The announcement that is most commonly sought after recently, has been one which declares that I am beaten down and finished, in a complicated situation from which I will never recover I could never make sense of it anyway; there is no complicated situation, just a bunch of idiots with a media presence and a sense they were famous, building their own context for my public work to deploy it and serve their own purposes, through which process they crash my finances and pick up my income margins which I have been fighting for 8 years running like so every day. The Men claim they won battles I am too much of a coward or too small to deal with, the women were simply feminists. The scenario eventually is one in which their abuses and insults gets to play a part in an environment where organised criminals possessed enough finances for social evolvement, their problem is the history they have created suggesting these were nice people who were willing to make money and buy show business while I was a low life pursuing them because they handled my earnings to make their stupid selves comfortable, pushing the matter until I dropped out of University when the first great problem associated with it occurred that is, people were therefore ignorant of cultural matters, to which effect they partied endlessly, I knew what to do with it but since I was at University at the time, I dropped out and became a bum. So this is the sort of achievements that Media and Celebrity were incredibly good at = the organised criminals following me around until my academic pursuits were trashed, was never a red flag, their civil rights continued providing them means and entitlement to handle me, then hang about in public places boasting of everything that was a product of the fact they are not currently my main preoccupation, therefore have been running their course. It does love the blabbing and especially the part where it gets to proclaim that it does not have to do anything to help me arrive at a disposition that will allow me to become financially successful, but I think that we have also now arrived at a point where the fun and games should be finished or I will finish it badly. I mean the only way that it could be said they were spending money on products were employers were selling and that I did not own the companies that employed me and therefore I could stand up for myself when they attacked my employers or employers interests because of me, would be the sensibility that had emerged if I was somehow involved with every person that had ever sold them a thing since history began it is its money alright but it needs to stop attacking my employers, making a mess of my social life and picking up my income margins, needs make the comments about its career and select a Book when it shows up around mine. Failure to do this will produce an outcome where I channel all my efforts towards the destruction of media and celebrity finances until I pulled it off chief of my grievances is that they continued to pick up my public work and give it their own context, continued to send out their stupid girls to assist me with it and keep some for themselves, continued to breach my patents so disrespectfully that if it had created a market position and a banner that was assigned to me, from which I was providing a a service, they would regularly take out the income margins with media insult, especially on the radio waves, to make their own money and boost their own incomes. I have been informed the problem was deeper and I needed to press further, I am aware of this but it does not think I will stop it badly naturally, the issues associated with its gimmicks are the things I am set to work in the public sphere and then ask it to test me picking up my income with a stupid media and celebrity job again as it were. I mean at this stage I am being followed around by organised criminals and people were wondering how I got caught up with them, when I made statements about the way they thought what I did with Celebrities and public figures added up to a skill that was better used to clean up laundered money: the insults where they were cultural disobedience idiots having since picked up what I did at private security industry to create social conditions that made the work of public enforcement officers many times as complicated, it claims its need was more to do with a process of telling me what to do after a few years working private security industry where I go out and do it and then get into more trouble because I did something that somebody of their stupid size and not mine should be doing the insults where I am a low life that seemed to have won battles that guardians like them could not and none knows what they were guarding anyway, running me down everyday and eventually arrived at the stage where it was in league with organised criminals who had to fight for their house after time at work was used to abuse and run me down all day, considering I rented space from one of their twats, it then takes advantage of this after making a complete mess of all the things I did to keep culture and society gits away from my career and finances, to build restaurants, leisure venues and places of entertainment, derived from my personal life because it had to eat and rest once its foolishness was completed. So these are the matters I now want to work in public, to ensure it understands I have had enough of its stupid interest in my health and finances, I mean I have been informed it took too long but I think this is the right time, to cease working it in secrecy. It now needs to push, push, make comments about its career and stave off my income margins or I will take the effects and consequences of its gimmicks to the next stage. The other point raised is whether I am aware of Russian interference in these matters but I am it is a story of the great Russian interference that never stops; areas of ideological neutrality always had a story to tell of it as much as they had a story to tell of Washington showing up to push matters into direct conflict, then leave people hanging. It is a part of the world where there is always the sex and violence issues, reason being where resources that maintain employment structures can be sources from areas of any ideology but when we have these sorts of outcomes where half an investment fund was spent on flour from Russia and the other spent on Dairy from the USA, to make Cake in a factory that employs 2000 but something needlessly happens to ensure the cost of dairy had doubled, the back stock of flour really does stand out as testament to the wickedness that we spend a lot of time performing at Public offices these days. That said, am I aware Russia wants to control sex and violence? We know they always do and we know they never stopped complaining, just as much as Washington and its intervention showed that Ukraine was form instance better off in the EU where it could be part of a community that did not recognise both Russian interference and America intervention that was testament to the fact it seemed Washington only got things done by buying products from organised criminals and conducting economic abuses on others, one controlling sex and violence, the other pushing it into direct conflict. We have not even started talking about the China part in the matter which was largely created by the Americans trashing the worlds economy and then getting off on years and years of gimmicks where they did not have responsibility for most of the required action which was meant to build up to recovery what we have had instead is the idea that Russian interests finding its way into areas of desperation was the real evil we were talking about, whilst the Chinese were made to learn western secrets that will ensure their super power economy status was not decided by their social structure and nature of economy and now we find that we cannot get on because Washington was peddling war for it as well. I do get told when I speak of it so clearly, it plays into the hands of the popularity idiots and yes it does, it never stops until it really does and I think in this case it will lay off my career and earnings as a function of exactly where it stopped picking up my public work and my income margins, its stupid women doing the same to hang about on media making sense of what they claim was evidence I was done for 8 years I have been fighting for my income margins because they had the stupid media, celebrity and fashion careers, I think that we have arrived now at the beginning of the end. Mostly however I do not consider the matter a crisis as a whole, it is a product of the fact we have spent so much time conversing with evolved organised criminals now I want to go public on this matter because the famous fools and their media never stopped picking up the public work to give it context while claiming the criminals were nice people and I am a low life and picking up my income margins, I think I am now likely to recover my finances by working all of it, all the way down to the part where they fight my wars attacking Russians for me, seems it is about to stop the way I want and badly too.

We are only just going back to 2011, when these matters were self-resolving, considering that any physical process where one Country takes up a position of dominance could be the demise of us all the time between then and 2022, completely wasted: The role of Media and Celebrity being that of instances where I rented spaces from organised criminals, providing a platform upon which to run me down and order my steps, once the criminal were done making a mess of my personal life, social life, their girls assisting me with my public image and their famous gits building contexts for my public work to conduct own concerns, arriving at a stage where I was not a safe place for my audiences and Clients - when they claimed they hated my Books, a busy body twat will suggest the disposition was understood by most but to what extent they understood it was never mentioned. They claim I am unhappy with everything around me which is utter nonsense as reality is more that nothing was heard of the times that I could only make the work I did with famous people and public figure profitable by keeping it exclusive and they decided on a mini war by which they would become my fathers and will remove other people who currently held offices of creativity, management and ownership at the entertainment industry to do so, we have simply arrived at the stage where I believed I could only deal with their organised crime backgrounds and what their famous idiots and stupid feminists did with it, by building a publicly displayed platform through which all interests in me will be displayed for all to see. Same as being told my work had an effect in the middle east but the middle east was the point of greatest impact for what did, hence it is not clear if this need to build communities that abused me and got imagination around my private parts while telling lies of it, so none could stop them doing it and they could use it to trash my career and finances, was a way to say I was a character that was party to a process of killing people while pretending I never did, if not, then it is a display of their extreme wickedness, measured especially in terms of the way it was born out of a business of having seen me with a bright future ahead pursuing something with a sense of urgency and understood in terms of the way that I rent a space from their stupidities and they rented some to quasi criminals and hoodlums next door, to ensure an idiot always shared a personal space from which I worked with public figures and Celebrity but if it will not stop picking up my earnings or issuing threats when done with its extreme sexual context insults, I will stop its gimmicks very badly, I am not unhappy about everything around me as claimed.

I. Uno I

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