The Celebrity problem persists as ever naturally. I would like to think that this was a good opportunity to lay it to rest i.e. it is all about famous idiots getting me to attack people on their behalf, as doing so would make them feel important and well cared for, so the destruction of my career and my finances everyday for a 13 year period being set out as something they did and kept on doing to amuse themselves, because they were hoping for such results as it made me angry enough. The part that creates problems for others is the part where people got to think that if I got into a fight with one of the idiots they send out to run me down all the time, that would end the whole story but it will not if they already rip up my finances and make statements about their finances being in such good condition that my Bookshop could no longer provide for the interest of Clients due to the abusive manner and a crowd on my doorstep to enforce their will, then the person I got into a fight with will not be the last and I will not see my career and finances ever again unless, more so either way that I harmed them instead. I do not want them to get out of it as well for my part anyway, hence I have built this public state of affairs where they were convinced that the entire world was to end if I did not get into a fight with others to make them feel more important, I have built it up into a publicity that will help me run a Bookshop.

They do claim it is an example of the ways that I will get into trouble for it which is utter nonsense; I am an Arch Prince and they were low lives with money, which is not the best opinion to have of Celebrities but this is the truth behind their hatred for me, which I am now starting to think of as a good reason to provide them a response for it – otherwise it is generally an assumption that these gimmicks were the actions their employers paid them to perform, considering how much they complain about its effects but will not stop performing them, so that I may pick it up with their employers as well. I do get asked the question of whether I enjoyed hurting people or there were options I chose to ignore but the reality is that if there were options they would have informed us, considering how much they loved to look magnanimous. The base setting for it all is a matter of having either made them into something more than what they really are which they now do not wish to give up and I had to go about tidying up the mess – considering which I never did but they created something that had such an effect by picking up my Bookshop service processes after years of their stupid girls, ethnic groups and women enjoying the gimmick of passing insults at me or I did something with them and left it in a condition which suggested that they had the upper hand. So in the end they claim we do not solve our public problems without first tackling Celebrities which is utter nonsense as it is not more effective to tackle Celebrities as a method of controlling crime, than it is to ensure Criminals had to deal with unbearable tummy nervousness issues for an interest in me, we know that the condition would be such that individuals engaged in crime would be worse off with their freedoms and all would get worse if they went to jail – what really happens is that they turn up to strip me of decisions I have made and developed a statement for, with respect to their popularity gits having fantasies about crimes I could commit with my talents and abilities, build communities that get imagination up my bum to bend me to their stupid will, trash my finances and distract me in order to make me their small soldier, so I much prefer to skewer them whenever I needed to patch up resulting failures.

They do put up stories to suggest they wanted to talk about my tendency to commit adultery and hide it which is utter nonsense but then again it is a cliché, run off because they had a crowd on my doorstep to enforce their will. I do not have a tendency to commit adultery and get away with it, adultery is really a bad thing that had happened to somebody and should not be mentioned like a cliché by which you ran people down, talking rubbish on Media. It is this problem they had with a need to live in the personal life of a Libra all the time and it causes you so much trouble you end up thinking you probably needed to help them, perhaps they never had a life where they knew what it meant and felt like to head of to work during the day and return to home for the night and then you see the idiots after ripping up your career, finances and social life, finish a job and return home, telling lies behind their wicked activities and unusual interest in your personal space as well, like you were a piece of meat. It is currently amusing to talk about Libra having a tendency to cheat on partner and try to hide it naturally, when it does not want to play anymore and it became a matter of questions on the reasons that the fact they were possessive of their trophy wives meant that you lost something important to their stupidities everyday, such that you were going to likely harm them or harm the wife to ensure they gave it a rest – why it is that it was never important that once we are finished with our daily concerns, it is the civil service that tidies up after us and it was the Government paying for it, which is the reason we paid our taxes, such that nothing done was ever enough and they will trash existing structures as applicable to the lives of their victims and turn out unable to build workable ones on account their stupidities were famous, having since the problem developed into insults and threat on their part with a big mouth – why it is that the main platform for their need to run people down with very violent and relentless lasciviousness was built on the idea that victims suggested that they could get things done without an Official education, thereby adopting a position which suggested that it was not in the interest of their victims for the education system to be a viable industry but then it continues to get worse and worse and what their stupidities were stealing from me did not exist while they were also out of my league; it is not as if people did not complete the education spoken of as such, we know when they did, this stupid cliché will change into something about people who simply looked like they ought to make a lot of money and lose their wealth later or work their entire lives and have their retirement taken from them, finished off with a need to set out what kinds of respect victims ought to show to the money in their bank accounts enforced by stupid homosexuals. I wonder if it is clear that I am issuing a warning here, since when I start as well and put up all these together I will turn up sad that I had made a very big and important contribution to wealth and social inequality but I am getting really fed up with the abusive cliché, insults, fingers up my bum and a crowd on my doorstep, run by a bunch of twats who cannot keep their mouth shut if their entire lives were built around relentless and violent lusciousness they conceived as an indication that they were important people. Marital unfaithfulness is a bad thing happening to some good people out there, the kind of risks people are made to take by these gits, is the type where you lived in an apartment when you had your first child, by the time you had your second moved to a house in the Countryside, which leaves you feeling that your first child had lost an important part of his or her upbringing, their need to leave in Libra personal life and issue those abusive insults all the time goes beyond the part where I want them to avoid the business of pushing me into getting things done because I lost my temper, since it was clear each time they got the better of me I lose social media followers and each time I wanted to run down their celebrity stupidities so they got into their world of drug overdoses with ideas I ought to be fighting people for them and pick up some characters that would become a threat to me if they wanted, so I might screw them over it properly, people remember what they were supposed to do when they realised if parents chucked them out of home when the Government would support the parents or what they were supposed to do a couple of years back concerning their career and therefore engaged with the Bookshop, it grows into a threat that does not just affect me, so when I am not being violent, the infidelity they speak of is more likely (not that I am likely to do one, just pointing out it is a bad thing happening to some good people and should not be trivialised). In the end I am told I do not owe people anything and did not need to make concessions but I am not, just a reality that we were trying to get out of an economic crisis, so the Executive came up with leadership for the people who had the brains to come up with a  process and people who had the energy to do the work, to be facilitated to conduct their affairs with as little interference from such nonsense as possible, bearing in mind that these were the only two groups capable of negotiating with those who controlled wealth systems, how recovery was to occur on account that people worked for less, which is the only way we can achieve it.

They do claim I never see communists as a threat but have never really answered the question of what they believed communists were going to do with western ideals anyway – we know we have been trying to contain the crisis in Ukraine by setting out the way that the silly decisions that the disillusioned leaders at the top have made, setting out the effects of those decisions for them as a matter of the civil service in Russia producing soldiers who walked into Ukraine without their papers. What has eventually degenerated into the wars crimes that had become easier for these gits to talk about on Media was a communication that has been passing between them and Russia, to do with how they ran the world and their allies would ensure their enemies being Russia was defeated, about which according to the events we have seen, there is ample indication that they chose Ukraine itself as the proving ground for this gimmick, so Ukrainian Government would say that Washington Facilitated them but Russia was then able to say that they once used to be part of Russia which is insane but the ways we had set out a process of resolving the problem as to avoid civilians becoming targets had been completely dismantled – I am hoping that what I have said here does serve as a warning, as the next time these fools played with my career in a detrimental fashion such as these, I will run it down the part where there was the US Government and then a question of how much I cared about their stupid existence and therefore their need to share the wealth of goons who spend their money making trouble for others by drowning me in insolence. I will be forced to take a series of actions which ensured that all access to me and my concerns were shut down and they lived in a world where they had prepared very little for any impending wealth and social inequality attack – I mean the part of my career that has been destroyed is the part where somebody got their hands on wealth building systems aged 30, built their wealth by the time they were 40, started working on goons using their company to trash peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods by 45 and by 65 they were complaining that people ran off tribalism raids from my concerns to pick up 6 figure salaries in their companies, caused by Politicians who keep spending tax payer funds to facilitate their businesses and help them run the street corner gimmicks by which they kept an eye on my existence and tried to decide how I should be used by the Population, only to show up talking rubbish about a need for revenue, about which I would decide not to get pedantic about the prospect they may learn and may do things by the Books both of which is proven to have been something that will never ever happen – my responses had nothing to do with the politicians either and now I am getting told that although I am doing great work I am going around in circles on account they are seeking out wealth and social inequality that will benefit their children as well, therefore putting up applicable gimmicks ripping up my finances to suggest my responses were amusing everyday when it had not ended badly. I suppose it goes without saying that once this is run off to the stage where I got to make a clear statement about the limits that should be applied to the patriarchy insults that stalls everything around here, there will be trouble if they cross those lines on me again as it were.

Eventually I am said to be very calm about what is really a serious matter but I have reasons to be calm about it, they apparently were the fabled people and if a persons career was in a make or break situation they would be the ones to break it; so the society gits cannot keep the fingers off my bum but will not subscribe to the publicity I want to build for them as the people who do such things for an existence even though their stupidities wanted to boast about it and their new interest in my social media does not leave much to be desired, hence I need to ensure it was the last damaged I suffered from their stupidities in this place, I need to adopt another disposition that they will dread.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland