The suggestion that mine is the worst behaviour ever seen is not unusual, but I believe this is the correct stage to address it all together. The reality is that what I am doing is work and not my personal or social life – the work is aimed at making the public more comfortable, so the risk I took was that if I were to avoid the underworld languages that the Public is accustomed to, as conditions got more difficult, they would assume that those languages had been normalised. I have no idea why these characters set about building me a life on media which suggested it is how I communicate and how I behaved generally, while the reasons they do it can be easily explained away as something of women being disrespectful; here I get told that I am relaxed about it all naturally while I am not, I simply fail to see what the exact purpose, value and use for women who love to disrespect and abuse me were, hence it’s impossible to locate a mode of response for it. Then again on the more serious aspects, when people get involved with an arrangement that concerned reading material, they ought to read and not set about punishing a writer for the work he created on account they had media presence while their stupidities found it useful, they are not really as important as they believe themselves to be as such. As for the case of the idea that I will never get away with what I have done, I am not aware of having done anything that I cannot get  way with around here – their popularity culture is a mess because it does not go any higher when people show up at University and yet the sole purpose I dropped out was their interest in me when they were popular and needed to be even more popular, hence the reasons I have taken up 13 years of my time but been unable to complete the academic work, since even studying on the internet is a main concern of theirs to boost the stupid popularity. They are not half the threat to me that they believe they were – just one of three section of idiots who cannot stop making a mess of other people’s lives and generally think that they were entitled to being popular and others ought to live in fear of the sense they were entitled to peoples incomes as well – the society idiots, the bully celebrities and they would be daddy character middle management fools with stupid children that want to play with my livelihood being a real pain in the backside – there is every indication to deter, that if they started another test for me, I was always likely to get worse for them; normal people would see such reality as a warning. So the fact they need be aware of is a reality where I am an Arch Prince, I do nothing about them most of the time because their popularity stupidities, its need to wreck my career and academic work, hang around the work place with Office block office window office space insults, that show how worse off those who criticised the immoral people and the homosexuals had become, is usually very hard on the Celebrity bullies, hence the smell issues they speak of all the time, which is what normalcy looks like and if I end up in a violent situation because of it, I will have gained my motivation to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well. They claim I don’t really disapprove of popularity, just when it hurts me and it’s been hurting me every day for 19 years, hence I have ample reasons to approve of it when their brains had gone on a holiday – the truth of it is that it is the one last resort of the wickedness that suggests others can be handled and used as tools and items when they wanted to make money and the Politicians will be keen to stop me and stop me and stop me until it becomes a public illness that they had shown interest in me, then hang about government buildings expressing the various colours of their incompetence and showing they were completely incapable of finding a solution for the immoral democracy that plagues them.

It is supposed to be a kind of wickedness that thinks having peoples body parts in a business would likely have encouraged footfall for instance and they will say that when I speak of it so explicitly, I encouraged extreme street violence but so do I expect them to follow on the activities of their wicked politicians in terms of letting each Politician that had become obsessed with handling me, to do so by themselves. My bits did start out stupidly enough with the suggestion I had stolen personality from those who were making decisions that affected criminals in prison and needed to hand it back – I need to pay the bills in this place properly now, faced with media presence gimmicks associated with abusive practical jokes that have developed into statements about people doing their thing at my expense which I cannot shut down being that it pushes away public interest in my work, on account it is backed up by Celebrities spending money to make their stupidities into something that accomplished a process whereby what I did with my publishers was where new fame for fame idiots was located. So this nonsense has now grown into something of people wanting to get involved in order to attack me, while they showed up with a communities to express their interest in my income margins, like a handful of people whose deaths are always due to their own stupidities, talking nonsense about what I am not going to get away with.

They claim I am obsessed with defeating people which is utter nonsense 100% of what they say about my concerns, especially the part that is aimed at getting a response from me over my Books have nothing to do with book reading or writing and has nothing to do with my career despite its abusive nature being an all-consuming thing. I have tried my best with the deterrence, it needs to keep away from my Books and stop shooting its mouth all over my social life and public image, regardless of whether it thinks it was a populist idiot whose story the Public will take to at all times. It has nothing whatsoever to do with society where they ask those questions on why you want to dish it for others all the time and at the same time come up with elaborate plans to ensure it is not dished for you as well, nothing like getting imagination up my anus, building a community for it and setting out stupid girls that can influence me, who know me very well and can make me wither with a big mouth. Likewise the culture bits where they ask how far you go either way of doing the right or the wrong thing, having nothing to do with media built up to send me messages about how they thought they were entitled to my income and I ought to live in fear of it, or stupid Celebrities exhibiting themselves on my social life among other areas where I had done the best work for my career, enforced by stupid liberalist Politicians, who have done nothing to prevent sex workers joining in to provide people sexual services on the way I have organised my family life. It needs to stay away from my Books and stop shooting its mouth at me to make me listen and suck on my personality to get violent thereafter each time, especially the American twats who cannot stop providing leadership for such shit.

They claim I suggested it was a problem I could handle and its utter nonsense; I have always been chased about by ageist idiots that want to see me grovel for money but another group of fools who have been raised by their parents to tackle those who want to grab their careers want my income margins because they think they are big and scary – we can see the prospects of those who can hurt people to get comfortable getting all over it and then I shall ensure they lived in hell before they got off fighting for my civil rights. It has turned out as I have always thought it would and so unless I am doing something I do not wish to account for, I always ensure a portion of it ended up in the minds of these goons randomly and this meant that half of what it says to me when it picks up service processes of my bookshop to corrupt it into something that facilitates an outcome where it got to enjoy having me listen to its ageist bigotry, wrecking my career over its need to enjoy my personality thing, is a product of its insanity, while the other half is something I put in there which always produces the question of when they finished and when we could move on – then these popularity gits showed up and flushed my life down the loo because it was useful to them; after years of these stupidities being so destructive of people’s lives and a process of building crowds on it that sing their praises while they claimed their stupid children had become unruly because I had failed to handle social issues with a media presence, they have now decided there was no way they would shut it down and keep from handling my Books, if it was better to make comments about things I have done which I will not get away with instead for example and I have had enough of it – what I have written here is an example; how losing the temper easily means that one goes back to what happened at University to begin with.

I do get told even as I speak of it, all I have done is wasted and yes it is because there is hope that when I ignore the perverted interest journalists and popularity busy bodies had in my work and my hermitage and what rich people thought of it, how it could play up to their advantage bearing in mind they had more money to push about than I did while they had no social equality with me, they will stay ignored but current events does show that I am given very few choices and I will need consider a clearly set out line for fighting the press. I have enjoyed a certain amount of freedom from my work offering fringe benefits to media operatives while I tore down history that Celebrities have built up to handle my concerns by but the longest it has lasted is a 12 hour period which therefore I need to work to ensure I got more permanent results – it is much the same as we see that there is me that does not take the law into my hand and this is now at war with me that is used as a tool to run down tricks and processes by which Law enforcement fights crime, the Politicians then show up to claim I suggested I had won great battles, to add to the fact that not a single time has this happened without some incitement for it coming from parliament – so we see that they must win elections by pleasing the Crowd and when they get their salaries screw others over, hence I spend my entire day on it and nothing is achieved during the period in which I had not pushed back as well.

I mean I am not law enforcement but caught up and spend my entire day on the grim tricks Law enforcement deploys to fight crime, such that I spend all day on it and my cash flow is severely affected, then the Politicians that groom me for it and stir people to do it claim that they did because I suggested I had won great battles. They do also say that I am unable to judge that they were a threat to me but all their threats will always come through as big brothers perverted interest in my nauseating financial complications, while the way they complained about my responses even though they show no signs of stopping this behaviour, even when withdrawing salaries from the bank must have pricked a conscience, affected other people’s quality of living; for my part which bills here need to be paid properly, for their part this has become part of their reputation for the popularity. They do claim I am a trouble maker myself which is utter rubbish – take for instance renting a space from them, the criminal history abuses and how my personality can be used will ensue, the Landlords will know this is very bad but when it is said that I smelled and it affected people who wanted to rent their buildings, the bloody idiots were business men too and would play the game, only for as long of course as I had not embarked on my own Publicity gimmicks to set them out as people who played this game for money, which is usually where it gets to end my way instead of theirs. We can therefore see that they love to claim I enjoy playing with trouble while I am simply in an environment that exposes me to facts regarding the kinds of Books I am writing and if I did everything I did in a quiet environment where people did not get imagination up my bum so I could never sit on a Chair in front of a computer, we all know there was no way it could have become a work environment that got them complaining to such an extent other people’s quality of life was affected. 

They do claim I think people liked me but none really did, which is utter nonsense as my history ties in with my character which ties in with my personality and I didn’t have to justify or explain any part of it, that said of which such nonsense is still an example of the way this matter can only be resolved if the process of keeping them away from my Books and keeping the dirty mouth off my concerns was enforced and properly too. I mean like every other instance we will hear the boasting that I am not better off either way which I am aware that I am not, when they had picked up a history of insults for me and then the way that I spent my time thinking that ignoring them solved a problem and now they garnish it with access to things I do to have some fun and it builds up to a bubble on media that will ensure I am prevented from being me, socially, politically and mentally, until they were able to deploy my work and property to get rich first and we are entering into a phase where it got to stop with a process where they felt incredibly uncomfortable, especially for the Americans. I am now resigned to the fact that as long as the daddies who think they are entitled to my income margins and their sugar babies who think they are entitled to be rich and famous on my social life, including anything I am doing with my publishers, of which each activities usually leaves opportunities for sex workers to get involved and offer people sexual services on my social life as well, as long as these two groups continued to gain access to incentives I have built up at this Bookshop for those who get involved with what I am doing, there will be no success for my Books and they are not likely to stop until I had found a way to cause them a lot of suffering on an international level. It’s like we hear them claim that none knows what my real purposes are at the Monarchy we had to access the horror of the Prince of Wales consistently suggesting he wants to run a Government alongside Celebrities and interfere with business at Parliament; the part where there is no success for a Book that a handful of idiots found useful unless they ended up un hospital for some reason, on account they thought the best way to make themselves comfortable because the Book existed was the society daddies abandoning their sugar babies for me to make something with during government business. There is no prospect of getting a rounded sense of what I do with myself at the Monarchy either – all they needed to know is that they pick up my Books and then they show up to pervert the service processes for those who engage with it, into something that serves their perverted and corrupt purposes, this means that their disrespect for me and my career has developed to such an extent, they are punishing me for work I have done because they had need of that work, which makes sense of this idea I think people liked me while they didn’t, as their consciences will have been pricked at some stage when they go to their bank accounts to collect salaries that I am not interfering with. Celebrities are always supposed to be the biggest threat to Intellectual property security as we have seen that in my case, the need to make money with market I had built, had pushed them to build me a five year history of insults that allows them to run off enough abuses as to turn off public interest in my Books like it was a tap and this is what I do i.e. Private equity intellectual property administration, such that their behaviour towards my Books was a crime and I am not keeping their fucking secrets so they might continue to be famous – even now, everything I say is picked up by another group of idiots dreaming of an Arch Prince hanging about somewhere fighting for them while they got imagination up my anus and their view of me has never really changed from this i.e. they were so important that I harmed myself popularity gimmicks, while there is no law precluding them to get involved with me in the first place – they have had 15 years of this nonsense and it’s time to move on. These were all started off for them by the Duke of Sussex, wanting to be the Men’s Prince, who has apparently now abandoned his entire family for them and we still have the Daughter of the Duke of York working a 12 year history of abusive opportunism at my expense with the Labour Party but it is not a priority for me since the Labour party is suffering more than I am as such, never the less which it seems to be on course to set the stage for the next Royal scandal. I have put up with this nonsense for long enough as far as my part in this matter is concerned in my view and it did start out stupidly enough by the way; if they ran off this nonsense enough times, their victims wouldn’t have a career should they have done so for a week but if they topped that week with another and another, their idiocy might be able to show it’s not just government buildings that can oppress people and we see the same stupidities being expressed where they claim they were helping on matters of violence against women i.e. when women do bad things you must find alternatives to handling it which did not involve violence, while the way violence against women really works is that the women give it all for their one and only, but if the man thinks there was a slight shortfall, he will get in touch with his culture and society gits and make war on his wife. It’s all becoming a lot less slippery these days all together and my mind is bearing towards a process where I got to ensure each of my activities produced an effect that impacted their bank balance – don’t get the wrong idea for what the profitable insults are worth, they don’t teach this at Church, one can only guess where I get it. Some people have said that it’s pretty much like being a criminal which it isn’t – it’s a matter of hitting them and each time I do over my Books and earnings, I made a statement about their bank balance and their market, they don’t teach it at Church but I need to pay the bills in this place properly; we know each time I work on my Bookshop whenever I am finished, they were busy running off publicity on what I was doing which left a sense that I was gambling market and income margins and they had won and have such a position as they got to win all of the time and then I spend whole 24 hours on it and cannot complete the academic work or other important projects. In like manner have we seen the gimmick progress to suggestions they will follow my ideas on violence against women issues to ensure that I was the one doing violence against them and they used it too to make their own countermeasures but then again, I suppose putting a name to their faces a profitable insults to run off stupidities that entitle them to my income margins and their stupid women to exhibit the self over business I had with Publishers to get rich fast was a good start – likewise we hear that the way people tackle media from government buildings begins this way but nothing said of the way Government thinks the media is a place where smaller people who found a way to get out of dangers posed by bigger and bad people usually go to get on with their lives – a bunch of stupid dinosaurs may build me their stupid army when they were fucking mad enough for it as well and find out what I will get up to for it.

They do claim I cannot escape the fact I am a disgrace and its utter nonsense, splitting time between an understanding nobody wants to employ me because of their gimmicks around my career, to work my academic pursuits and my Books writing, does not suggest that I am a disgrace but we know if there weren’t gimmicks where they spent time grooming me into the position to get imagination up my anus every time I am at work, they wouldn’t be complaining until other people’s quality of living was effect either. They do suggest they are fighting for civil rights and there is no such thing; it’s the three part bigotry story of people that can beat you up, people that can talk over you and people that are bigger than you on account you had effrontery to go off and achieve something they have never had and it is becoming a matter of difficulty moving them on without physical activity because the men especially the Americans and Muslims cannot keep their hands to themselves.

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