The Politicians have raised the point that it was probably a matter of something I said causing people to take risks at the Monarchy which it is not, it is the fact everybody could get along with me except the men and their girls, looking like 18 century Europe where they make a mess of peoples lives, tell lies about it and go off to the City to listen to their big wigs scream bigotries from hotel balconies, showing up here making a mess, picking up my career publicity to make their own money and the big one was the time that they married a wife I was supposed to have married at the Monarchy, the wife in question which does not have a voice, it is complaining of the consequences shooting off the big mouth that I get away with it because the Politicians let me, needs to stop interfering with my clients or I will be at war, having it failed incredibly well with instances where all its stupidities were resolved in terms of people from government offices and the security services, looking for more. It is always so disrespectful and then it claims I am a coward people could do as they please with, not yet able to show me a single person of those who claimed to have met me without consequences, who can confidently say that it was possible to forget about me, so the name calling would really make sense if it became the basis upon which we met, like I have warned their distribution business insolence that I am also unable to make sense of the careers that were owned by their famous idiots, who show up here picking up my career publicity. I am told they want to bend me to their will which does make sense as such but it has nothing to do with me that they run my life with the social activities of criminals, arrive at a stage where they say what I did was a product of deals I made with a power and to get what they want from me, they will make deals with a greater power which had built up to the gimmick where they were running off narcissistic security services careers for the male population at the Monarchy which the King had to get involved with as a real Man. The rest of it was that they needed to get in there as far as I was concerned considering the way that each time I spent some time trying to make my obligations easy on me, their stupidities alongside their foolish girls would be found in the area waging war on anything that suggested I am human and linked to nature in anyway, whilst their famous idiots claimed they were entitled to the way my Book showed I was able to cover their backsides for a living, about which it was not in their interest that the public engaged with it. I wrote the Books on the basis that I was not writing their books, took the risks and assumed I had created a product for a job that I had means and capability for, this nonsense is outside of that means and capability, the idiots have been doing it alongside their Politicians for 15 years now, so we can say they have had it for long enough too. My personal favourite of all the insults when it shoots off its big mouth endlessly about my size and would prefer I did not take advantage of what the low lives it sends out to share my personal space did, so it could attack my health, to label it a puff as well ready for the fight, the insult which was that the security services was a place to do a little evil in order to do a greater good, and they could go there to do me a big favour so they can finger my bum, bending me to their will with a big mouth.

There is a sense that there was a need to put to bed the matter of me getting caught up with things I cannot do or people pushing me into a corner to order my steps but I am in neither situations, just a bunch of gits with low lives that had nothing to lose dispatched to share my personal space, clinging to my income margins. So it needed to be clear that I had worked with some industry property owners and CEOs, delivered the intellectual property administration service for which I broker my Trust assets with them and it should be quiet enough for them to read or I too will be at war, especially with the idiots who take an offence to the way I did security guard work in a condition of being run down by their doxy society, as a provocation which will cost me my career and finances, considering their stupidities had to take something seriously for a change in their lives because of it. The rest were from the Monarchy, so criminals and gold diggers do not look like Celebrities anymore, they looked like me, so I got stuck with the doxy society for show and was due for punishment at the Monarchy, about which I think they were talking nonsense, never is it likely to get complicated. It is not a matter of disrespect towards the forces just the narcissistic services for the male population that gives way to short insolent videos they believed was the way product advertisement should be made, at my expense; the three things it does to get on my nerves being the process of having somebody inside to work with my clients and pervert everything around here, whilst its famous idiots corrupted or trashed my crime control publicity, interfering with clients directly or picking up my career publicity to do its own thing because its insolence and abuses had matured thus far. I am now told reasons Celebrities bothered me, detached from a need to trash my finances every day, was because of people getting imagination into their panties – I could never tell anyway, we know that whilst they are simply entertainers and not every good ones at that for the way it will get about explaining its position to the world on my public image, to an effect where its gimmicks meant nothing so what people were paying for was my income margins placed in their hands, before it got off working other stupidities where the fact it never listened to what I had to say was a given because it had no respect for me on becoming an important twat. We know that whilst it is not a public figure it pursues hospitality set out for public leadership figures and ends up with the bottom chasing issues, we know that whilst it had many cars parked in its garage, it would show up to pick up my career publicity as though there was a need to steal from me, we know that on a personal front, when I write Books that complete an intellectual property administration service for CEOs I worked with, it claimed my career showed I had means to cover its backside, so its ethnic minority poofs with distribution business and disobedient insults that made sense when they got imagination into my panties got all over it. The part that gets to me the most being that these all happen because of gimmicks it sets out to suggest I am some gladiator character that protected myself from all attacks and it was the turn of the media to prove itself, at the same time that it was entitled to have me get into a fight with people to protect its stupidities, so it fans the flames for the criminals who have been working on the gossips of a society twat that only recently realised pensions was something human being did, a process of being tough was never going to achieve it here all day and the public work does not mean anything to anybody. So I need to be clear and clearer on this; that since last it started attacking my crime control publicity; what the criminals and villains did with sex to mock them for the part they played in a need I had to entertain a processes for a successful public, had since grown into something that was publicly applicable to the fact they were dropouts from a world where people thought they were better than everybody else, it is always filthy towards me, always abusive and we are not yet talking about the part where I pushed them into a difficult corner to set the stage for me to get into clothes and step outside of my door without trouble, hopefully it reads the birth signs and sticks to the facts, not make up its version of reality and tell me to get into a fight, and it is not good in bed all together as well – they are now the main targets for wealth equity and crime control and it needs to stop pushing famous persons insults at me, process which has already begun with me setting the stage for my own profitable narcissistic fun as well, that involved telling the criminals of something important they needed to know, so the criminals may teach them.


The question Politicians have raised is one in which I am said to have ended up being at war with Liberalism which I am not, just a bunch of fools who enjoyed showing up here to wreck my career then present bits of it they discovered and fancied to me as something they created which implied they were incredibly important – they have explained this behaviour a few times but the explanation has remained the same as something they did to people who thought themselves better than others. Others might think it was worthwhile, unless the facts were considered with regards to every fool showing up here with a flavour of unruliness and lawlessness whilst their Celebrities built up a presence for those who stole my career and therefore to do so, showed up here to saddle me with necessary health issues applicable, at the same time that the famous complained about their interest in the Media presence that was built for them and blamed me for it. The biggest issue I faced having to do with my finances that they believed I had been brought into a situation where it can never be recovered, whereas the problem was still one in which Celebrities picked up product and career publicity for another purpose, then claimed that they would not have done it since they were already famous and important, hence the problem did not exist and could not be solved, as vengeance for the fact that I removed access to my concerns because they trashed crime control publicity to make organised crime products cheaper for themselves which revealed the fact that they were dropouts from an environment where people considered themselves better than others and were neither good in bed nor willing to engage in sex work like other people who dropped out of those kinds of environments with a sense of entitlement and an unwillingness to get a jobs market employment. So I am not at war with Liberalism as such and we know Celebrity attack on me is opportunistic – I do not see myself making somebody else into a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy or attacked to please the wealthy and get connected and now that communities can attack to steal a career that they can help people claim as their own through a Media job and I cannot see myself do any one of these to separate people nor do I see myself do it to a single person, especially if I had to wish to present a front which suggested I thought I was in a position that allowed me to do things to such a person without consequences. It does claim that what state provided security had already done was the source of provocation but none knows why it is still that the source of all my career issues was that others were bigger than I am, hence cannot make sense of the reasons it was unable to see that it needed to stay away from state provided security and stay away from me – my finances on the other hand was a matter of schedule, the earlier I picked it up was the better but the problem is that I never will until there was a reckoning concerning the famous. It is a simple matter of 20 year career mess as a direct result of immoral society showing up here with popularity to block my personal, social and professional activities whilst we had since ended up answering the matter of whether I am at war with liberalism all together – we have been in this situation before, one in which I did not care about anything else but my interests and it will not cease to show up here being so abusive and disrespectful of my career save I picked it up again. It complains about respect issues whilst all these nonsense is performed, from the destruction of my crime control publicity which exposes the filthy parts of its fame career, to the idea I am supposed to take responsibility for the filth in its career, to cracked up out of my league that will finger my bum 24/7 because a famous idiot would pay for people to take me down, whilst they complained about street murders considering their size with reference to other peoples size etc – the entire time, I am not allowed to get out of bed at my own pace and therefore never smell good, their popularity idiots have been issuing threats over smell issues but never implemented it yet for years and years, and it shows up here to fun gimmicks that block my career publicity and social life with lots of immoral society abuses because it sees, it likes, likes and wants and when it wants it gets, it gets because it can, not yet a case of according its famous stupidities all the advantage of size whilst I kept the rest as a problem that had to be settled with me building up my own sexual narcissism that will counter the short insolent videos it likes to make out was the way advertisement should be made, making me breathless to pick up my income margins every day. They do claim that what I said and did was ammunition for extremists but we know that a process where publicity is built for my work, to make sense of their career, meant they had no talent and people were paying them for the work that I did, which was kept out of sight and that it was a process of stealing my earnings, which was not applicable to extremists unless we saw evidence that it was, hence real ammunition thereof. They claim they have caused me a huge amount of suffering which tended to eliminate the lies they told, it is a matter of see and want, want and get, associated with getting involved in a writer career publicity with no plans to engage with the Books but deploy the public image for another purpose over ideas they were terribly important people, so I need to do something which shows otherwise or it stays away from public image and career publicity.

I am told I ought to put more effort into the matter, which I don’t, as I have been facing attacks from the Monarchy because the Queen loved the way that I got the violent orthodoxy these gits practiced under control, the same goons are now having about at the Monarchy with a sense that exactly the same conditions in which I began serving the Queen has been created for me to serve a King, talking nonsense about threatening situations that I faced. Much the same as the German influence bits where not even what I did to control their need for an interest in my personal space, that will set out a message I had taken a woman’s lifestyle and needed to hand it back surrounded by civil rights criminals, giving way to the idea security services was a place where people could do a little evil to do a greater good and they could do something to earn a right to finger my bum, now it is simply back here with a new abuses it added on where I had a personal life that will allow its stupidities cool off over the consequences of its personal decisions, like mean cunts, access facilitated by famous fools and media gits who were incredibly important and what I did about it would be spent and I do not recall any asking them to supply an opinion about my existence all, therefore assume it was done provisionally in case an idiot had money to spend on other peoples suffering. The point is that if I had already done it, then it was done but the new issue here required a response in which it gets to keep from my public image and career publicity if it wants to cease complaining about the way I too picked up the society bits with which it suggested I was a profitable victim of repression, to repair damage done to the public image, which I am certain the next time I pick it up, reasons would be financial, and then the repression will get out of control. It does say that the Politicians should note I had a tendency to become a monster naturally whilst all have seen the 15 year career mess that is a product of its access to my Books for activities that helped to black mail and get me listening to all the nonsense it had it mind to get rich fast, which is exactly the same as I will do to its society so that every time it rebuilt what it had, what it had rebuilt would be subject to abusive practical jokes as well. They do claim that none of what I have done solves my financial problems but financial problems it seems can only be solved on the basis that I considered carefully the two main ways they get on my nerves i.e. get employment from my clients to table market leverage and pick up my creative assets brokered, to do something that will put them on a pedestal and not me, through the products which is very stressful nonsense, not least the fact it is usually done as vengeance for some sort of historic conflict, the other involving my career publicity helping their stupid girls to show up on shop doors and windows exhibiting their nonsense to pick up my income margins as socialites; assessment usually drives towards some important thing they were doing to be men in South America, the Middle East and Europe, where in Europe there was the added short insolent videos they claimed was what advertisement really is. The response provided being one in which I made sense of the reasons these activities were expensive considering they were performed on assets which were the things that I, my clients and sometimes their investors as well, get involved with the most each time we did business at a designation, thereby setting about trashing, ripping, burning and cutting to pieces their own as well, to end the Celebrity practical jokes, besides which doing this would cure the tummy upsets as well. It is all the easier one for the time being, since my current priority is to ensure I had footing to support clients that were in business talks at the areas of the world they had designated as playgrounds.

Its like the question is raised as to how I come about an understanding that they have dug a hole for themselves after I spent years tackling society gits who trash careers which the owners did not allow them handle to get rich fast, only for the Celebrities to befriend me and do the same at a later point of my career – the hole where it became obvious they fell through the cracks in a world where people thought they were better than everybody else, were not good in bed and were too cowardly to engage in sex work. It was a simple matter of crime control publicity, allowed some younger people handle it for popularity, which supported those that wanted to do well at school, so all I had to worry about was the contention with abusive producers to ensure people were making a living – when it tore down this structure after getting involved to make its fame, it must have been aware that there was background noise associated with the clash between a governmental need to live in a country where the public was successful and people who did not wish to see a successful public, asserting that the most productive way to respond to entertainment built from crime control publicity was to make sexual parody videos of the celebrities involved – they were aware when they wrecked it to cheapen organised crime products and claim I was a bird in the hand that could be made to rebuild it, that it exposed them to this, considering they invited themselves into my trust business anyway and had made entertainment from it – now it needs to give me a really good financial reason for me not to take advantage of it.

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