They tell this story whereby I never listen when I am told that other people were out of my league and its utter nonsense as I don’t care where their league is located and do not care what their league was, just a problem associated with my Bookshop being said to be a business which really does not exist to make a complete mess of my finances and so it becomes a story of what in deed I need to do to harm them enough and do so enough times to ensure that their behaviour towards the Bookshop allowed it to look to the Public as something that is real. We put up with it in every turn, none knows why they get off ideas they want to report news about what goes on in the underworld but by the time they were finished, had completely trashed everything this Office did to provide younger peoples with security in their concerns with respect to the way criminals paid attention to it, then hang about a relationship or certain kind of sex with those criminals, following up the stupidities they showed up at University to get me dropping out with, a sex they had with those criminals and their need to become enemies of family at my expense. Then there are the men as well, where for some reason, asset and property broker with entertainment Companies was their main concerns which quickly developed into something of the reasons I ought to be caught up with the way that women were being attacked and abused in the entertainment industry, so I will say or do something about that and my entire life will be caught up with gimmicks and practical jokes concerning the issues that made good people bad, while the stupid threats issued at me were to prevent me getting them stuck with the way that bad people do what they do, eventually developing into something of their silly Politicians trashing my finances to suspend my career until they built a Public image that shows them to be more important than I am first. After which their entire lives and future was built on these insults and abusive stupidities about being out of my league every time they needed to show they had such a small amount of respect for what I did with my own livelihood which basically happens several times every day, as their stupidities also then get to tell me what abuses I may utter with a big mouth as well and yet the real benefits of this behaviour are never explained, save I considered it in terms of the benefits of being able to communicate their stupidities at me to clip my finances and get the Public involved with their own products, instead of a decision to either buy a product that will help them from this Bookshop or considering their attitude steal from it and get into trouble with the law, which problem I can always solve by making sure each time they expressed their stupidities at me, I wanted to ensure they couldn’t go home and each time they insulted me, I wanted to ensure my Royal Public image made me more important but we know I wouldn’t be the first to have done this and earned myself the reputation associated with the reasons people hated the British.

It comes up with these stupid ideas and the only reason my Bookshop is not real is that they petrify the public whenever people get involved with it while I didn’t disturb those who engaged with theirs – then it turns up with gimmicks that are set to become violent with respect to the way I cannot escape the stick with my current disposition and I believe I am now in a position where I can develop my own stick to beat the reality of my business out of them as well, otherwise it is a Bookshop which is what I do for a living not their Toy. This feeds into those questions people asked about what my wider view was, which is the simple story about the European, British and American versions of this nonsense, whereby none asked them a question of where their league was located with respect to me and their need to see the public as an arrangement they can go to gather money and make sense of their daily business takings, therefore their insults and need to make statements on my public image, the getting in touch to tell me what to do will be their undoing. It does seem that as soon as they are able to devise a process where competition meant the stifling of my business progress for 8 years in order to scrape away at the Public disposition of my patents until they can divert interested crowds somewhere else that interested them, the whole thing had stupidly developed into a great idea about my Business not existing while their did, which produced a those that had and those that had not situation into my concerns, garnished with all sorts of stupidities were just getting out of bed to face the day every day was a matter of what they owned and people who wanted to steal it, worked in terms of those who wanted to be their friends to share some and fight those who wanted to steal it, blowing off its big mouth about its league at somebody who does not actually care but this those who have and those who have not gimmicks around my Bookshop is about to stop the way that they were comfortable with apparently. We saw the same thing when the US secret service grew bigger – they said that people were being watched by security services and the reasons they developed the insulting tribalism hierarchy over it, that suggested I did nothing while it affected them until it affects me in which condition they will do nothing, was such as will solve all their financial problems but we can now see that it has not and they have built their own presence in the Americans secret service to target me personally all day – goes without saying the Bookshop is what I do for a living as well and certainly not their toy, when they are blabbing about their league.

They raise this point of what I did to provoke them but it’s the same tale as usual – the way I allowed younger people to make popular culture around my public work created series of popularity based activities that had an effect on them which meant they were unable to move around, especially the criminals, that said, they had resigned to the fact they could avoid some trouble by not trying to get in touch with me or those I got around with before the Celebrities and Hollywood decided I was not diverse and that they were nice people buying show business products while I was a low life trying to rub shoulders, since then of which my whole life has stagnated and it’s not due to the criminals but the same twats with fame to play with, who are now talking nonsense about where their league was located and whether I cared. It is never explained and no part of it makes sense, just like it claims I am running a business that is too much for me which I don’t even have the finances to set up, about which I get frustrated and blame them because they were successful and I do wonder if it meant I needed money to buy my Books and thereby make my Bookshop successful as such – but here we are never the less, it does not move until it cripples my finances and gets its mouth all over my Public image.

I do get told that they are of the opinion they could do whatever they liked with me but it’s an old story of the way I refuse to respond to these issues because half of me does not want to help the Politicians that have put me through hell to create it – otherwise it’s a good case for picking up the stupidities of black people getting involved with me, getting in touch when I know all forms of involvement will lead to abuse that helped them clear out what they believed was stopping them from being as beautiful as white people were with my personal life and public image, as filthily as possible, to know that it will always make me sick to my stomach but do nothing about it, which is about to change when I build it up to resolve and set about preventing it from continuing. There are wider aspects to it where they believe they had pushed me into some legal and social no man’s land that has furnished them a license to do whatever they wanted with my person, as long as they told people that they loved me and I have provided them an exit to keep from my Books and talk about their own social life whenever they blab off, especially if done so their criminals might hear them blab. The other part of it naturally is what Politicians do to support them which is an old tale about the number of times Politicians will hear them claim the law allows weak people to pick on the strong, hear them claim I had taken my public morality matters to an extent that required evil activities that is meant to create balance, but will then set about spending tax payer funds on them to facilitate the stupidities they had in mind and spend some more of it ripping up my career to ensure I never had a chance, some sort of process that took advantage of the nice people that allowed them carry on with the Political work with less complications because it was not the powerful thing to do and then when their stupidities had successfully created the immoral democracy that they can no longer manage, send out these idiots to pillage my bookshop and build a sense their stupidities were more important while it is not my problem to solve when people think they can get into government offices and do any wickedness to any extent they wanted, if their bottoms did hurt as well, at the same time which I am really making sense of the legendary Parliamentary paedophilia here every day. I do get told that we are both right but its utter nonsense – the idea we are right on either side is built up by means of the way Politicians have spent tax payer funds on them while spending it to wreck my career which has created a false sense of correct activity that is approved by Government and hence their need to get involved with mine and build a crowd that gets imagination up my bum is a motivation that urges me to look into the business of the way that a process where they got paid for being popular was an ever increasing threat because it encouraged others to join in. We are not right on either side, I simply don’t care as they are not my responsibility; I mean it’s the same as those stories about younger people hating the way I work which is entirely normal; they cannot understand something besides which they were good at making an amount of trouble over it that their minds were too dim to be applied towards a process of discussing or resolving it while blabbing about their league at me all the time – they cannot understand public matters, so they forge alliance with enemies of family who make sense of the interests of criminals on public media, which is none of my business but their need to abuse my concerns, bookshop and public image is now starting to build up to a sense they wanted a response from me and were determined to get it too. They are clearly the type that build up these communities that know them for being popular, to get imagination up peoples bums at University over peoples diet for instance, since then which their stupidities had passed the exams and picked up the best jobs in the land and none can now tell what their problem is as such – what I can tell is that if the academic system had become so toxic, it was none of their business if I studied at home and when they want a toy to play with, buy one and keep off my Books, when they want to make public statements, especially the types that involved getting in touch with people to tell people what to do, made it on their own social lives.

Now they say this is all aimed at getting me to fight for something because I never fight for anything which is utter nonsense as well, we all know the community gits are not consequential, it is not as if they will progress from their insults and communities of violent lasciviousness to a life of fame and fortune unless the Celebrities and Politicians were involved in making it so. That said, I still grapple with a history of the women who moo and boo and coo sex work at me with distant violation all day, after which they realise the big mouth about killing is not really deserved with that stupid ignorant rivalry that thinks it wants to organised boys to attack me because I am always tired and therefore stole women’s beauty. While the men who tell me that dropping out of University over their perverted interest in me and how I can make the women behave so they might get rich and have better sex, have ended up with a destruction of all they did to manage abusive women in their lives, therefore must redo it. They both hate my guts and it’s a National phenomenon but the Politicians think that of all the small pain I put up with so that public control might be effective, the part about the disrespect of the Public meaning they deserved to be paid more, being facilitated by a process in which they could make any mess they wanted at Government buildings while my seemingly inexhaustible moral disposition gave them ideas on how to say and do something that offered an exit for the problems was the most important and then they come up with this idea that I am not supposed to antagonise them in my position at all, while sending out popularity gits and their mean stupid women to tackle my finances as a means of enhancing their sense of importance all day. So we see that they don’t really think of risks such as the fact that fighting them in terms of a process where these culture and society gits were found buzzing away at the background of my concerns before they set about wrecking the career to drive it into my mainstream living, developing into a process where they attacked me every time it affected them, generally meant that I understood the way that fighting them was the answer for everything, even though the way it affected me was a product of postponing something important or a product of smashing the insult that facilitate the superiority of their children over questions of power sharing the way it plays out at Industry, pays off even when I am responsible for my own problems thereof. They do like to suggest the whole thing about fighting is very important and it probably is; what I do know is that a handful of idiots have been allowed to systematically trash my career over a period of years, build me an alternative history they will like me to have when they want to facilitate their own welfare and set about a business of parents whose stupid children want to play with my livelihood, developed into something of my life’s work being factorised in terms of whether or not somebody was bigger and stronger than I am. It really just means that given the right tools and proper measures they can be made to behave since this nonsense is not in any way linked to the way that hard working peoples incomes do not match their work, nor the ways that those whose incomes match their work do their daily concerns or the what is expected or wealthy people, just a bunch of idiots who have stagnated my whole life and built me a reputation that suggested, mainly through their insults, that I built a bookshop in which the financial processes was moved elsewhere by means of violent lasciviousness, thereby making me a character that does not get paid for work I did considering the precedent set out – it is therefore not the stage at which the fucking idiots are seem complaining about civil rights apparently. So what has really happened is that despite these abuses, I travelled to Buckingham Palace to sort out a matter of a handful of twats targeting me at Industry went there to set up their little shops on the Palace grounds, so somebody decided I was going to work for the Politicians as well, which is what this is all about; the total stagnation of my whole life and career after the process of damaging my Books had begun in 2012, started in 2016 and left me a character that does not get paid when I work because I built a Bookshop that was understood in terms of peoples stupid practical jokes by 2019. It has been a one-year response and they are already all over the place on a global stage, but it is still as simple as keeping the distance from my Books and talking about their own social lives. The rest of it will be the idea that I am in a difficult situation while what is really happening is a process of these years of abuses producing an outcome in which these fools can communicate those stupidities at me that will drag me down over a certain years I spent on this earth and left me complaining about prospects of being somebody important should their involvement with me never have happened and it’s not clear where exactly the idiots thought I had gotten off my Office to spend time responding to their stupidities to such an extent but we know that it does not plan to lay off my Bookshop without getting harmed. The Americans really love to lend their weight on it as well and the same process generally applies here too; the biggest excuse the Americans usually have is one about serving customers in a Country where there is no Royalty but here, we are without an explanation of what their stupidities are doing with my earnings before their government had to take a certain position on account their idiocy hated the British.

The big problem here is the usual provocative nonsense: I had written a Book that was not open to the whims of ageist idiots who wanted to take advantage of a young religious person with a plan to establish his own path to spirituality but it was not full proof from the activities of a handful of idiots who found some protection in the way it worked to help them if they had jobs that involved exhibiting themselves in Public to demand love from random crowds, so the Celebrities have joined in with those who want to see me grovel for money and complain about injustice in my latter years and are working it in terms of the way I need another Public image for my Books while I already have a Royal Public image and the Queen will not release the money making part of my work if the job is not done, true to form of a group of people that are incredibly good at looking for trouble. I mean the part that the Queen does not release until the job is done is not as significant as to cripple my finances entirely but they are mimicking what the Queen does with me – so their people have continually suggested there is nothing I can do about them while I now think they do not like their famous jobs as much as they liked handling me, which outcome is that we were to test their theory and find out what they were capable of as well.

They do claim innocence and lack of respect on my part naturally but the reality of it is that we are doing this because I have had enough of them; it started out with a process of ripping up my social life and finances because they thought that if I had to go up against the boys while I was trying to make a living, I never had a chance, now they are not doing this anymore, they are pointing petty criminals to where I lived while their fame idiots got off educating me on the finer points of homosexuality, building up crowds that got imagination up my bum and helped them force themselves on me etc. They always say they don’t want to be led by a pipsqueak like me which is all good but I don’t think that finding some Girl that claims to have history with me, who shows up to act like flames through straws on my career had anything to do with society, neither does the process of building up communities that ran off the violent lasciviousness and got imagination up my private parts all day had anything to do with culture but a person is inclined to think that they are crooked because of the things they have told themselves over a long period of time, evidence however suggests this is not accurate.

They do say I claimed I was comfortable handling the matter, but I am – just dithering over a process of attacking Celebrities and I think it is about to grow into a case whereby should I do it, it will be the finale on my part too. I mean it has wrecked University studies because it hoped I would hang around somewhere making sense of its obsession with my public image in terms of claims it took my fame which will be disproven and I will be broken as a result of it, so this was not a big deal, it progressed then to take its clothes off on my social life and public image which photographs showed up at street corner shops to show it blowing kisses at criminals at my expense, now they are in league with ageist gits who want to get me grovelling for money and they were the twats that wanted to work it all day every day. They do claim the reasons we disliked them was a mystery, the reality here for instance is that this is about points at which The Queen disapproves of my activities, so we are looking at a case of Celebrities doing what the Queen does; which then plays into the fact that if you had two persons fighting each other, one fighting for public security and the other for criminal practical jokes, these gits were certain to do something that looked the part of picking a crow bar out of their car boots and tossing it into the field, assuming the people fighting each other were not bound to use it, for instance I am a victim of their power and its gimmicks because they were doing what the Queen does. So if I said I needed to pick up their involvement perversions, the way that it’s all about filth and how they can clear it off on my social life and public image to do something that operated as though they were topping up their beauty or getting more of it, built up a statement on it and developed a  resolve for my state of mind, they would say it’s something I cannot do but it would also mean that we were going around in circles since what I have said indicated I have had enough of them as well: with respect to how bad it can get and the claim they make that I had no idea how much trouble I would get myself into; the reality is that I will likely set about putting them in the same position they do me with an intent to man handle them severely which when I cannot do I will adopt a lifestyle that allowed me pay somebody to do it for me and we know when it gets to this stage, there is really very little they can do about anything; however I can easily ask myself what would have the same effect of taking my clothes off on the public image of Celebrities to get sex workers involved and if I imagined that I performed all the other nonsense they have performed at my expense, I would have seen the business of a lifestyle that helped me pay people to attack them as excessive but currently I am angry enough for it to say the least. The scenario they speak of is usually something about a Celebrity getting along with me, so the producer will tell him or her to do a scene that gives them away to the boys from the hood thing and then they will do it as part of a job and face the outcome later, some who have very young Children seek help from me and work I have been doing with Public engagement in that area and I let their activities run – what has happened is another group of idiots who have taken over matters and so I am giving back to the criminals due to the way that my equities had been picked up to help manage crime, then it gets tough and they got sex workers involved in my Public life, to blow off the big mouth about me getting into trouble, which is not actually feasible.