I am told the cause of all my problems are that I had fallen from grace and lost all I had at the Monarchy which is not the case even if that were to be the case, the main problem is still activities perpetrated by a society idiot that continued to seek out such situations, so that he might be backed by a bigger power whilst he laid claims of ownership to my possessions. I now have to go back to the University fiasco that its stupidities caused me when it followed me around to show up at Greenwich University fingering my bum and encouraging its stupid sons to join in, that said the problem we now face is that I did not have my first degree and so the fall out was unnecessary interest of Celebrities in my affairs outcome is that their radio wave lesbians were off somewhere fighting wars I should have fought as a matter of their entitlement to pass insults at me and handle my career publicity to make their own money, once they are done making such money each time, we will find them off on another expedition that involved damaging my Bookshop which had left me in financial purgatory and calls for a response. It is therefore a stage for me to provide a response and make it so big that I got away with it on the basis that it was incredible big alone, among other reasons I will get away with it as it were the best starting point will be the stupid ways in which the doxy society let itself into my affairs, so that I may pick it up and handle it as a tool to make a name for myself in a cold Office, where I did not have to listen to the weeping and wailing on the outside but in the wider picture, we know they always invite themselves into other peoples affairs to complain of civil rights issues, thereafter coming into possession of overseas bank accounts that let them avoid taxes, finishing off by becoming a paid up part of the civil right problem they complained about, with a media presence that made people into characters to be bullied by those who wanted to share the incomes of the wealthy, so taking a peek into the private bank accounts that keep the money which gets to their heads and causes all my problems is officially said to be illegal, hence we will be looking at an action that involved a sense I was unable to tolerate their show business, up to the stage where I damage it each time they damaged my Bookshop and whenever their loutish nonsense interfere with my personality, frame of mind or thought process like it has been doing to make money and then gotten violent since the University fiasco, they will find themselves assisting the security services on something incredibly complicated. So far we have arrived at a stage where armed forces publicity was separate from their own and being Royalty mine was separate from both and they have not smelled a rat, still entitled to rely on German influence stupidities, insults and a need to run me down in public places, I will not smash the show business and stuff the society gits full of the effects after as well.

I have not fallen from grace and lost all I had at the Monarchy as claimed either, it is the way it starts before it gets to say that it fought my wars. The part the Politicians have played being that since my botched first degree, they have ensured that education was only available to those who can pay at the highest level, it does however need to stop interfering with my Bookshop unless it wrote the Books that were displayed there. The damage that is being done to my Bookshop entirely a matter of what the famous idiots were doing with my public image as a matter of where they want to build new civil rights and then set up business systems on it, invite people to take part and sit at the top of the finance pyramid schemes, such that a system that was developed to encourage investment in the UK for each time that the investors handled the public image, could be used in such ways without permission or consent as well, further more letting them acquire financial leverage to ensure I found it difficult to fund my needs, before it gets off telling tall tales about which side was to be seen as the one in the right everyday, on a stupid media where people were not yet complaining that their jobs were important and they wanted to keep it.

I am told they hated me but of course they do, the problem is that I want them to shut up and read Books when they show up here and they are beginning to point out of recent, that my Books were a new lifestyle choice when not issuing threats, clinging to my property and telling me I am Royalty and therefore had more to give I mean you had some millions in the bank and it caused you to bully people and make them characters to be attacked by those who wanted to be friends, now you cannot live without getting involved with a Book that is written to advertise and enforce the fact the jobs market was the best place for people to do their financial matters, considering the prospect of making the correct decision was incredibly high in the jobs market i.e. for instance when somebody is selling a product they must have done their market research, if so the probability is that they must have thought about an aspect of that product that helps boost your earnings by assisting you with the children etc. The Celebrities on the other hand had ideas about handling peoples assets to get rich fast and so they believed they possessed the capacity to pay for all the other things they could have gotten from the jobs market and we have never actually heard a word of truth from them either, just random and wanton destruction of peoples property whilst telling lies. For my part, I created a product to assist an 18 year old 5 years ago, who is now 23 and the give years had been taken up by the famous idiots and their fans, so the product might be counter productive at this stage. I have issued the warnings for long enough, I need to convert what is currently a process of being tackled by famous idiots who need my career to make their own money, therefore are always abusive to an extent where the sense I am spending time being friendly with them whilst they got to abuse me anyway they wanted had created a condition in which stepping out of the door faced risks of their fans getting imagination into peoples panties, I now need to bail me out from completely wrecking the show business, instead of hanging about on Media presence shooting off more insults about my Royal position that meant I had more to spend and ways in which I could not achieve such a thing, now that it had arrived at a stage where people bang walls and doors miles away and I felt it in my bedroom due to how popular their stupidities were, complaining about involvement with Books that make it feel like vomiting, whilst picking up my career publicity because Client broker equity, create products and advertise it through the public image, showing its famous stupidities was yet entitled to another thing at my expense, where during business cycles I would try to support clients in an atmosphere where I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy or I am a character that will attack communists on their behalf, so Washington would make them rich, as is in the case of products that were being sold in communist countries.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland