They do claim the main problem was that I never stopped picking up problems I cannot resolve. What it really means is that it believed I spent a lot of time cutting the corners where I did not say a bunch of stupid men lighting up the streets with headlamps between 4 and 7 am and then again between 4 and 7 pm on their way back from work, on running my life with social activities of criminals, were criminals, therefore getting on my nerves did not come with dangers attached. The reality however is that there is no problem whatsoever, the problem is that I had done the public work rather well; got the violent orthodoxy by which they took advantage of the public under control, put words in their mouths if they approach me, stuff their heads with what I am thinking so I did not have to explore ideologies which brought more trouble if I did and set it off as support for security services operatives and brilliant minds that may improve our Economy, whilst I operated an Intellectual Property administration career for my private earnings – what has happened then being a bunch of Media idiots who were opportunistic, saying that I ran my finances on a low Key to ensure I got to the heart of applicable economic issues I needed to resolve since the academic environment itself had become so toxic to target me, they would trash the finances completely, run me down with popularity and then my career and finances will wholly rely on a result where I won the publicity war, which I cannot win when they had whole communities fingering my bum, so I am finished and living on Government support if it breaches my patents and keeps up the damage on public media every day. I have never clashed with them as such, they were simply working a degree of opportunism that was borderline murderous in its greed with a big mouth, have run it off for 8 years at my expense, done nothing with it and are now bragging about it becoming the means by which they shared my income with the poor in order to build themselves a private army among other reasons they thought that it would be the acceptably moral thing to do, even claiming I am to blame because I am a dirty Royal, therefore does not live in a manner which fits into their grand scheme of things with a big mouth. So the first time around it started with the need to get all incentives for my career ending up in their backstage red button hands for the purpose of winning advertisement opportunities and what is now a breach of my patents which damage was kept up on public media everyday originally existed as a perception that played into the hands of industry twats that could not have a conversation without seeking my income to claim I made it from the way their successful businesses casted a shadow on the world and while I found myself at the backyards of industry preventing them from picking up my career, the Media had again picked up another gimmick where they wrecked it to punish me for disrespecting wealthy people whom they and their children will secure connections with, once I finished the job, now tired, we are faced with a career that can exist if I won the Media war which will cost everything. None of these are unusual, only the way that we ended up having the conversation as a matter of problems I picked up which I cannot resolve. The Media wars which I can win by joining them which results I will complain of and blame others in future or I can run off my career publicity position to such an extent that my stand on the importance of people sorting their finances at the Jobs market was to overwhelming that it was clear they were selling show business products to households and when they join in with me, it will become a threat to younger people who needed to learn of the dangers of show business and popularity. The war itself being the part where I am a Libra, the Virgo will ensure every fool can trash my finances and show up here to pick up my personal life for building restaurants because they had to eat once done with their stupidities, the Scorpio was going to attack me violently for any fool that wanted my income if I resisted; this was my world, winning the publicity war will mean making war on all the other star signs, so they got to express their stupidities somewhere else. The problem here is that I am not earning anything and the idiots were the same who started a campaign of getting me to lose my Office and status by trashing my career and putting on the labels to call me names, taking advantage of a process where I ran the finances on a low key to get to the heart of some important matters while complaining about the wealth and social inequality at the same time: it breaches the patents and keeps up the damage on Media and has been doing this for 12 years now during which time I have been living on Government support, has no way out of the nonsense it has created and when I offer it one where it stopped doing it when I worked for others and stopped handling my Books, it will not accept the exit because it had a big ego and an even bigger gawp. I am not earning anything because in this way, there is always something wrong with the equity that had been developed through the partnership with Clients and this is really something that people should not be doing – tracking it, I will need to go back to the time that my Books were firs published, the stage where their stupidities first began spending most of its attention on me, to do with a degree of publicity that my publishers developed for my Books as a matter of the patents that had been placed on it, in an area where there were people reading Books, which allowed me to get to work as an Author, track it up to their stupidities running my life with the social activities of criminals and now the breaching of my patents which damage was kept up on public media to deprive me of earnings until the poor were wealthy and execute a media war if they will not stop running it off when I am working for others and an involvement with my Books will not cease.

The warning is that after 8 years of living on Government support, it had nothing to do with me that somebody committed a crime and the institutions that had to get involved with it did and there are no problems here save the fucking idiots watching me against my consent and linking up through some insolent distant violence, my anus and penis with the activities of the boys on the streets and those their stupidities worked the violent gossiping with. The problems that I cannot resolve if human beings were this stupid; a 7 year career mess because a bunch of fools paid their bills by working on Media, so it was an opportunity to, like twats who deserve 100% of the violence, just needs to stop handling me (has my warnings now, before the financial stability social media profiles were used to annihilate show business too, in a bid to ensure all I did was channelled towards my followers and nothing else).

They claim it was all German influence and I could not handle it but the German influence part was one of some incredibly stupid individuals who had no clue what they were doing and at the same time when they took advantage of the fact you were doing well, it pertained to a process of boosting their incomes with it but boosting their incomes with it disrespectfully of you. In my case it makes such a mess when it picks up a wealth equity public life to hang about helping me by tackling the wealthy, who will then trash my market to help it make money on account it was a famous idiot or a stupid tin can feminist fashion model, of which it was more than happy to comply because I was a man who deserved therefore to suffer on account that I was one – I mean those who have stopped process where handling me resulted in a fight to the death with extremists have found a way to resolve the problem last time we checked, instead they know how to cling to my earnings, churn my tummy and attack me with risks of heart disease for their own failings. I do wonder what the German influence gits think happened to my schoolboy days anyway, it probably died in their view, never going to start studying them again to find what makes them tick and wait to be provoked in a violent situation like it did before, where I was stopped because Germans were Allies.

The Politicians have said I would be better off doing something about it instead of complaining and they are correct but we need to take time getting there – I mean when I walk down the streets and the way people use my well raised personality was to finger my bum and dig deep, would that have meant they knew me so well that they saw me without my clothes on or that we once sat down to eat dinner together at any stage of our lives? When the interest in me is to say that my Bookshop should grind to a halt because I had a good life and every stupid man wants me to be a good sun and create a good life for them or face cultural consequences, would that have meant according to results where all new things I did were spent and stolen, that the men thought everything new should come with pain and suffering if I had not done the same and showed up on their door step as well? These are the sort of questions that will need answering if I entered into a state of mind where I decided I did not wish to try communicating anymore, I wanted to ensure what happened ran its course while I did mine too, where communicating was involved which they said I could have done my work with more dignity and decorum but I am developing applicable equity at here, not working with Clients on product aesthetics, applied security and functionality, this is the part where the insults run me down all day because the idiots responsible with prevent me from sharing their own when I need them to share it. I am told it should be taken then that all that had been seen was not a process of me making trouble and it is not – making trouble would involve seeing these idiots for what they really are and trying to use against them the fact the only other thing they had in their trouble making lives, besides what the teacher was kind enough to put in their minds, is the results of their abusive need to explore my civic duties, in terms of letting what happens run its course while I did my own as well. Here they say they thought Libra was docile and it is usually a matter of which one wants to be docile for others, considering we were somewhere between Virgos they worried about all the time and the Scorpios they think will destroy all their enemies soon enough, so those who claim it was worrisome that the fighting sense of a Libra was not well understood do have a point but it is not a fighting sense – it is the fact that the best place to justify doing a bad thing to another person is when they cross the lines of your home and privacy, so those who talk of fighting were probably doing the wrong thing, especially considering home and privacy is where the children wife were meant to live, hence the idiot who pushes you into the actual fighting was a scum that ruined it all and deserves what he gets, when I hit its stupid defences as well, he will remember it even if I lost, if I don’t lose I will hit him as well, the way we can see the bum fingering insults is just another way of breaking my nose because I was thought of as weak and then I would spend 4 days at Hospital and get paid a days money by my employer, to get an eviction notice from my Landlord, hence make sense of the reason I should not hit them if I hit their defences, simply because I will do it in a way such that they will remember it for a long time. I am told this is just a business of seeing the wrong thing as something that can be good sometimes but it is not – these are a bunch of idiots who decided a process where terrorists picked up my concerns to fight British interests and I drove them into a difficult place where it failed them if they needed it desperately, produced an outcome where it is said I did that and society gits should not be a tough task for me, which I did to support security service operatives that had to contend with unusual lifestyles in order to keep their jobs, might have thought problem was fixed but got run down by media idiots who wanted to inform me of their need to be treated like Royalty, alongside their famous gits, finally arriving at a stage where the threats that were stopped had developed a similar process of supporting themselves from the work that I did with security services, and the famous idiots were out to stifle my career and finances until I did something brave enough to deserve it, explaining their stupidities as a series of activities that pointed to the kinds of careers that were more suitable for them – so now I have two civil enforcement issues, one to do with what the threats that were stopped does with me, which the media and the famous use as a tool for stifling my earnings and laughing at me, the other is to do with the work I do to support security services, so the problem here is that the media and the famous were provoked into doing this and they have ever once supplied a reason for it when they were not telling lies to keep it going, offering gimmicks to make sense of the sense that it was something they would have avoided if they were allowed to be as wealthy and they wanted. So it is not such an unreasonable demand if people understood this, that it needed to stop running it when I am working for somebody and needed to stay away from my Books or risk an outcome where I will raze its show business too, especially to make sense of the fact this is not linked to anything else, just exists like a social tumour, by it they got to tell me after the publicity mess made of my public office work, that I picked up problems I could not resolve and this was my main crisis, with a big mouth. In terms of star signs reading however, my world is one of keeping an eye on the Virgo that will happily steal anything, so it gets to ensure people trashed my life and extricated my personal space for the purpose of building restaurants because they had to eat when finished, on account I worked creative equity with companies – the Scorpio will simply attack me because somebody gave them money to do it, showing up here to finger my bum all the time, stupid men lighting up the streets in the morning to work and evening from work, looking for a profile that will fit before I started my own violent activities too.The rest who had no business in our world and showed up to steal earnings and make trouble would do anything for money - usually, when it is wealthy enough it will throw you a penny, when it had fed well enough it will throw you crumb, these acts of generosity are not so bad for people in a desperate situation until you see it channel these mentality towards matters that did not concern money or food, when it runs me down to its satisfaction I can have my career back, when it breaches my patents and keeps up the damage with a media presence to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy to its satisfaction, it will get its imagination off my anus - I am drowning in their insults at this stage and have warned the stupidities will go from testing the Politicians who cause me the career set backs so they could play with me, by which they got off fighting Russians and nearly brought the world to the brink of a third world war, to something of a clash between myself and the star signs outside of my circle (I am not earning anything because it provocatively breaches my patents and maintains the damage for days with a Media presence to access and share my income with others, then run me down while I worked for somebody and continued to build a profile for its stupid self and famous idiots in terms of my Book and where my publishers business was located socially - I will tell it off and each time I attend either to the Bookshop or an employers place it will do again on the television or the radio).

It is never true that I play with it, they are simply a difficult market including the other star signs that will do anything for money, hence people thought that a Libra was willing to tolerate anything that an Aries did whilst Aries simply believes that people should not be running others down like that. They are a difficult market and I work with Clients to ensure all the profits were secured or extracted, each time they expressed an interest in a product and it was well as long as an idiot does not say he had a job when he got attention from a lot of people and would use it to say those who made contact with me now own my career and earnings, breach my patents and keep the damage going, while all the criminals in the neighbourhood loved its gimmicks, its career relied on it because they watched television and listed to the radio, has not figured out the corners it cuts around here where they got up on their stupid jobs to claim that the criminals were nice.