The story they need to tell as a matter of self-expression every day, is that I am an affront to their popularity culture and it is asking for a response – I wouldn’t know anyway, I understand that the way their insults wreck my careers and finances to build up to the disgraceful way I lived, which was an affront to their popular culture, was all a counterproductive process and it got me to make sense of the way they committed crimes to sort out their financial problems but when they ended up in prison for it, their financial problems got worse, so for what the threats are worth, it needs do its self a favour, keep from my Books and restrict its stupid comments and that of its Celebrities to its own social life. They do claim it does not excuse me living disgracefully and yes it does not but the disgracefully is a product of their abuses and insults, which gets allies, friends and business partners thinking I am incapable of protecting them from harm in my premises, wrecks my finances and then they teach it to their stupid Children who worked it at Office space, office blocs and Office windows all day long, shooting off that big mouth at every characters that was not asking their stupidities about it, which does clearly show the likelihood of this becoming much more serious than their stupidities had anticipated if I developed a Public life and matters of my Public life were worked around it as well. So they say we Libera Personalities do this all the time; abandon self-care when we do not like people and places we have ended up in; but it is a story of the way that one spends so much energy to keep the self together while the idiots got imagination around my private parts obsessively to chase money and market success, only to be informed by a scum who took it all the way to the Monarchy, that I needed to find the energy to tidy up – besides, it seems that the untidy environment which helped to express the fact I have never seen anything as filthy as their stupid selves, impedes their ability to get imagination up my bum, so the result of tidying it up will likely be an outcome where I hung about wondering over it endlessly. So it is much more than this as it were, the fact I am a Millennial as well, which would be the other half of the story where I could never tell who was watching me on CCTV, which again they claim is a murky issue while it is said that we Libera characters are more comfortable with colour orange and I would never have been able to tell when it was not Colour Orange watching me on CCTV, where they think that if they had it, they had a license to be wise arses and would never get a response from me as such – so we see it is the classic case of a Libera being sneaky and subversive. The History we have here being that they had produced a process where it is not people watching me abusively on CCTV that was the challenge I faced but the idiots who stole whatever I did about it for their own fame and glorification – popularity in every nook and cranny, grabbing, stealing, pinching, abusing, issuing threats, alongside that nonsense where their sense of importance and business connections I wrecked, was located mostly in Monaco where rich people went to spend money and it will never stop tackling me over its popularity stupidities that have now gone all the way to the Monarchy, talking nonsense about the disgraceful way I lived which it had caused being an affront to its chosen foolish lifestyle with a big mouth, if it had not ended very badly as well. Lesson number one has been the need to hang about at Hollywood USA, getting rid of colour orange, claiming I am discriminative while criminals were bad people, clinging to my Books and telling me I will sell it for the services I had provided someday, being abusive and violent, talking nonsense about which battles I had not fought to deserve my career and when the criminals its stupidities said were nice people got out of hand, knew where my Books were located to hurt me by every day, whereby it thus needed to express its stupid self at me constantly, every time that it is quiet in this place, with a big mouth – the first stage has ended very badly, it is rather confident it will win a war against me with respect to its fame idiots. We do see the idiots make the most of it, claiming I talk as if I am the one winning battles, of which I did not have any battles to win, if criminals and hoodlums knew that increased involvement with me meant the means by which they ended up in my writing and my books, which would become amusing and facilitate people making popular culture around my public image and public work to churn their tummy, especially when the Police got involved – the purpose of which is clear, that they needed to stop following people around, especially those who were victims of crimes that they were responsible for.

I. Uno I

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