There are the other goons who shared the upper class with me and needed to frequent millionaire neighbourhoods, showing up to make a mess of my career endlessly as well, such that everything I did to ensure a sense of autonomy over market I built for my Books was eliminated to facilitate people adding my concerns to their businesses to boost profit instead of working on their business. So it is not a crisis as such, just very depressing that it is people who were financially successful that are now the biggest challenge that we faced, with respect to expensive public stupidities but if I said so, I would be displaying ignorance on my part, since they expect us to brush under the carpet, what they did to create us the worst economic crisis in centuries, upon which stage they get on to tell us that if we wanted economic success, both government and public had to behave nicely towards them because it is their money that matters. So, in context, I have not dropped the ball on the Public at all. The main point of call is this business of putting themselves into a group which purpose was to gather the wealth of any area that surrounds them for the group, such that the way it affected women was a need to abuse people in sexual context until victims smelled and then to attack victims that smelled for being such a low life that ruined everything, which behaviour is transferred to any persons they did not like even though they coveted the property of such a person all day long and that is what this was all about. Hence on the matter of making more public appearances for my part, it is the disrespect that causes most of the problem, they are always seen replacing my Books to get attention from me or any members of the Public that paid attention to me, such that we can see that if I gathered up all behaviour that tended to suggest I had lost something important to them, causing me an inability to concentrate on anything I am doing for sexual purposes, I would still win the fight, while the myth entertained was mostly to do with the sense I had been beaten down and run down whereas in my view, they were only pushing me for a response. It is not really a choice I want people to make between these characters and an Arch Prince, just a need to see that they probably do not fancy people who just want to get along, by which it is easy to add up all they did to make people grovel before celebrities for money, to the fact they had money and to add up all I have done and what I am still doing, to the fact that I do not have any money, for choice making purposes. I have more responsibility; more duty and I am a public figure.

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