I do get told it will be quite impossible for me to shake off this reputation for being a little low life who assumes too much about his position naturally but it does not in any way add up to a threat that I had to face. The way it works is that when we get involved with the Monarchy and they know we have abilities they will want us to use it and this happens to everyday, that it means I had conceded I am no Arch Prince is utter nonsense, the office of the Arch Prince is my business solely and none else’s, I am simply helping them out with the way that it works and am hoping they may stop ripping up my finances, seeing there is real risk I will burn their Celebrity culture as well. The claim that I am in no position to make myself a threat is utter nonsense too; what really happens is that everything else works as normal save the people who will pick themselves up at a later date and sign up to the Armed services to offer high authority prerogatives – it is how the Country works, and those mystery about where we vanish off to after school is normally answered through such facts and realities. To presume that it adds up to a threat while those who engaged with it complained about me on the global stage does not make any sense whatsoever; the reality of it is that they tend to corrupt Crown facilitated diversity at the Armed services and when they do, I will have to tidy it up which makes them incredibly uncomfortable, while each occasion that the armed services were doing their work uncorrupted, is interfered with by their involvement, whether or not it is an active role, there is a real sense that it was incredibly important that they picked up one mission after another until they vanished, so I like to think of their involvement with the armed services as some extra responsibility.

They do claim that I love to set out the idea that what I realise is actually knowledge that I already had – it is utter nonsense naturally as this business of how the Country is run is not my concern; the one that is, is the fact that Politicians have always known these guys had enough energy to make trouble for everybody, in search for a satisfaction of their own personal interest and actions such as spending tax payer funds on them to do it by and spending more of it to wreck my career and finances, so as to prepare me for violent things, as that which they are supposed to do only when they were going to clear out the mess by themselves personally. We have seen the otherwise is that I am now doing things I knew I could do to keep them off my career and finances before I was 17 at 40, taking huge financial losses because the insults of Politicians have successfully created a bubble of benefits and media appearances associated with making a mess of my life, on claims that the way I do it is exhilarating. Hence, we can see that if I decided I had for instance a 3-week deadline to move the matter on, my actions would bear very grave consequences for Politicians and the Media. I don’t know why the Americans do it either – it claims I am a low life trying to rub shoulders with famous idiots that were trying to patent bits on my life to their names and criminals were better people, that I wrote a Book and it appointed itself to determine how I got to serve customers, then once it realised there were people who upon buying the show business products to make them rich, wanted a share of the wealth, they tore up my literary empire because they knew where my Books were published: I mean it wouldn’t be such a difficult task, finding out what really niggles American suburban idiots and cowards in the City centre but there is no way to pursue this without bearing in mind that they did what they did because another group of idiots wired their mental illness into my financial wellbeing and my livelihood – it’s another example of how grave the results of my actions would be if I set a deadline to move it on in a matter of a few weeks.

I. Uno I

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