We then had to listen to that nonsense that I did not know what to do with what I owned and would not learn from others due to an attitude problem – it is utter nonsense just as much as we know that as long as they were not spending their time on the need to show up here and feel superior to me, they were talking about variables with respect to the bank account balance that causes them to turn up here, make a mess of my career to pick up my income margins and brag that they were so financially comfortable that I would not be able to attack them well enough to make sense or recover. It is so annoying but the part that gets to me the most is that there were goons who had money for many lifetimes back to back and thus decided to spend one of those lifetimes on their gimmicks, concerning which I believed I had done rather well, building this public condition where, its opportunism and an inability to keep its hands and fantasies off my body because of it, led to outcomes where I had to find a way to channel their need to make us all poorer in such manners, so that they got to spend the money on criminals and hoodlums, to get those off our back and give us a break at Government, thus this business of taking up other people’s time was criminal and their bank balance making them bullies should inform them of what is really important to other people as well. The main problem is that I am not engaging with Clients for an intellectual property administration work which involved my own private equity assets, such that we sorted out matters of creativity, aesthetics and probably security, as a function of design challenges, from which publicity I got to run a Bookshop successfully, I now spend my time doing what a bunch of sales idiots want me to do and it shows up here with such abusive opportunism, I am now resolved that it will not give me a break of its own accord, whilst the Media aspects really needed to make sense of the fact this was a Bookshop and not a toy, lest it ended badly. The regret being that I should have built up this quiet life for myself due to my Office to begin with, then should have built it at least 3 times over due to the fact I am a writer but here we are, I have to think about the money I have lost considering that I should have built it 8 years ago and settled in on the career by now, as we can see of which the media gimmicks showing up here and its inability to keep its hands of my private parts continued.

They pick up something I said sometime back about a time I was about 12 years old, young and stupid, killed a spider by catching it and burning off its legs with a match stick, where family got to tell me I am a psychopath and I have never killed a spider knowingly since then – I mean for the medical aspects of such matters, predator spiders would normally chase human beings not the other way around, so it is better to try destroying a spider that pursues you due to risk of death or hospitalisation but when people can contain it they should in my view. They point out that spiders being that it is associated with feminism, but it is usually associated with benefit feminism – feminism as far as I know is about women who claim they did not need the things men did for the female community, as they could do it by themselves and we know it happens all the time, so nobody really needed to get on a pedestal and make announcements about the fact they did not believe it was possible as such. The dynamics are such that I really dislike getting involved because benefit feminists when they are seen wrecking peoples lives to support some stupid men, were doing what they thought will bring them benefits of revenge for the fact they got on the wrong side of the female community, which does not in any way assist with a scenario in which a government operative walked into an environment where everybody was a woman and wanted to discuss public leadership, rather it seems that all the men they assisted in these ways were characters who planned their lives on the way they thought that Government development funds should be spent – the extended and more widely applicable facts are that feminism is more as far as I know, about saying that if there were 100 persons in a community, women would have whispered something into everybody’s ears in case somebody wronged them and they needed to lead a campaign for justice, no idea why some people are always trying to get rid of it, which should really be seen as an intention to do harm but whilst there was a good prospect of legitimising feminism for legal purposes, it seems that benefit feminists will ensure such a thing was never possible. Another reason I do not like to get involved is that people had gotten rid of the feminists and are now hanging about hurting themselves on my account, they claim they cannot handle the society gits with profitable insults that run and run and people were groomed into a position where those insults can be used at any time and to any extent, this to such an extent that they got to say they have been making a murk, working a real social mess, since arrived at a point where they hurt themselves as well and I will be attacked over respect issues, which is funny, until it is not anymore, all I can say is that this is not a toy and if their bank balance makes them bullies, need to confer the same degree of respect I give to their career towards mine.

They do then suggest I continued to build my life around women and continued to support feminists. Both are untrue naturally – I do not build my life around women and really do also believe women ought to stop inviting themselves into my Court, Consortium and Coven when they did not know what it was about, as it is the trinity by which things get done around here, no point for instance inviting the self into a Court when it turns out your whole life was built around supporting Industry trouble makers and getting paid for it, it causes me to live in a hell scape and it is so difficult trying to accommodate people like that as well. The other part about supporting feminists on the other hand was more a matter of having found that there were rumours of illicit sexual activities and orgies that operated on border line consent and it was applicable to my personal and work, more so, instead of showing my gratitude for the fact the women saved me from abusive men, I decided to act as if I could take them on, hence I built a website for the matter to find out what the next gimmick will be. The other part of the story is that most of the problems come back to my Office but here there are no problems at all – just that I can no longer say that a certain abusive activity was a product of picking up a rented space from a bunch of ageists and rogue landlords because it seems that when I ensured they got to think of what I was thinking as well, the Media intervenes and offers them the means to say that what ends up in their heads belonged to them, then got about threatening me if some media bottoms hurt as well, I have been waiting for five years so far, waiting for this nonsense to move away from my financial well being and it continues, intensifies every day, back to back, at least one test that their famous stupidities found amusing every hour. The purpose of making sure these people were thinking what I am thinking being that they get to repeat what I got them to think about to me, every time they thought about running me down, so it was not such a heavy burden for a young person who did not have that much leverage for a sedentary lifestyle to handle such matters. They do claim I do what I do but the money is all gone which is utter nonsense – the reality is that people who had enough money for many lifetimes have spent some of it to make a mess of other peoples concerns and ensure criminals and hoodlums found profit in the illicit activities, all together they have lost money by giving it to the social ills who spend it on products at the market and we are all together poorer, so it needed to ask the chancellor about it, for my part when I suggest that people who only cared about themselves need stop making a mess of public matters, the idea would be that I had developed a self-promotional stunt. The ultimate question is that I am right and they are right but this is not the case, what happens is that I build wealth equity from my public image especially applicable to state provided security, celebrities get involved, popular culture gets involved and they get involved to make this statement that criminals were better than me, press it again and again and again to such an extent they wrecked my career and now are entitled to gain access to me once I had decided I do not wish to tolerate their involvement with work that is passing around my public work – their point is that I do what I do but they were the people investing time and money at the entertainment studios to make it work, which was all part of the deal, as they would never have gotten involved if it was not attractive enough and should not have if they did not wish to (it is such a mess when the gimmicks involved the idea that making money was an illiterates war and my refusal to allow access to my concerns got in their way, so that war needed target me and beat me down until their investments had come through a cycle and gained some profit, for their Capitalism insanity stupidities to stop when they, tempting me by shooting off the mouth at me on media as well, such a mess when it picks up my social life to say I am too much of a coward to deserve my career, for practical jokes).