They do claim this is all some massive German wrath that I am victim to – it is utter nonsense, just a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals who looked like they would be impervious to harm, if somebody galvanised their need to make themselves the biggest problem other people’s social activities faced, up to the point where the careers were affected and set about harming them with it. In the end nobody is consigning them to the fringes of society and nobody had to put up with their stupidities, their wrath is all fantasy unless they were saying that they have been making a mess of my career and since I think I had lost something important, I am always minding such a history, which they have claimed through media and popular culture, was an instance were they got me into a position that meant I was willing to give up my life and career to be like them on account they were stronger, something of the idea that they would fancy it ended violently. I could personally never make sense of the way that running somebody down with such intense violent lasciviousness that the person was unable to feed properly and you had converted a perverted interest in his personal space over the idea he had a lot of love in his life that your stupidities would want to use as well, into such an abusive and violent interest, that you build a community that saw him naked for public place sexual narcissism all of the time, adding to which you really enjoy expressing what is a very vile behaviour for which you had no explanation, of getting fingers up his bum and clinging to his public image – I could never understand how it became such a global stage issue that upon responding to it by making sure their concerns in the loo showed up where their jobs and Celebrities were, except I tried to understand the true scope of the insolent sense of entitlement that was some sort of education on the reasons people were murderers upon taking the law into the hands in such circumstances. What I know as a matter of certainty is that it is getting on my nerves and it talks too much, I suppose, to find out whether somebody really can sort out a process of making the gap between home and work hell on earth, in a bid to walk into its office half an hour after it did, to resolve its fingers getting up the bum, alongside that of its fellow motorist idiots who gang up on people without meaning or purpose everyday but it talks too much and when I say I am a writer, it needs to buy and read a Book when it shows up here, I supposed it really enjoys then that I used its social life to resolve the matter of my Bookshop exposure, not least as it has suffered because of their stupidities targeting my career. I simply cannot understand why if fingering my bum leads to the loo showing up at work to bother them as well, it is such as issue, the rest is the big mouth wagging. They do claim first that it was not clear what I thought of Germans and also that they performed these activities because of the second world war – we know the second world war was a product of picking up technological advances right across Europe and harnessing it into an efficient process of killing people, they succeeded for the first 4 years and were stopped during the fifth, that said, the details are that it was madness and so the Allies were forced to respond by what seemed like madness as well i.e. they knew if they took up the idiots according to the way that it worked, they would be the ones making the war and will create a sense that such things were okay to continue into the future, hence the allied soldiers went into the battle field to be human beings who solved the problem as people, in order to make it end, so many millions died thereof, the second world war therefore was no war in my opinion, it was insanity. The matter of what I thought of Germans on the other hand being a completely different story i.e. Germans are okay mostly: I mean the part which creates a sense it is okay to dislike and like Germans at the same time was mainly industrial mannerism where the creation of something was not done like the British who locked themselves away and come up with it, then lived with what the rest of the world thought of it, its more a matter of communicating ethos and ethnic engraining it into the behaviour of the people involved in the creation of that product, to create it; so we find that it got very good results in their manufacturing Industry and it had to be balanced with a sense of secrecy to prevent proliferation property. Some claim I should not be defending German industry like that but there is nothing wrong with it as such – we know that British engineering is usually very reliable and very expensive but it is the German one that is developed in such a way that people can learn at school what an engineered item really did and was all about – this is the best way to sum up general sentiments towards Germans all over the world. The American part in these kinds of issues were mainly one in which the Government develops ideas about the very existence and sets out abusive processes of instilling the existence in other people, the follow on is usually the part that gets more attention, as it involved handling peoples careers to make themselves other peoples big stick daddies because they liked the career, which is really no way to involved the self with the careers of others, if you liked it; I was in my 20s when they started developing the big stick abuses and they were not dead yet while my finances are a mess in my 40s, so it should be obvious that it had no purpose and did not mean a thing, if it handles my Books, it needs to pay for what it uses. The British bits will be all about the Media and we have done 5 years so far by 2022, where I waited for their stupidities involving a process of stalling my career to make me fight their enemies, to simply move on and the bills are not getting paid; it boasts endlessly that there was nothing I could do, whilst I have issued the warnings about a certain behaviour towards its journey to and place of work, a profile that can be built for its distributors and its media appearances, the probable outcome where it had to catch me and then figure out how it was going to make what it had caught stop a behaviour but it continues never the less and I am going to have to do something that suggested none had ever made a contribution to their wealth and social inequality problems – currently the idiots were the only people doing the fighting and have not yet done the worst thing that they could do; where we are talking about a bunch of gits that are always making a mess of my career and eventually got to see me on a bad day, such that these individuals had opinions about me behind my back everyday, which these media fools decided to bring into my bedroom because they were entitled to have me fight their enemies, they have been making a sex life from it, have been sharing my personal life with prostitutes who sold sex to them, have picked up what I did in the bathroom to share with YMCA but cracked up out of my league has not yet done the worst thing that he can do in the face of complaints about the warnings I have issued. It likes to suggest there were bigger powers that will support its stupidities and that I was overjoyed for the power I had at my disposal but I still remember how much of a borderline schizophrenia, their immorality was, before the current group of industry twats suggested they were the best customers and investors anybody could dream of, now I am seeing it all, whereby a Police Officer would prevent somebody making life difficult for others, 12 hours later he or she was selling products on the behaviour and other people were buying it. It needs to stop getting on my nerves or it will have to catch me and then decide how to stop what it caught, while the American friends clearly did not fancy a reputation for buying this nonsense but continued to buy it anyway.

Some people suggest I am making it worse for me at this stage but I am not – it is a matter of the media picking up something of the way I clashed with the narcissism of German influence at a security guard job and none knows exactly when they ended up with a way to view my person, which suggested I am meant to fight those who bothered them because they were entitled and important, so they wreck my career and solicit higher powers, erecting new disposition every time I clear out old ones and showering me with insults to make me into a person people could engage with in unusual ways. It then says that it was entitled to behave towards me in such a manner because it was incredibly important. So it will not stop making a mess of the career and I now have to accept that the ways to ensure the Media and Celebrities paid for involvement, was to pick up the issue of those insults especially the parts that apply to Celebrities being a matter of the sense they expected others to attack me for them and were not insane enough to do it themselves regardless of how stupid they have displayed themselves to be currently, I need to pick up the matter of build a profile for their distributors and their media appearances and jobs as well, as much as I need to pick up the business of how I want to get about the distance between work and home, with probably an added benefit of walking into their work environment if I needed to as well, to ensure that I got to stop this nonsense and did so badly. It needs to stop picking up my earnings and leave me haemorrhaging during the day, while it made stupid announcements about wealthy people it created from those who did its bidding – I mean I am targeted because I wrote a Book that helped its career whenever somebody paid to wear the latest clothes and designer items which had been built, resulting in a publicity for me that made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, a character people bullied to make get rich quick schemes successful and something of a general need to get out of bed every day, to squeeze, crush, abuse, twist and handle me in order to get by – forgets its place all the time and boasts too much about its ability to cause me harm, talks too much, converting bad neighbourhoods I pick up to avail myself to necessary facts into a tool by which to get rich fast - the icing on my Cake will be an outright war with the Media all together, where it will be their jobs and incomes will instead of mine be used to save people from Police justice, about which none had consigned them to the fringes of society that they took up in the first place (my agitation being best expressed in terms of the fact that at this stage my intellectual property administration career having created an environment where the women complained about their bottom chasing men and the men complained about their abusive women and both complained about playing sexual narcissism games on each other which they did not both give consent for, I should be living well financially). The story of my life as we see from the Blogs I have written is that other peoples stupidities expressed at my expense does not ever stop until it did badly.

They do claim my mental well being was questionable too but I do try to answer the question as well myself – starting with my mode of operation, to ensure my career is stuffed in their stupid minds, so whenever it shows up to blab about the reasons it ought to end up in a part of society where it vanished, situation would turn out to suggest that I put into its head what it was going to say in the first place, then a bunch of idiots who picked up my career to secure vengeance for criminals I had disrespected, got on Media to build it a profile where it could say it had successfully stolen my career and have been complaining about the consequences more than I have, picking up my earnings to leave me haemorrhaging in the middle of the day everyday. The main problem still being that the media idiots were able to pick up my assets to make money by and because of the processes I had developed to ensure I had a career, it becomes so stressful that they cannot get by without handling me, outcome is that they pick up my earnings over an entitlement to gain access to me as they claimed they did not live in a world where there existed things they could not have but whenever they had the access I got hurt in a way that will change my whole life and left me to work on my income margins again while calling the public to be part of a structure that created young millionaires from twats that did as they were told. I do get told I should in my position not be complaining about it which I am not, just setting out facts and issuing warnings at this stage – I had recently seen no other way forward save campaigns and social processes that will serve as a counter to their famous stupidities, so I needed to warn them that I am engaged with such activity, we all know that if I picked up the easy route of saying from a religious point of view, that they were bad people, of which the reputation of bad people is not good for customer service, until I crashed their finances, they would claim religion was the evil, now that they are, it is a daily boasting while it trashes my finances. The state of affairs now is that existing finances are running out and sources are too, the only thing that has stood between me and financial well being for 7 years running, making itself felt in ways that I am not expected to recover from everyday, is a clearly set out clash and conflict with the famous, so I need to run down all the issues on the side, as will ensure I will get away with it every time I hit them. It does claim these matters become a main concern for those whose position had led to the death of another – which never holds water here, as their stupidities were done wrecking University pursuits and had since gone on to station ethnic minority idiots that will protect me and decide how I behaved, whilst they got on to fool about with the fact that I may have done work at public service which was not to be divulged to the public or had to be divulged in measured amounts, claiming it was a disposition which suggested a twerp like me had won battles that their famous stupidities were such cowards they could not even contemplate but then the part where it trashed my finances and is now off to pick up my privacy for the purpose of building restaurants after running my life with the social activities of local criminals to get access to it, on account that once finished with its madness it had to eat, is the part that really motivates me towards outcomes where I had to explode or something else would.

They do claim I continued to deny what had happened to me which is utter nonsense as we know that most of their gimmicks right up to government buildings are a product of the social lives of criminals from a bad neighbourhood I picked up to avail myself to facts associated with Books I am writing, added up to other stupidities where they dreamed of getting their fathers to develop the pervert interest in me that bears towards an unusual opinion of money that their immoral society had, into some sort of direct wickedness channelled at me, to which financial incentives were attached with a big mouth – it goes all the way to the government and even the American Government, then they hurt themselves with it and cling to my career, the Americans especially sitting on my finances to play up practical jokes that will get them hating my guts if I back tracked it to the start and begun my own gimmick to get rid of it as well, so it needs to avoid direct contact if the effect was intended damage. They do claim they now hated my guts and that it was not good news but it is good news for me, unless showing up here to replace my acquaintances with themselves and fingering my bum all day is normal – I mean any person can see that referring to somebody or addressing somebody in this way at the start or at any point of the day was unacceptable, it is the big mouth wagging and the salary which gets to the head is actually paying for something else. They do on a more serious point claim that it was a matter of suggestions that I am a great hero which is utter rubbish as what happens is that they needed to spend more of their time on the tyrants and dictators in Asia, Africa, middle east and South America, who get in the way of their overseas popularity and other gimmicks that bring in overseas students who give a lot of money to their education system administration big wigs. The history here is something close to starting world war three on my account by picking up any assets in communists territories, burning them and showing up here with insults that will make me do the bidding of their famous fools – the situation itself being one in which Russian economic interests spilled into the west and they needed to tell Americans that the USA was not the worlds boss anymore, not least for what I have suffered as well, a gimmick where preventing idiots whose lives were run on public investment funds from making a mess of my finances, to have Washington sit on it and drop the ball on me until these results became the prevalent state of affairs, then cling to my Royal Social life and make suggestions about wars I will fight as stupidly as possible. I do not consider the matter a crisis by a long shot, it has become a question of where it gets to stop, just waiting for five years so far, to see people stop practical jokes that are damaging client interests at a Bookshop, which then grew into a disrespectful gimmick that affected my finances, followed by stupid threats because they thought they were either men or important, it does not show any signs of stopping and I need to stop it badly.