I am told I have not actually listened to what Hollywood Celebrities thought of me but I do not have to, I see the effect on my Bookshop all the time which goes beyond their stupid perverted fans showing up here for other reasons save reading Books at the shop, to leave me with problems associated with living in London whilst social Media servers were located in the USA, before its stupidities got to complain about the sort of friends it had made. I am aware that for 20 years I have been fighting off ageist idiots who claim their age was an advantage which provided them savings due to time spent at the work environment, that allowed them perform the same activities on me that industrial trouble makers spent time on,  I am aware the celebrity need to breach my patents really took off around 2012, so the fame the idiots had acquired handling my career is recent memory, showing up here to get on my nerves whilst its stupidities had not bothered to find out what the career really was about. I now need it to make the entertainment to serve the social trouble makers and such that if I spent time on it I would feel sick, so it would be clear that I was the social miscreant, they were the future and if I wanted to avoid feeling sick, I would stay away from them and then my punishment for working equities that had such an effect on violent people being punished will end and what celebrities did would be the right thing to do. It goes beyond this this as well, where it continues to make a mess for me over ideas that it had too much money to be vulnerable to me, whereby it was clear why it always showed up here to commandeer my social life, complaining about civil rights issues, the bank account is now an overseas bank account and what sits in it is something gained from a process where people can only succeed if I had failed, so if the law had said that it was illegal for me to try and peek into it, I think I needed to embark on a campaign of destruction instead. It has never told anybody why it bashes my bookshop, I mean I can make sense of the idea it is saying that it got ahead in life and wants to stay ahead, as stupidly as possible and needs to spend its time with its mates, besides that, nothing else , the fundamental problem being that career, financial and livelihood had stopped because an idiot had a car that was really nice etc.

The point is then made that the way I conduct my affairs was a danger to other people, whereas the danger in question was not in any way linked to me, besides which what people were referring to was not in any way the way I conducted my affairs. All to do with Celebrity insults and ways that I ought to be getting into a fight with other people to enhance how important they were – so whilst caught up with all kinds of issues which I really do not need to respond to in a real way, from violent orthodoxy, so personalities that thought crime was a career, to women who never stopped grooming people for violent activity wildly and randomly, to quasi criminals that cannot stop wrecking peoples personal and social lives, this insult runs off endlessly on the basis that when these trouble makers gained access to my career in anyway, a bunch of idiots would afford them a media presence to make the most of it, hence what we know they spent most of their time on i.e. thinking of people without the clothes on every moment of their time which we can feel endlessly became a craze with a media presence to boast of. Then it gets off an angle with a gimmick where it suggests people ought to handle me but kept playing around with me, whereas what it is really dealing with is the fact a royal Hermit had no enemies as the Church would not have approved – it had to come up with 5 year long plans to groom me into a position where it was possible to say that if its famous idiots wanted me to be attacked, it was no longer a question of if or when but a matter of time before I was with a big mouth, just as I have warned that if I get a whiff of any threats from their stupidities, I will groom their own until they were dead before I stopped as well. The point of this being that there is another issue that had arisen here that is likely to get them complaining about me on a global stage yet again and it is to do with making such a mess of civil life where if peoples bottom hurt, they made it part of everybody’s mainstream living, about to produce an outcome in which themselves and their famous idiots got to fight more communists on my account, alongside their Italian twats and whatever mess they were making for everybody in South America.

It speaks of this being another instance where I got others to do my fighting for me naturally, whilst we know its gimmicks was to do with the fact it always wanted to play with peoples lives to such an extent, it created a community, then ignored the fact that community operated privately whilst using it to decide what happened with other peoples outdoor activities – same as none can tell what was really bothering its media idiots, when it turns out they were obsessed with the dangerous parts of security service jobs but did not wish to afford the privacy that wounded service operatives needed. So it continues to make a mess of career and finance around here, I am grateful that it found a way to build communities that finger my bum and called me names, since it was so stupid and currently complaints but does not want to take into consideration ways by which the abusive community might become the means by which it got seriously hurt, that I was likely to do the same thing. I used to think that my biggest worry was the other narcissists who got involved with the social activities of Politicians, making statements that ex convicts who turned their lives around and took up public security work as a method of showing they loved their country was a true representation of freedom but this nonsense gets everywhere, it needs to keep its abusive ruthless idiots comments to its career and fool around somewhere else, if it really wants people to take seriously the complaint that it lodges about me, always so abusive, always so disrespectful, needs shut it when it shows up here and try to find something that it can read.

The other matter they raised was to do with the German influence gits, those got me dropping out of University over statements it was a capitalist system and there was always somebody wealthier and more powerful, now they are trashing my Bookshop because they were bigger than I am and not previously aware that their stupidities were. It does appear that it has learned nothing about me when I find it get from running off the short insolent videos it makes out was the way advertisement should be made when I had not yet started my own matrimonial narcissisms as well, whereby its stupid women were the best representation of the way its insolent sociopath mind could make a statement that I was weaker than its women, therefore my interests got caught up with that of their women who then stood up for me, so they were entitled to handle my Royal order to practice some self defence martial art on the internet – it has learned nothing about the way I did not care how big its stupidities was, it may stay away from me or now that it got caught up with a Royal Order and had refused to heed the information that it was being handled by security service operatives, needs to find some National level enemies that will help it disappear, during which process the famous will let me know that their involvement was public humiliation that curbed the famous insults to en extent. I mean I am a Hermit, likely to engage in fast days often, there are things I cannot tolerate and the idea of somebody stronger or more powerful, sending out a street lowlife or famous idiot to run me down over some interest they pursued at my expense was never one of them, to say the least.

I am told that I got people thinking I am losing the fight but am rather far from it. The fact is that I am rather not aware that I am at all in a fight, although recent events have meant that if the gimmicks I had to tolerate at the expense of my career and finances had not moved on, we will end up in a really good one too. A big example of the gimmicks in terms of the point here for instance being that I have learned all I know from communists, whereas what happens was more a matter of companies that broker equity with me and each time they did, all I needed to worry about were instances where I needed to put my foot down as per the more important issue was to build products that satisfied the civil rights and social issues trouble makers, not lose the company money, rip up smaller businesses to serve its cause, on account that a trouble maker continued building a crowd to campaign for wealth sharing. They had since embarked on practical jokes that got rid of presiding CEOs, then selected new ones that will decide how they got to handle my assets and finances, so I am caught up in a place where I literally have to get out of bed and do things that suggested I was running the world – it this it does not seem to have seeped into the public sphere just yet, that whatever Wall Street was doing with South American was a process of working with empty shells, as what they pursued had already been taken up by a bunch of Hollywood actors, so clearly it makes sense each time they confessed that I was a hated character. We are now in a place where it needs to curb the abuses that it channels at me – history is that it followed me about to University and got me dropping out, it took 8 years to resolve the matters that got me dropping out because it continued to follow me after, making a mess to befriend quasi criminals at my expense, I ended up in a scenario where I could do close the matter without spending its time to account for the way that time and resources were spent at University as well, leaving it in a condition where it was past its dreams too, now it wants entitled revenge but what really makes sense of the fight is that the 8 years spent to sort out matters that got me dropping out of University had been spent by the same idiots responsible for those matters, on building new social status for themselves via my public image. Hence should it continue beyond this stage, always so disrespectful of my person coming from them and their community, never am I addressed in a way that suggests I had a career of my own, they could walk into my life and use my livelihood for any purposes of their choosing, the same way that University was the best place to build a crowd of their own, a people they can control and lead, a market that allowed them to make money for the purpose of dominating others, at somebody else’s expense, we will end up in a really good fight as well. At this point nobody is telling me they were nice people who were also better than me anymore, as we are now all full of it - the years spent seeing other peoples sex work Politics because University had not been finished, the career that lay uncompleted because I had not finished university had not been stolen because their stupidities were not clever enough to and the abusive communities getting everywhere, the others who kept goading me into a fight will so far not give up on working the localised terrorism on me, until I get my hands on their doxy society as well.

We hear that this was a matter of the way I thought that tackling the famous was the easy way out which is utter nonsense as the problem is that I have been pushing off ageist gits with an interest in my affairs, the famous have decided their fans should be served by it and I ought to work for free, it should be easy enough to say that when people got involved with my Bookshop premises, they should bear in mind the Celebrity issue and perhaps other interests I picked up along the way, but it is not because people enjoyed weaponizing publicity at my expense and to beat me down with it too. It is like the say that this is what war looks like but it is not, the war will be the part where I push them so hard that I needed to impress people I worked with by walking into their Offices to find out why they always needed my assets to make their own money, which will get strenuous enough for them to employ security that I will shove up their bums too. It is always so disrespectful of these people and I am now completely fed up – it even speaks of environment moulding and changing me whereas it was talking about a bunch of idiots with an attitude from strangers on my doorstep, with respect to the effects of a society scum that had put all the options for making money on the table including crime, the idiots have run off the gimmicks and built communities to finger my bum up to the stage where they were fundamentally terrified of me but I do not remember building a media presence for it or anything that suggested others were important enough to do so (even when it complains that others did not possess the level of self confidence that I did, it is still outstanding that it trashes my career and finances everyday inviting itself into my affairs and more so for dirty habit purposes and I suppose it may continue to do so whilst dreaming of an end to its terror).