They do claim I have learned lessons about the bad activities women engaged in which is utter nonsense, we know that coming from the very top, should I push this nonsense slightly, we will end up in a situation where a bunch of queer twats were calling the shots for their King who never stopped pursuing my work and property as a matter of the interests of a bunch of idiots he had made the mistake of supporting but would not change from the behaviour because his mother the Queen had been running the country via parental narcissism which he planned to change. This would be the case because I would find myself in a position where their insults push me into a bear baiting practical joke with the female community at their expense – it might even have been the case that they were complaining because somebody had done the same in the past. There is as such that question raised about the reasons they end up the way they are but we know that for instance in my case, I wrote a Book, the issues resolved had received their own publicity, my financial delayed to decide how I was to be made to resolve those issues in a condition where they could decide who benefited when I did whilst they clung to my finances until I did not have it anymore. The rest of the time we can project into the future, that it was impossible for them to show an instance where they were complaining about a problem that they had not created for themselves. The point of this is the matter of being educated of wicked things women do because it was part of practical jokes that financially well off twats played with my finances and they did because they enjoyed the feel of my personality whenever they did, so it has also become clear that if they were losing the same proportion of their earnings that I was losing to this nonsense, it would not have become such an obsession, especially on the basis they were financially comfortable and I am not – I am set to follow this up and finish off shoving the dangerous fans and private security up the famous bottoms, the background was naturally that they do not call the shots in this place.

They do claim it was strange I disliked the famous so much of which it is not a matter of what I disliked. It is a matter of fighting off this gimmick where people decided I possessed a certain amount of money and if they calculated having seen me pursue my first ever job as a matter of my spending and my potential reserves, they could decide that should they create a certain fight for me I would lose all I had to them over it, follows me around making a mess and each time there was celebrity culture behind instances where it does damage such as University, thereafter the jobs market difficulties and now my Bookshop as well, fight them off and eventually get them complaining about me whilst they had to ascertain that retirement was something human beings did, to which effect they had wasted most of their professional energy running me down because my personality looked the part, the Celebrities waded in to support people who had come across my career with a media presence. So it seems that they are now taking up the business of doing exactly the same things but their finances were made possible by what they could extract from my public image and my career, so they have created their own version of what people should think of it and continue to deny that this was the main problem between us. I do not at this stage want them to find a personal and social life that did not think of me over the more abusive process where I keep them off my personal space for these destructive gimmicks and they run off all sorts of nonsense about my social life to such an extent they could make out their own version of my personal space and what to do with it, then bring it to bear with a community that will finger my bum, after which it was supported by a King who never stopped throwing support at them to suggest his mother was running the country by endorsing parental narcissism, finding himself in a position where it cannot change that path for himself anymore, of which I could never understand why I am the one paying the price for it. After years of these idiots following me around to make a mess like so, it seems they have developed a process of running my life with the social activities of criminals, dreaming about my possessions and befriending the king in order to get it – outcome is that people fraternised with me for a life threatening job at the military and they did as well, to a point where they need to have those people replaced but it gets worse as they were now off to make the most of corrupt security industry and rogue landlords that helped them build this process which the ageists had failed to accomplished of a populous that perceives me without my clothes on, so it may continue fingering my bum to decide how my possessions are used and which violent activities would bend me to their will. First time around it was a case of whomsoever idiot is providing famous fools with the private security working with the famous to pose a threat to my well being which ended badly, this time I hope they have a good plan as the problem was to do with burning my crime control publicity and telling me I could not decide who got involved with my Royal personality.

There have so far been three separate instances of international level complaining about my responses to this home wrecker nonsense – I now need to strip them of any fame made at my expense, take up the business of practical jokes channelled at me by gits who claim to be wealthy, continues because they have not lost a proportion of their incomes which matches mine, none knows why they alongside their famous gits came up with ideas people had to get into trouble with the police to show they deserved to own what they had, then get about wrecking peoples lives to complain about it, I need to work this matter and finish off shoving the dangerous fans and private security up the bums of the famous gits that owned them. I have tolerated their need to wreck my wealth equity to make money setting me out as somebody who fights the wealthy on their behalf, they did not need to trash the Bookshop as well and continue telling the lies that this was the main problem. We see this nonsense every direction we turned, not just the way ageist goons had failed to work instances where people could perceive me without my clothes on for practical jokes that will allow them access my work and finances but the whole business of such abusive activities towards me was taken up for exactly the same reasons by the celebrities who complained about it, there is also the part where they block my bookshop to find out who the clients were in order to handle me, to which effect they are now building up publicity for a two part city where they tried to trash my Bookshop but it was only the interest of sex workers who wanted to read, which their stupidities wanted to build publicity for. It has been doing this, so I have matched the abuses of its private security gits and rogue landlords with a groundwork that will help me completely wreck the show business as well, my warnings had not been taken seriously and I don’t want them to find a personal and social life which does not take me into account anymore, I want to stop this painfully. It does raise the point about doing better as a man whilst we know their stupidities worked this nonsense about my body from a process where being a man meant bread winning but women wanted to bread win as well, having assisted some woman somewhere, I could no longer get into clothes and attend my concerns because I was not allowed to smell good - it did not need to wreck the Bookshop as well in Hollywood, now it needs to get out of my social and personal life and stop showering me with famous persons insolence. I am not in any way interested in how powerful they think that they were, I mean that was the main issue here, that it was difficult for me to measure the threats I faced as a matter of celebrity ego and power, even if I did delay responding, their actions would still have served a purpose of bringing to public light my public control problems, now it had become rather clear that each time they wanted to decide what people thought of me, only one of either their lies or the publicity on my public control problems can be the truth in any present circumstances, besides which they could not deceive everybody all of the time.

They do claim I should never have tackled the society gits which does not apply at all, as it made a mess of University and left me with a difficult time at the work market, now I am in a position where my age makes me a good target when people drew up social labels as it clings to my assets – I had to explain to people how the time and resources that went into the University was spent, I had to explain it in terms of the same thing being done to their children. The Celebrity bits is an old story of very strange idiots who create this circumstances where they think that what happens between them and society gits added up to sexual harassment and then the Politicians will buy it, to find out the worst in the worst possible situation; in this case its me, them and the society people, I mean it thinks you ought to get into trouble with the law to deserve what you already own, it was a victim of sexual harassment, is also bigger than you and should be feared by you at the same time it was entitled to get you abandoning the career to fight others on its behalf, so it wants to lose its temper with your feelings, these should ring a bell as regards whether or not they were victims of sexual harassment. I do not want them to find a personal and social life which does not involve me anymore; their need to groom me into a position with rogue landlords and corrupt private security was matched with the ground work to damage their popularity and celebrity culture beyond repair and I am now on such a path, so if it had a really good idea, this will be the time to use it as I am now determined that its parents will get a feed back for the nonsense and insults I had to put up with needlessly from here on. It is neither another instance in which my Book was a problem for everybody, we know they have realised at this stage that if all of my publicity was about me, the Books would make sense, it is the funny aspects of my work every time I tried to work on a reader’s digest considering the point had been raised. It is the same we see when it complains about the bottom chasing issues, I feel its gimmicks all the of the time ripping my yarns, so that my social activities suggested I had no clothes on and my anus was open to the public, now it thinks we are in the same position, it had wrecked my finances and kept its own and can provide for me if I served its famous stupidities as well, same as the part where it is now fighting communists on my behalf whilst none asked them to create the social conditions in which people had to get into trouble with the law in order to prove they deserved and to keep what they had. I think I am doing rather well if this my first attempt at an attack on the famous, always handling my personality because it felt good and always being so abusive at the same time, like an evil I am well aware of that works before people claim I had organised my concerns to make them take more risks with personal safety – the blacks will cling to my public life and income margins, claiming I am making the most of civil rights they earned using those stupidities where their sense of right and wrong was deeply flawed but they wanted to lead other people all of the time, the whites blamed the immigrant like they wanted to solve all of it.