while I was never involved but they soon decided my person and public image would get people cleaned up after the wars, fooling around with some of the most perverted media gits they could find and then it eventually came to that stage where it was bad enough to make sense of the way society here works and the way that people would flee war zones into it and it got bad enough for it to be protected – since then they had taken this to a whole new stage where they made a complete mess of the Books I had written to do so and have been persecuting me for the last 8 years making sense of the ways they wants to make laws that allows characters who were a thorn in the side of law enforcement feel more comfortable and yet it talks about costs, while the question is that of the best administrative process if we had injured service personnel on one hand and a git that was wrecking people’s lives to sell sex and violence as the means for achieving market success on the other. At the same time we now know of the reasons security operatives always go above and beyond in their duties; the realities whereby I would have had a company give me a job on one hand while I had to grapple with characters that were out to handle me for their money’s worth on the other – these idiots will have decided they had no plans to work for their money and I was open to the best work I had done for my career and any talents I had being pillaged by their media and celebrity culture to pay them for being popular; so the question is clearly that of cost, when they have wrecked Books I wrote on the matter and set about altering my quality of life in the last 8 years or so because they thought I needed to solve the problem or help solve the problem, the entire time of which the Books are still items for people to purchase and read at the markets as we speak and we have no idea based on what they work to protect these days, what civil/security adjudication means to them.

So, I am told that nothing I said improved the situation which it does not because the Problem is not whether people wrecked my Books and hung about over the last decade changing my quality of life to make me do something on the problems, I resolved by writing it, the entire time of which they work out ways to protect characters that are a thorn in the side of law enforcement. The problem is that these gits always seek out some immoral activity they can pursue until there was death on their doorsteps, then come up with a way to ensure the crowds that are built to help them wreck people’s lives and get paid for being popular, were deployed to ensure others got swallowed by it and we are not talking about victims returning to this world alive either, which happens because they are evil. The fact I put most of their activities here on Public places such as these, ensure that I did not have to deal with the issues twice, the outcome is that they end up claiming they needed my Office and position to restore their personal and social lives, which is about to develop into an outcome where their neighbourhoods and families got feedback of the stupidities I had to put up with endlessly.

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